New trailer released for This Is The Police 2 (PC / PS4 / Switch / Xbox)

Releasing for PC in a week, This Is The Police 2 receives a new trailer today. THQ Nordic presents Weappy Studio’s sequel to the 2016 indie hit title encapsulating the strategy, comedy, and tragedy of managing a fictional police squadron.

Originated from the Kickstarter community, This Is The Police has gone on to become a successful commercial release and found itself welcomed into THQ Nordic’s publishing portfolio with open arms. The controversies surrounding real life police brutality issues were a source of criticisms for a game built for fun-factor and gameplay, which is a shame and a symptom of our overly politicized industry. The sequel takes place in a small town, and as such, should be immune to such criticisms. It’s a border town called Sharpwood which should lead to entirely new situations with a variety of crimes to stop and a completely different story-line.

While the original title was something of a strategy-meets-investigation title the sequel will contain turn-based gameplay as well. This is a game in which “No one is completely innocent” says Weappy Studio, hinting at character development and depth to each individual personality / backstory. The rise of domestic crimes with no clear solution over a number of years has led to an increase in cult activity among the population. Out of frustration, police have turned to desperate means and measures to exact justice in these strange circumstances wherein citizens worship spiritual beings they claim reside in the forest. Even your own squad may contain people who change for the better or worse throughout the campaign. Some friendships you form and maintain could end up being the difference between life and death.

Everybody’s dirty, but they have their reasons. Figuring out what is right and what is wrong, avoiding jumping to the wrong conclusions, all while upholding the law provides unique and opportunistic challenges to players who will be met with surprise outcomes to a lot of their actions. One major change to the formula of the series has been the injection of more player choice, and it shows. Keep an eye out for this one, it looks very interesting if nothing else. This Is The Police 2 will also be released for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox in “Autumn 2018” whatever that means…


Available August 2, 2018 On: Steam / GOG Galaxy

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