IndieSpotlight: Outpost Zero Hands-On Impressions

Outpost Zero is a multi-player survival game that is currently in early access on steam. This game has some of the same qualities as most survival games out there, but also has its own original characteristics. The basics are all here; such as base building, a character leveling system, mining, and defending your home bases from certain monsters and enemies around the map. Some of the things that make this game original were that certain monsters appear on the map for you or your friends to slay and earn certain items in-game. World events also bring interest in the game such as acid rain or meteor showers that could damage you or your base and in certain situations your armor.

The base building mechanics in the game are very fluid and easy to understand. The crafting menu doesn’t provide a lot of building types, but that is understandable for an early access version. Making bases can be unique but have a lot of the same turn-outs on bases and take a little imagination. It’s much more bearable to build more bases instead of just one massive one. Colonies are unique in their own way and involve teaming up with friends to take on the wasteland. In my opinion this is a better player experience for players of this game to focus on.

The deeper you go in this game, the harder the difficulty; such as having to slay more ferocious creatures and maneuver through rougher and rougher terrain. Some of the materials in the game appear to be in nodes with a small amount of health to each node meaning it’s usually harder to find the more rare materials, having to fight off many things to just get them.This can lead to quite the hassle at times in regard to getting materials together to build with.

This game also has its flaws such as some of the build mechanics are off and the servers are a bit laggy tending to erase your saves. As far as we could find out they have planned on fixing that issue as soon as they can isolate a robust solution. The charging stations are one of the main issues in the progression of the current version for Outpost Zero. We tried for a while on one save to figure out how we could charge up our robots. Yet with an hour of deleting charging stations, moving the foundations, and other troubleshooting behavior, we decided to start over luckily that finally worked.

The AI in this game sometimes refuses to go very far from the mining facilities for materials for some odd reason and my turrets do the same. They won’t budge to reload or accept bullets. A weird issue occurred when we used tier 3 weapons. They would not reload and even when we crafted more they still would do the same thing as the previous ones.

The ADS (Aiming Down Sights) in this game is nonexistent for some reason. The guns will shoot the bloom and then spread. The result seems to be that guns have zero accuracy and just fire in every direction. They also have no difference in damage from mob to mob. Usually you would expect that a higher weapon would do more damage but the difference in damage is unnoticeable. I hope soon they have the ability to implement private servers with a lot of friends. People are having the problem of having to join public matches and having a lot of their progress erased either due to kids attacking while offline or servers wiping themselves, forcing you to start over.

The inventory slots are small and a lot of the time a lot of material is either left behind and “de-spawned”. It quickly gets old to waste rare and hard to obtain material due to small inventory space. The difficulty in this game makes it challenging and takes the game in a more adventurous approach. There are a lot of things being added to this game but hopefully they add more AI enemies such as raiders or certain traders in the world.

Other than the flaws the current version of Outpost Zero exhibits though, the game does has a lot of replay ability and potential. All in all, it’s a lot of fun to play. Hopefully the developers further this game out of early access and fix its issues. The team at Symmetric Games has a lot of things to work on this game but I am excited to see the outcome and I’m hoping that they take a positive approach. Outpost Zero already has a dedicated community and being part of that now I can say we’re looking forward to the future updates on this game, hope to see new material, and wish not to see this game end up being disbanded like other online early access survival titles have.


Now Available On: Steam Early Access

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