20 new PS4 games this week as PlayStation named #3 most relevant brand in UK

It’s no secret that PlayStation 4 is one of the most successful consoles ever to hit the video games market. With over 82 million units sold as of last month, the PS4 is predicted to surpass the PS3’s life time sales and could even approach the original PlayStation’s sales of 102.5 million units by the time its finished. Of course, the highest selling console of all time is still the PlayStation 2 with over 155 million units sold, which no home console has ever come near.

PlayStation VR has also made incredible strides becoming the highest selling VR headset currently on the market, reaching 3 million units sold as of last month alongside 22 million PSVR games being sold as the platform continues to lead with some of the most well produced Virtual Reality games in existence with no signs of stopping or letting down early adopters of this new technology.

In a newly released version of the Prophet Brand Relevance Index report from the United Kingdom, experts have ranked Sony the #3 most relevant brand in the country. Factoring customer obsession, pragmatism, inspiration, and innovation as the key roles which land a company higher on the list, Xbox was seen sliding from 11th to 17th place on the same list this year while Nintendo took 11th place after previously being much lower on the list. Sony beat out companies like Google to reach this position. Apple holds the top slot, and other brands dominating the UK include LEGO at #2, as well as Netflix at #5. As usual with these sort of reports, the list is meant for companies to obtain by request only (although some reports cost a ton of money while others simply ask for your company’s info).

The top 10 most relevant brands in the UK are as follows:

  1. Apple (remained #1)
  2. LEGO (has risen 2 slots from 2017)
  3. PlayStation (has risen 6 slots from 2017)
  4. Google (has dropped 2 slots from 2017)
  5. Netflix (has risen 1 slot from 2017)
  6. FitBit (previously didn’t place on the list)
  7. Spotify (has dropped 2 slots from 2017)
  8. Amazon (has risen 2 slots from 2017)
  9. NHS – National Health Service (has risen 5 slots from 2017)
  10. Android (has dropped 7 slots from 2017)

As this news hits the PlayStation Store is ramping up its release schedule and will see 20 new titles release for the PS4 over the coming week, 5 of which are PlayStation VR games. Virtual Reality, indie games, and major titles alike are all keeping the PlayStation platform relevant while their competitors at Xbox are still struggling to keep gamers happy. Although we’ve seen Microsoft invest heavily in making new Xbox studios and games, the results of that investment likely won’t be apparent until next-generation.

This week’s PS4 releases are a variety of creatively rich games:

  • My Brother Rabbit (by Artifex Mundi) – an all-new hidden object game with incredibly detailed art work, beautiful animations, and various puzzle / adventure gameplay elements mixed in.
  • Warface (by Crytek) – free to play online multiplayer FPS that was launched for PC some years back and has continued to evolve with a battle royale mode recently added as well.
  • Labyrinth of Refrain: Coven of Dusk (by Nippon Inchi Software) – dungeon crawling RPG originally released for Vita in Japan.
  • Scribblenauts Mega Pack (by 5th Cell) – two unique puzzle action games which introduce a special mechanic of challenging the game to manifest items at will through writing their names down.
  • Speed Brawl (by Double Stallion Games) – co-op enabled two dimensional side scroller with brawling mechanics that are combined with parkour, hand drawn comic-style graphics, and rapid super powers animated with flashy, colorful visuals.
  • Anodyne (by Analgesic Production) – 16 bit action adventure title inspired by retro gaming but taking its own abstract approach to video game theory.
  • Fishing Sim World (by Dovetail Games) – claiming to be the most authentic fishing simulator ever made, featuring 18 species of fish, each with their own AI.
  • The Gardens Between (by The Voxel Agents) – a psychedelic take on puzzle and adventure gameplay concepts.
  • Hover: Revolt of Gamers (by Midgar Studio and Fusty Game) – one of the highest rated PC games of 2017 taking hyper futuristic parkour into the realm of racing.
  • Legendary Fishing (by Ubisoft) – arcade visuals with all new gameplay systems covering multiplayer and single player fishing with over 20 types of fish.
  • RGX: Showdown – ranked street racing with custom cars.
  • Splody (by Dashing Strike) – the latest multiplayer spin on the classic Bomberman concept.
  • Toon War (by Lemondo Entertainment) -twin stick shooter with striking visuals, vehicle combat, and a variety of camera angles.
  • Capcom Beat ‘Em Up Bundle – seven retro games (some of which have never been available outside of an arcade) are brought to PS4 for players to play solo, online, or with local multiplayer. The games included are King of Dragons, Armored Warriors, Battle Circuit, Knights of the Round, Final Fight, Warriors of Fate, and Captain Commando.
  • 8-Bit Armies (by Petroglyph Games) – voxel-based real time strategy.
  • Blind (by Tiny Bull and Surprise Attack Games) – PlayStation VR title with psychological elements. Playing as a character with a very strange way of seeing, who must escape the strange place she has found herself in.
  • The Door (by SKonec Entertainment) – PlayStation VR title with horror at the focus. A man was doing research to save his terminally ill daughter, but this lab has a dark side indeed.
  • Downward Spiral: Horus Station (by 3rd Eye Studios) – zero gravity, mystery in the air, and the deafening silence that can be pierced by something strange at any moment. This PlayStation VR game from 3rd Eye Studios involves swimming through the Horus space station to uncover its secrets.
  • Transference (by Ubisoft and Spectrevision) – the creepy glitch between reality and… something else, an escape room VR title.
  • Unearthing Mars 2 (by Winking Entertainment) – in ancient times when technology of unknown power was said to be in existence, a war rages on throughout space, Earth, and Mars.

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