No PSX Event from Sony this year, but Microsoft to host X018 Event

PlayStation Experience is a press industry event known as PSX in dedication to the original PlayStation game console. Every year since 2014 Sony has hosted one of these. It’s usually been a vehicle for Sony to make announcements outside of, and ancillary to, their annual E3 Press Conference. This year, perhaps more than ever, fans were looking forward to the event since their E3 showing was very light. Despite having a dominance in the market and never ending stream of great games, it appears Sony isn’t too worried about hosting big events and showing off their lineup right now.

The video game manufacturing, developing, and publishing giant has announced that there will be no PSX 2018. Current head of Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios, Shawn Layden, delivered the sad news today on PlayStation Blog reporting that while he knew it would be a disappointment, the various first party studios and their executive leaders feel that their 2019 lineup is priority now and rather than have a lackluster event they opted to skip this year’s PSX 2018 Event altogether.

With some games still not holding a solid release date, this has also caused speculation that a few titles could land in 2020 instead. Even more so is the feeling setting in of PlayStation 5‘s expected arrival having something to do with Sony’s dwindling concern over promoting PS4 and its games. When you got into this console generation could affect how you feel about the situation, but Sony has just had a number of record breaking titles release including God of War and Marvel’s Spider-man. With exclusive titles coming to PS4 like Death Stranding, Days Gone, Nioh 2, The Last of Us Part Two, and the newly announced New IP Ghost of Tsushima, it’s clear that PS4 will end its ruling era with a bang if it is indeed coming to a close.

On the other hand Microsoft has a lot of ground to catch up on when it comes to convincing gamers that they have a compelling list of exclusives this gen and next. And while X018 may only be a community driven event with lightweight announcements infused, many fans are crossing fingers hoping its more. Xbox E3 2018 proved that Microsoft is willing to make the big investments in New IPs, reviving high demand projects, acquiring successful game developers, and opening up brand new studios.

Microsoft announced their X018 Event will take place November 10, 2018 in Mexico City, the capital of Mexico and largest metropolitan city in the entire western hemisphere. However, Xbox Boss Phil Spencer has said on multiple occasions that it will take time for the Xbox platform to benefit from these long-term moves. Perhaps Project Scarlet will actually be the first time we begin to taste the fruit of the newfound Xbox games focus and momentum.

Unexpectedly, Kinda Funny Games (headed up by Greg Miller and a group of passionate former IGN staff members) has announced that they will reach out to their many partners in the game industry in an attempt to produce a showcase highlighting any new game announcements third party studios were hoping to reveal at PSX 2018. This first of its kind Press Conference will launch on December 8, 2018 after The Video Game Awards 2018 conclude.

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  1. Should be interesting. Although, the lack of Microsoft exclusives leaves a lot to desire for. They will probably talk about Gears 5, Halo 6 and that’s about it. Sea of Thieves new dlc and some PUBG stuff on the side

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