RuneHeads discusses their expectations with PS5 and Xbox Scarlet

In a recently published interview with GamingBolt, Matteo Sciutteri of RuneHeads has revealed a few expectations for next-generation hardware currently in development from Microsoft and Sony. As many may know, Microsoft openly announced the Xbox Project Scarlet family of consoles to be in development at this year’s Xbox E3 2018, though no details were yet provided. Sony has been vague about details as well, merely stating that a next-gen console can be expected from them around 2020 or 2021 with a possible name of ‘PlayStation 5’ given by the leading game industry giant.

In the interview Sciutteri outlines a number of possibilities for the two gaming consoles.

  • Better VR Integration (Wireless tech, better resolution / controllers)
  • Photo-realistic graphics (True 4K Textures like that of PC Gaming)
  • Better Netflix style game subs like Xbox Game Pass and PS Now

Although these are safe predictions and remain basic in nature, it is nice to see developers begin to express what they want and need out of a next-generation console. HTC Vive has just had an official wireless adapter released for it. PC Gaming has seen new graphics cards added to the seen in the RTX Lineup from NVIDIA.  And rumors are swirling about PS5 and Xbox Project Scarlet consoles using next-gen Ryzen technology paired with dedicated graphics built on the Navi platform.

Regardless of whether or not we see Sony step up their efforts with PlayStation Now, it seems that Xbox has found themselves a strategy to win back gamers’ hearts with their Game Pass service. All first party titles are included currently on the Xbox One version of Xbox Game Pass. That may change in the future, but either way it has surely added a lot of value to the current generation of Xbox gaming. With large investments in New IP and game development studios, Xbox is on the road to repairing their reputation and proving their passion for video games.

Some common expectations other developers and game industry experts have expressed with the PlayStation 5 include the following;

  • Backwards Compatibility with PS4 games (since they both use PC architecture)
  • Cross play between some Xbox Project Scarlet and PS5 games
  • Less installations and faster loading speeds

Only time will tell how the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlet will truly end up looking in terms of specs and functionality.

[Some Info Sourced: GamingBolt]

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