Nintendo Direct 8.8.18 – Full WrapUp & Video

Today Nintendo has provided a new Direct presentation all about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate in which our late-night rumor from last night came true. Simon Belmont has been announced for the Nintendo Switch exclusive game and a lot more!

Provided by GamersPrey of Canada (top premiere trailer and gameplay footage company), you will find the full Nintendo Direct at the bottom of this article in Full 1080P HD at 60 frames per second. Some of the big announcements are also bullet-listed for your convenience. All in all, it was a very info-packed 27 minute Direct show which is able to make even people who aren’t a fan of the series very intrigued by the many offerings of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch, releasing December 7, 2018.

  • A mysterious mode that can’t be revealed yet
  • King K. Rool confirmed as playable character
  • Simon Belmont confirmed as playable character
  • Dracula confirmed as playable character
  • Richter Belmont confirmed as echo fighter of Simon
  • Simon also echoes Richter, as they share moves
  • Alucard confirmed as brand new assist trophy
  • Castlevania (Dracula’s castle) stage confirmed
  • Bosses from the Castlevania series will appear
  • Many monsters plague this stage
  • 34 music tracks including new and classic tunes from Castlevania
  • Dark Sammus of Metroid confirmed as echo fighter
  • Chrom from Fire Emblem confirmed as echo fighter
  • All echo fighters can be displayed stacked with their original characters or separately.
  • Stages: Great Bay, Shadow Moses, Living Room, Guar Plain, Figure-8 Circuit, Flat X Zone, Pokemon Stadium, Garden of Hope, Brinstar Depths, Summit, Unova Pokemon League, Magicant, Gamer, Battlefield, Big Battlefield, Final Destination, New Donk City Hall, Saffron City, Hyrule Castle, Dream Land, Kongo Jungle, and a total of 103 stages were confirmed.
  • N64 stages will keep their classic look, while other stages will have completely remastered graphics. All stages are re-balanced for gameplay purposes.
  • Every stage can be transformed into Battlefield and Omega forms from the stage select screen, meaning there are over 300 different variations of the 100+ stages possible.
  • All stages are available for 8 player battles, and all stages are unlocked from the beginning.
  • Stage hazards can be turned on or off.
  • Fighters and Stages are listed in Chronological order on their respective select screens, so you can see the order they were introduced to the series.
  • A new surprise reveal for stages was also given, it was announced that stages can morph. These can be randomized or selected. In the middle of the battle the stages will morph now!
  • My Music: For the player who wants it all, select your own music for each stage from the incredibly massive soundtrack. The music is organized by series and you can pick any tracks included from that series associated with the track (example: any Zelda music tracks can be picked for a Zelda-themed stage).
  • Over 800 Music Tracks are included in the soundtrack. If you included menu music and fanfare there’s actually 900. This totals in at over 28 hours of music. You can listen to all of them in a Sound Test menu, giving you an album for each series. Players can also create their own playlists and listen to them any time.
  • In handheld mode you can play music while the Switch is turned off. Sample newly arranged tracks on the Super Smash Bros. Ultimate website today.
  • Rules: Create your own rules sets, begin playing with them at any given time. Stamina Battle is now a standard option. Rule selection comes first. Stage collection comes before fighter selection.
  • Squad Strike battle mode: 5 vs 5 or 3 vs 3 elimination battle to decide the winner. Each player will control the whole team or multiple players can pass it around.
  • Tournament brackets have been added.
  • Smashdown, previously selected fighters cannot be used in next battle. Each player must select a new fighter. Strategically select your fighters.
  • Training mode: an exclusive stage (grid to measure distance and more. Also displays launch distance depending on damage). Fighters weight is factored in at the moment of impact.
  • Classic mode: Single player mode in which players battle against a series of fighters will return in the classic mode. Each fighter has a set series of stages and opponents they will face.
  • Sudden death mode: camera zooms in and you start with 300% damage.
  • Chargeable Final Smash meter is now an option. When you apply this option to a match things can get really crazy. No two Final Smashes will happen simultaneously.
  • New Items, Pokemon, and Assist Trophies: Banana Gun – looks like a banana but it fires one bullet. Killer Edge – when it glows, its power intensifies, Bomber – lift it up and this powerful bomb will blow, Death’s Scythe – Instantly K/O fighters who are badly damaged, Staff – Its power increases the farther you are from your target, Ramblin’ Evil Mushroom – Reverse the opponent’s controls, Rage Blaster – The higher your damage percentage, the stronger it gets…
  • Pokemon related items, powerups, effects, characters, etc. – Alolan Exeggutor, Abra, Solgaleo, Lunala, Mimikyu, Pyukumuku, Vulpix, Alolan Vulpix, Marshadow, Ditto…
  • Assist Trophies – Zero, Knuckles, Krystal, Klaptrap, Kapp’n, Chef Kawasaki, Gray Fox, Nikki, Shovel Knight, Moon, plus a powerful special guest… from the Monster Hunter series Rathalos (could show up as a boss, or an assist trophy, the first character to appear as both).
  • A new Monster Hunter World stage as well!

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