Minecraft: Dungeons announced for 2019 during Minecon 2018 Event

The well known Microsoft-owned creative sandbox franchise Minecraft will be expanding into the hack and slash RPG genre next year with Minecraft: Dungeons when it releases for PC. Landscapes include mines, swamps, canyons, and there’s a main villain being touted called Arch-Illager who you must save innocent villagers from on your journey.

Mojang will develop the title for the publishing arm of Microsoft Studios. Mojang has been producing the Minecraft titles since its inventor Notch handed the game off and had a hand in the development of Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games. They’ve also created a number of other titles including Caller’s Bane, a mobile-focused digital card game in 2014 and Cobalt, a 2016 action side scrolling title made for the PC and Xbox platforms.

Collecting treasures, a variety of level design concepts, and four player co-op are among the notable features being broadcast right now. Some amount of risk / reward aspects of gameplay are also seemingly at the core of design for the title with the choice to fight or run away often making a large impact on the result of a play-through. That being said, it is unclear at this time whether or not any roguelike aspects will become a part of the game.

Weapons and items that are new to the Minecraft universe will be featured. We are also being promised brand new enemies (known as mobs in the world of Minecraft, similar to MOBA title enemies which spawn in procedurally). An official trailer has been released today on the Official Minecraft YouTube Channel which shines a little more light on the situation.

This announcement has been made during the Minecon Event taking place online as a virtual broadcast instead of a get together in person. Although it is an online event, there are still panels, community feedback inclusions, and extended demonstrations of gameplay. Even cosplay has been included as Mojang had been accepting pictures of cosplay outfits being worn and posed in leading up to the event. You can read more about that on the Official Minecon 2018 Website.

Other notable Minecon 2018 announcements:

  • Inspiration Island: free Minecraft add-on theme park
  • Minecraft Update: Village & Pillage
  • Beasts being added to Minecraft
  • Crossbows being added to Minecraft
  • Fast Load / Multi-shot being added to Minecraft
  • More variety added to Minecraft biomes
  • Pandas and Cats being added to Minecraft
  • Tiaga biome being updated in Minecraft after winning fan votes
  • Improvements to Minecraft: New Animations, More Particle Effects, New Spawning System, New Entities (for adding new Mobs), Scripting API, “Add-Ons” system to support modding.


More information is expected to roll out over the coming months on the Official Minecraft: Dungeons Website.

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