Rumor: Crackdown 3 Delayed to 2019, Xbox Has Zero Exclusives Until E3

Tomorrow better include some new exclusive games from Microsoft if they don’t want to be crushed under Sony’s boot. A new rumor suggests that the only first party game left that Xbox owners expected to get this year has been delayed to 2019. Pre-orders have been cancelled. Unlike most rumors this leak actually has some pretty strong sources.

Hollywood actor and former NFL star Terry Crews (of Deadpool 2, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, American Dad, Xbox E3 2017, Saints Row IV, and more) who is Commander Jaxon, (a leader in The Agency, and a playable character) in the  upcoming open world hero shooter decided to let the world know on his Twitter that the game isn’t coming until February 2019 but that it will be “well worth the wait,” meaning Xbox ONE now has zero exclusives lined up until their E3 2018 show tomorrow (which hopefully sees something announced).

This tweet leak has been backed up by anonymous sources within the industry according to news editor / author Jason Schrier who is well known for the Fallout 76 leak that happened recently. Microsoft is said to have confirmed this rumor yesterday, but that remains unclear at this time, especially with Limited Edition Crackdown 3 Xbox Controllers recently being launched. The company has been taking criticism all year for cancelling Scalebound, a Phantom Dust Remake, and others while launching Sea of Thieves with a shocking lack of content and “live services” label, leaving many in question of the brand’s future.

Microsoft has responded to these concerns saying that they have a lot of secret projects they’ve been working on with both first and third party development studios. Some of these are expected to take years and certainly won’t be ready for a reveal at tomorrow’s E3 2018 showing. However, Microsoft is expected to reveal new editions of their favorite four: Halo, Fable, Forza, Gears. Beyond that, Xbox gamers and players in the industry will certainly need at least a couple new projects including something more ambitious than Sea of Thieves. Alongside that, investors and gamers alike will need proof that the same problem won’t repeat of a good idea launched with a poor execution.

Update: Phil Spencer: “Excited to World Premiere 15 Games Tomorrow and Much, Much More”

Update #2: Xbox E3 2018 Press Conference has taken place. It is largely being credited as a success and has been rated A by viewers.

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