NASA and Samsung team up to create A Moon For All Mankind 4D VR Experience

In commemoration to the 50th year anniversary of the Apollo missions that saw USA successfully land humans on Earth’s Moon in July 1969, NASA and Samsung have come created a new attraction available to the public in New York City from now until July 2019.

Combining the AMOLED display technology behind their Galaxy S9+ smartphone model with Gear VR, authentic astronaut training suits, and data from the Apollo program’s mapping systems, participants will get to experience their own Moon mission in an immersion-centric experience crafted from the ground up for realism. It’s called A Moon For All Mankind, or AMFAM for short.

The mission that takes place during this simulation is a fictional one meant to inspire the future’s astronauts from a young age. Many more simulations such as this are in development for the future, but this one is ready now and looks to test out compatibility with available devices in order for future applications to be more widespread and easily deployable across the world.

Details for the geography of the AMFAM Experience, produced by engineers at Samsung 837, have been mapped precisely based on information provided by NASA. This means that when you get into the suit and harness, not only will you be feeling the simulated effect of the Moon’s gravity, you’ll also be taking the same amount of steps covering the same topography you would on the real Moon. Locations and areas of interest are all based on reality.

Thanks to breakthroughs in science made by Elon Musk, and his spaceship company SpaceX, humans now have the ability to re-use rockets that were so expensively discarded after one mere use in past space missions. The halt of advancement in space travel has finally been solved as SpaceX continues to make the impossible, possible.

Re-usable space ships now exist that are capable of taking off and landing multiple times (NASA only has shuttles still, which can only be used once) and there’s even plans for a rocket large enough to fit a city full of people. Recent robotics advancements make it possible for the upcoming manned missions to Mars to be preceded by auto-buildings so that when humans land there will already be a significant base of operations to inhabit.

It’s an exciting time to be alive, and VR is making it possible for us to live out these incredible moments from the comfort of Earth. If you’re on the East Coast of USA anytime in the next year you owe it to yourself to book an reservation Samsung 837 in NYC and take a turn in the state-of-the-art AMFAM 4D VR Experience yourself.

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