Pre-E3 2018: Generation Zero announced for 2019 by Avalanche Studios

Set in Sweden during the 1980s, a new co-op focused, open world game for Xbox, PlayStation, and PC has been given the formal announcement treatment after light reporting on it took place earlier this year. Avalanche Studios is working on RAGE 2 for Bethesda and is well known for being the development studio behind Just Cause which is published by Square Enix. This time around, Avalanche will publish their own game by themselves. The Apex engine from the Just Cause titles belongs to Avalanche, and will be used for the making of this game which will release in 2019.

Up to four players join up to take on a sophisticated AI which they must try to lure and outsmart. Stealth skill is a major issue. Brute force likely won’t be an option very often, since the enemies are fast, and sometimes huge. Mechs of a currently unknown origin take on humankind with splashes of influence from Stranger Things being infused in the game, especially its musical soundtrack. Rocket launchers, machine guns, grenades, and guerrilla tactics will come together to make it possible to survive in this game. Looting is a major focus, but crafting isn’t confirmed yet although it seems likely. In an abandoned, hostile world, players will uncover the mystery to why they’re faced with this harsh battle of a life.

Generation Zero was given an additional boost in hype today as it paired up the new announcement with PS4 mentions alongside Sony’s Countdown to E3. Although little is known yet about the game’s story and combat systems, much excitement has already been generated in the gaming community. Free form combat is a term being thrown around in reference to the game’s open provocation to players who will likely be outnumbered and outflanked quite often in Generation Zero.

Some speculation has been given as to what’s going on in this game from fans and press alike. References to the iron curtain seem to hint at a soviet source of the events in Generation Zero. There’s a possibility that this game takes place in an alternate version of history during which the Berlin wall has fallen and the Soviet impact on the world is invading with a strong, fierce assault on Europe.


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