Rumor: Open World Harry Potter Action RPG Leaked

Update: Following this leak, sources seemingly close to the project have revealed to press outlets that the name of the game is likely to be set as “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” with runner ups including “Harry Potter: Magic Forever”, but this could be subject to change in the coming weeks / months.

Harry Potter doesn’t go looking for trouble, it usually finds him. A user on Reddit (credit) has came forward with a fact sheet, screenshots, and even gameplay footage of what appears to be a brand new open world Harry Potter action role playing game. The video has been since taken down with a copyright strike issued by Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive, but half a million views had already been obtained before that so there’s probably a copy roaming around somewhere. The person doing the leak claims that there was no agreement signed for secrecy and that they were a part of focus group testing for the game.

Such titles normally would be subject to a standard NDA agreement (non-disclosure agreement) but whether the user is deciding to violate that anonymously to leak the game or the company responsible for the focus group testing did forget to hand out the NDA forms is not immediately apparent. The leak, does however, appear to be genuine.

The internet is now exploding with excitement for the possibility of a Harry Potter RPG. Of course, we might not have all the facts right since this is a rumor at this point. Many are claiming that Avalanche Software was seen to be hiring on staff for development of a Harry Potter video game in 2017 yet others believed Rocksteady would be creating the title. It seems likely we will see the game confirmed in the near future as a full scale production with Unreal Engine 4 at the core of its design.

The original leaker also made a point to emphasize that the game has killing and the use of unforgivable spells by its protagonist!

Here are some highlights gleaned from the leaked fact sheet:

  • Title: Untitled (name is unknown at this time)
  • Genre: Action, RPG, Open World
  • Setting: 1800’s, Wizarding World
  • Perspective: Third Person
  • Brand new storyline not yet seen in books or films
  • New and classic locations will be visited in the game
  • Good vs Evil branching decisions made by players
  • Create your own character, 8 different Witch or Wizard types
  • You play as a 5th year student with unique abilities
  • Spell Casting and Mastery, Complex Magic System
  • Potion Crafting, Track & Identify Mysterious Ancient Power
  • Enemies include Dark Wizards, Goblins, and more

[Some Info Sourced: Press Start via RPG Site]

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