Blizzard Gives Overview Dev Diary for Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void [Closed Beta]

StarCraft II - Legacy of the Void Beta - Dev Diary - RealGamerNewz

The world’s most competitive RTS isn’t done rocking yet, and with Legacy of the Void enters a whole new chapter of gameplay from the highly respected Blizzard Entertainment. Some of the new features include Archon Mode (two players controlling a single army with a single base in what will likely be one of the more engaged RTS Co-Op experience in years), more accurate units, more reward for aggressive building of multiple bases, as well as new units being added for each race. You can see those in full gameplay action below in the actual Dev Diary Video, but what is most exciting is that Blizzard has even said they are committed to listening to players on ideas for yet another Terran unit.

Blizzard also tells fans not to expect as much polish as usual in the Closed Beta, but that it’s all worthwhile since the Closed Beta will run for longer than usual and give players a chance to have more input on the development cycle than usual. Here’s a quote from the official press release for exact wording: “We will need your play-testing support, as well as the feedback about your experiences in the beta, in order to really work together on this expansion.”

As for highlights, the Lurker is back to the Zerg army in the multiplayer update that comes along as part of the Legacy of the Void expansion pack when it eventually releases as a final build. For those who are unaware, StarCraft II is a game that tells a story in three pieces. The first of course being Wings of Liberty which focused on the Terran (human) race, the second being Heart of the Swarm (our review here) revolving around the Zerg, and the third being Legacy of the Void which will mark the conclusion of this story arch which began with the first StarCraft game in 1998, but Legacy of the Void is not the end of the series / StarCraft universe as confirmed by Blizzard Entertainment.

Check out Legacy of the Void – Closed Beta Dev Diary in Full 1080P HD:

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