IndieSpotlight: This Is The Police 2 for PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC

A couple of weeks back when our review dropped for This Is The Police 2 we had a lot of shining praise for the indie sequel to a game all about doing what it takes to enforce the law in tricky situations. Today the game is available for the public on consoles and we’d like to discuss its strong points some more. Consider this another glowing recommendation for prospective buyers. Don’t hesitate on picking this up, if you do – you’ll be missing out on some thrilling and high quality gameplay with a great story driving it all.

At its core, This Is The Police 2 is a mix between management simulator and grid-base strategy RPG. Choosing which units to bring out to each battle is just as important as the tactical decision making you’ll be doing from turn to turn. You’ll find the polish of the console versions just as excellent as that of the Steam release, with VSYNC and High Quality Graphics settings adjustable in the options menu and neat little touches like having your units communicate through walkie-talkie chatter that is discreetly heard coming out of a DualShock 4 (on the PS4 version).

Weappy Studio’s attention to detail on this one is excellent, and rather than continue the more typical ‘cop adventure’ style tale that the original seemed to master, they’ve challenged this sequel to a more nuanced, outdoors environment up in the mountains of a small town. There’s good narrative reason for that change too, since the main character of the first title is on the run and must change his life up… we’ve all been there, am I right?

This Is The Police 2 isn’t like any other Strategy RPG I’ve ever seen. With more of a focus on decisions and storyline than brute force combat, you’ll find your abilities to control the outcome of each situation varying wildly – giving you just enough rope to hang yourself during those all too passionate moments. Players can decide where exactly to shoot when firing a shot; will you disarm this person, immobilize them, or risk killing / maiming them for life?

Easily one of the best indie games of 2018 with sound quality on the PS4 Pro version is on par with film. Music is also a big part of what makes this game so special. A lot of it jazz, the score really fits the moment and gives a lot of life to the wonderful yet simplistic art style in this game. It’s very enjoyable controlling a rag tag group of cops who each think they know best and a floundering sheriff who can’t muster any respect from them.

A true gamer’s game, This Is The Police 2 focuses on original and fun gameplay design as well as a gripping, immersive feel with addictive qualities. Sure, some of the dialogue scenes have too many false stuttering moments, and can be over-acted at times, but this game’s plot has been well written and makes for an intriguing set of events.

Petty crimes are organized with a less hands-on approach, but you still have to make major decisions. Inter-personnel issues such as sexism, alcoholism, and people just generally being picky about their job is an every day hassle for Jack Boyd to deal with, once again. Of course, it’s always the player’s choice to fire a cop or just make the best of a bad situation, adjusting to their needs and demands to get the job done each day.

This Is The Police 2 is available tomorrow for PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, and PC and although it’s being published by THQ Nordic it was created with love and care from the indie team at Weappy Studio who are certainly working their way up the ladder in the world of game production. We look forward to their future works and highly recommend you pick this one up if any of the elements described today sound like something you’d enjoy playing around with.


Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RGN for free for the purpose of this review.

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