Telltale’s The Walking Dead to be completed by new studio founded by original devs

You may recall a recent story that was dominating headlines for days. Telltale Games got shut down. In a complicated slope of twists and turns concerning game development disagreements, unpaid overtime, corporate mismanagement, and large investment deals gone sour – the rubber band finally snapped. Sadly nearly 300 people lost their jobs (more if you count the round of layoffs which took place leading up to this final moment).

It was said that a skeleton crew was remaining on board to finish up Minecraft for Netflix (a choose your own adventure style production blurring the lines between video game and film), but now that team has been let go as well. However, there is now a little bit of sunshine gleaming through finally, in an otherwise abysmal story.

It was known that Telltale Games was looking for a partner to finish The Walking Dead: Final Season which was almost complete, and already paid for by many gamers. However, this caused a serious controversy as Telltale Games did not provide any warning to the employees they laid off and did not pay any severance either. Now, it was thought, gamers were going to have their game finished off by a completely different set of developers as the ones who poured countless hours of blood, sweat, and tears were simply left to drown in their newfound financial instability.

The good news is that some of the original developers have been by Skybound Games, and will be able to finish the game. Skybound Games was founded by Robert Kirkman who is the co-creator of The Walking Dead and also known to have many writer credits with Marvel Zombies and Marvel Comics. He has stated that the team will be able to “wrap up Clem’s story right” in regards to The Walking Dead: The Final Season. Greg Miler of Kinda Funny Games helped make the confirmation of this through a meeting him and Robert Kirman shared at New York Comic-Con.

As it stands, a class action lawsuit by the original employees of Telltale Games remains against the firm who likely violated the law by not giving any notice of the danger of lost jobs which loomed above head. It is unclear if Skybound will continue to produce titles similar to Telltale’s after this production, or whether we will see any further productions that were unfinished at the studio come to life.

[Some Info Sourced: YongYea, Kinda Funny Games]

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