B Rating Given by Viewers of PlayStation and Nintendo Press Conferences

Who won E3? Xbox and Fallout 76 if you’re counting every gamer’s opinion. The votes are in. After Bethesda and Xbox E3 shows received A ratings from thousands of viewers, PlayStation and Nintendo have slipped into the B rating. That’s still better than the D rating EA Games received (the lowest which was available). Check out the way the polls were swinging for each Press Conference and some of the possible reasoning behind it, or catch up on what you missed and decide what you think.

PlayStation’s highlight was a multi-platform world premiere reveal of Capcom’s Resident Evil 2, a remake that has been worked on for over a decade and looked amazing. It wasn’t expected. Unfortunately the rest of their show was very sloppy in terms of presentation. We also didn’t get the “deep dive” looks at their exclusive lineup that we were promised. Instead they lured us in to give us anti-climatic surprises like a world premiere of multi-platform game Control from Remedy which actually looks like almost the same exact game as Quantum Break. You can view everything they showed for yourself in our PlayStation E3 WrapUp.

Nintendo gave us almost half an hour of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate but managed to squeeze in a ton of game announcements (a lot of which we already knew). They played it safe and only revealed one big, new exclusive first party title: Super Mario Party, which looked excellent. Overall, their show seemed to not impress Nintendo fans quite as much as they had hoped, but was also not disappointing. You can check out their entire show and form your own opinion with our Nintendo E3 WrapUp.

PlayStation E3 Press Conference Ratings:

25% of viewers gave the show an A rating.

38% of viewers gave the show an B rating.

26% of viewers gave the show an C rating.

11% of viewers gave the show an D rating.

Nintendo E3 Press Conference Ratings:

22% of viewers gave the show an A rating.

33% of viewers gave the show an B rating.

27% of viewers gave the show an C rating.

18% of viewers gave the show an D rating.

There were also scores give for the Xbox E3 Press Conference and Bethesda Press Conference. Xbox Rating was an A and the Bethesda Rating was an A as well. Votes were done on Geoff Keighley’s Twitter account. Geoff is the host, producer, and journalist who is responsible for YouTube LIVE @ E3, E3 Coliseum, and The Game Awards, which are all yearly shows showcasing the industry’s best video games and game developers. Over 10,000 people voted in each session, some sessions reached over 20,000 votes.

There have yet to be any votes given for the Ubisoft E3 Press Conference, nor Devolver Digital E3 Press Conference, and Square Enix E3 Press Conference.

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