Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Hands-On Impressions

From Landfall Games, the team behind physics platformer Clustertruck, local multiplayer fighter / party game Square Brawl, and their currently in development combat simulation title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator comes their extremely comical take on the ever saturated battle royale genre, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. This is a title the team at Landfall developed as a late April Fool’s joke to help bridge the gap during the development of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and allow them some time to take a break from active development on TABS.

With purposely “janky” physics and a silly art style, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds (hilariously being shortened to TABG), is a cheesy free to play (but only for the next 100 hours, with it then costing $5) that released onto Steam today. Landfall hilariously has added a countdown website that tracks how much time is remaining before it leaves free-to-play status at Landfall’s official countdown site.

TABG features a large scale map, fully customizable characters, vehicles, and that silly never-taking-itself-serious charm from Totally Accurate Battle Simulator which meld together into a fun-loving battle royale that can be a blast if you are looking for something goofy with a pinch of competitive multiplayer mixed in. Obviously, TABG is no Fortnite and the furthest from being Player Unknown’s Battleground, but the ironic comedy of it is what makes the game so compelling. It’s also a very easy title to play on older hardware due to the lower graphical quality.

For anyone who follows Landfall, the idea of these April Fool’s joke games are nothing new with 2016’s SuperTruck, a mix of their title Clustertruck and the time stopping FPS Superhot, or last year’s TABZ, their fusion of their title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and Day Z. And despite being such tiny projects, they all ooze of creativity and passion for creating new experiences that you don’t always see every day. This game won’t receive any further updates to it similarly to their other April Fool’s projects but for the sweet price of nothing you can get a fun battle royale title that doesn’t take itself seriously and that’s a deal you wouldn’t want to miss!


Developer / Publisher: Landfall
Now Available on Steam

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