D Rating Given by Viewers of EA Games Press Conference

In a vote among nearly 10,000 gamers the EA Games Press Conference of E3 2018 was voted a D ranking. Geoff Keighley is the journalist / producer who created The Game Awards and host of the E3 Coliseum, and created the poll himself on Twitter just moments after the show. At the time of this posting the poll has received 9,699 votes with 22 hours and 17 minutes left. But the clear reaction 1 hour after EA took stage is clear.

EA Play 2018 – Audience Ratings:
(Vote Here)

  • 56% of viewers gave the show a D rating.
  • 31% of viewers gave the show a C rating.
  • 10% of viewers gave the show a B rating.
  • Only 3% of viewers gave the show an A rating.

But how, and why did this happen? Don’t blame Andrea Rene, as she was without a doubt the most well put together presenter in the entire show. Her hosting skills are above average and she remained calm and clear with a natural speaking tone throughout. Other presenters who were representing their own games such as developers and producers seemed a lot more nervous and provided a hard sell on what they were telling us. And Andrew Wilson took the stage twice, both times with unpopular things to say such as subscription-based cloud replacing consoles and EA “listening” to their feedback, which we all know isn’t true.

However, the real problem was probably the fact that we were promised a ‘deep dive’ on Anthem and instead got a bunch of fluff, buzzwords from Bioware, and then half of a demo shown on-screen. Battlefield V promised no loot boxes, and no premium pass, but that means we’ll probably pay more for the DLC in the long run (assuming its not free, which is highly unlikely considering how much DLC those games get). Command & Conquer was disgraced after years of remaining dormant and being mourned by RTS gamers worldwide. And that’s just some of the things EA Games did wrong this year.

It’s a real shame though, since it seems like EA did try to improve. Somehow they managed to show such a small amount of actual substance in such a long amount of time though. After the recent E3 shows gamers have been spoiled with, it’s no wonder why they couldn’t get away with it. So in the end, they tried and failed.

But everyone has the right to disagree. Ignore the others, find out for yourself: Read about, and Watch E3 2018: EA Games Press Conference – Full WrapUp & Videos.

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