RGN Daily News #79: Cities Skylines Reaches Over 1 Million Sales + More

RGN Daily 79 - Cities Skylines Sales

Guitar Hero is back!! (Reveal Trailer Here) and A New Monster Hunter is coming from Capcom. For today’s RGN Daily News you’ll have to forgive me as we return to the written format. I spent a good deal of the day catching up on ZzZ’s and now am back to work on a multitude of Reviews including GTA V on PC (Available Now through Steam for Windows) as well as Titan Souls which also launched today on PlayStation 4 as well as Vita and Windows PC and Mac OS X (Linux version coming later). There’s even a demo for Titan Souls on Steam as well. This is the calm before the storm ladies and gentleman and you can really feel the E3 Season begin to approach as new games are being announced and revealed. That Guitar Hero Live game from Activision must be somewhat important to them as well since they spammed every member of the Call of Duty consumer Newsletter with the announcement and even pinned it to the Call of Duty homepage today. In other news, Cities: Skylines has reached a well-deserved 1 Million Sales and climbing through Steam making Paradox Interactive one of the most beloved City Builder game publishers at this time in an era after the fallout of EA’s PR nightmare with the online-only rehash of SimCity which fell flat on its face. We will have our own Cities: Skylines Review coming up this week along with much, much more so be sure to stay tuned for that!

If you follow us on Twitter you may have noticed I was gaming today with the Community Manager of Nkidu Games Inc. and we were playing The Red Solstice a team-based strategic shooting game on Windows PC involving co-operation and survival against monstrous, vile enemies. Be on the lookout for more of that as we continue playing the game for our own coverage, a Single Player mode emerges soon for it, and we continue enjoying the interactive community surrounding the project who are admittedly a lot better at the game than me. Thanks for checking out the RGN Daily News #79 and bearing with us as we transition from the not-so-busy first months of the year into the heavy gaming circuit and aim to bring you coverage about the best indies, best AAA’s, and none of that generic boring stuff you don’t care about. Until next time, keep it real, and keep it gaming!!

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