Pre-Gamescom 2018: THQ Nordic teases Biomutant, Darksiders III, and more

THQ Nordic has revealed what they intend to focus on during Gamescom 2018 which takes place in just 27 days in Cologne, Germany on August 21, 2018 and is one of the biggest gaming events in the world for 8 years running. Many European and American game companies showcase their titles at the event with Japanese studios also using Gamescom as an additional pillar to spread their promotions among.

In the teaser video below for THQ Nordic’s Gamescom 2018 showcase Fade to Silence (Info Here), Generation Zero (Info Here), Townsmen, Wreckfest, and Darksiders III. If you’re attending Gamescom this year in Germany you can find them at their booth in Hall 8, Stand A011.


THQ Nordic has shown that they’ll do justice to beloved IP from recent gaming history with the release of Red Faction Guerrilla Re-Mars-tered Edition which was put together by Kaiko Games and received a 9 out of 10 in our Real Gamer Review of the PS4 Pro version. And with New IP developed by game studios such as  Avalanche Studios, Black Forest Games, and Experiment 101 in their arsenal THQ Nordic have also proven they’re interested in presenting new ideas as well.

Editor’s Note: Avalanche Studios will maintain ownership of the Generation Zero IP and are self-publishing the title with THQ Nordic providing distribution for physical copies of the game.

Biomutant is an Action RPG coming to PS4, Xbox, and PC some time in 2018 with a customizable main character and a world inhabited by various cybernetic beings, personified animals, and more. In Biomutant there’s also an interesting weapon creation system that involves scavenging for parts and crafting elements. The game looks gorgeously drawn within Unreal Engine 4 and we look forward to seeing more.

Gunfire Games and THQ Nordic will bring forth a third entry into the Darksiders series which revolves around the four horseman and other apocalyptic Norse mythology. There is, of course, a special edition of this title called the Apocalypse Edition being launched as well, containing a number of collectible figures, poster, art book, a horseman logo amulet, and more. Darksiders III releases some time in 2018, and we will likely get a more solid release date during Gamescom 2018 by the look of things.


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  1. Kinda wish they could get the rights to WWE again. 2k has messed things up more and more each year

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