EA Games stock market share value continues to slide downward

While a number of financial withdrawals of support have taken place (both scheduled and unexpected), as well as consumer backlash leading to a general lack of interest in upcoming titles, the value of EA Games in the stock market has been taking a continual dip. While most journalists and gamers may not have noticed, EA Games has been steadily sliding in a downward spiral as the lack of hype around their games produces a chilling effect on investor confidence.

Some of the recent happenings at EA Games contributing to this:

The company best known for swallowing up and shutting down other (better) game companies, recycling content, and promoting gambling to young children is bleeding money at the expense of its shareholders. It has often been said that EA Games’ true customers are not gamers, but in fact their investors. If that is the case, then business is not good either way. It seems EA Games is on a certain path at this point wherein the chances to turn around and become at least somewhat respectable are running out.

Perhaps as gamers it is time to accept that this company doesn’t even care enough to pretend anymore. The ruthless attitude against gamers in their statements, the out of touch productions of games that they think we want, and the stubborn refusal to bow down to worldwide authorities who have declared loot box gaming as illegal gambling is proof enough that EA Games is a disaster and are finished being anywhere near reasonable.

[Some Info Sourced: US Securities and Exchange Commission]

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