Rumor: Blizzard hiring for new mobile Diablo, Overwatch, and Warcraft games

The iconic hack and slash RPG from yester-year is getting a new installation. Whether it will be a Diablo IV sized title or something smaller, no one is quite sure of yet, but Blizzard has been spotted hiring a new Art Director as well as dungeon designers for something Diablo-related.

It’s possible that the project in question could be a new mobile game. That being said however, Diablo III did enjoy a variety of platforms including Mac OS X and Windows PC at launch (with always-online DRM) and later PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PS4, and Xbox ONE versions were released with upgrades and less restrictive DRM measures. The crazy part about Diablo III is that at one time it was rumored to be heading to the iPad. That never happened, but these job listings could indicate that Activision Blizzard never gave up their dreams of seeing the hit series hit the mobile market.

Goldman Sachs and other investment firms have been banking on such a release as stock values have been driven up by insider claims that a new Diablo game would erupt into success on the mobile markets. These same rumors claim that the game may or may not be called Diablo IV, but will certainly release in 2019. Overwatch is making a lot of money still, but a second Overwatch game which doesn’t compete with the original could also bring in some extra income. Instead of being an online multiplayer player versus player game, the next entry in the Overwatch series could be a spin-off game that delivers campaign and player versus enemy combat in a marketing strategy that would see the two titles existing side by side instead of pinned against each other.

It’s not too much of a shock that Activision Blizzard and its newfound investors will want to see more projects and more income from the development studio responsible for World of Warcraft. Although it does sound unlikely, rumors have also indicated that the company could be ready to announce something new in the Warcraft universe (and not just the films). What exactly all of this means is unclear at this time. Blizzard has been said to have confirmed the recent Diablo rumor, and is expected to reveal a mobile Diablo game around this week’s E3 2018 event. Some of the other rumors will probably have to wait until BlizzCon in November 2018 to be confirmed or denied though.

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