White Knight Xbox ONE Review

White Knight Xbox ONE Review RealGamerNewz

A newly released indie style game developed OSome Studio for publishing firm Activision, White Knight takes place in the 1930’s, the same decade as the great depression. Being that it is in that era players get a Noir feel for the game with the old school hats and suits – more or less everything in the game right down to the decoration in the house the game takes place in. During your time in this house you must survive. Yes, another curve ball is thrown. Not only do you get the Noir feel for the game but it is also a survival horror puzzler game as well. While in the house you uncover clues of what seems to be a spirit or ghost named Selina. Do something wrong or open the wrong door and Selina will end you.

The gameplay in White Knight has its up and downs. You must not judge the gameplay when you first start the game though since it does start off slow but then picks up rather nicely. So don’t judge it for the first chapter or so of the game and allow an open minded opinion to form as the game progresses for a much more enjoyable experience.

On the subject of controls I think that this is one thing the game has going for it, and I’ll explain why. With how deep you get into White Night looking for clues and paying attention to sounds and all details, the controls are simple. I believe that helps a lot. Having the controls remain basic is a genius move in my opinion because of all the other detail going on in this game.

The characters in White Night have somewhat of a background at the same time though it is kind of plain in a small way. You do get a history of the evil like spirit in the game that goes by Selina. There is also the owner of the mansion and the detective-like character you play as trying to get to the bottom of this creepy mystery. The back-stories could have been better fleshed out, but are at least existing and serve their purpose.

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Graphics / Art Design:

This is one of my favorite aspects of White Night. The graphics are really not something you see every day. The game is all done in black and white, and don’t get me wrong there couldn’t have been a better choice of art style for a game like this. The colors and the way they are used in a cartoon-like manner really make the game pop and I for one really enjoyed the visuals.

Multiplayer: N/A

Replay Value:

This particular game does not have too much replay value, if any at all. That, however, is not a deal-breaker with White Night. This is one of those games where when you’re finished with it, unless you want to try and experience the suspense again, you really don’t need to replay it. Not that that is a bad thing, a good way to put it is when you are done with White Night you will be satisfied with it.


The overall performance of White Night is spot on. I did not experience any lag or stutters, or anything that would turn me away from this game during my play-through of it.

Final Verdict:

My final verdict to White Night is that I give it an 8 out of 10, making it one of RGN’s Silver Games of 2015. I love the art style of the game as well with the simplistic controls. This game is almost like reading or watching a good detailed mystery murder book or show, with some ghostly encounters as well. I enjoyed playing White Night and would recommend this game to people that like to watch or play things where the plot of it can turn on you and it changes the entire way you look at the game. If you pay attention to detail this is a great indie title developed by OSome Studio for a major publisher Activision and I’m glad they gave it a chance to be distributed to the world digitally.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8 / 10
RGN Rating: Silver Game
Developer: OSome Studio
Publisher: Activision

Available On: XO | PS4 | Windows PC | Mac OS X | Linux

Played On: Microsoft Xbox ONE

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