Spy_Watch for Apple Watch, Best App Yet? Gameplay Screenshots + Details Inside

Spy Watch Apple Watch Missions

In case you missed the news last week Bossa Studios is creating something for the Apple Watch, and it actually doesn’t seem half bad. Now, I don’t know if this is going to change anybody’s minds about whether or not they actually want to buy an Apple Watch, it could sell some folks, but at least those who have taken the plunge will now have something fun and interesting to install!

Thanks to the creators of Surgeon Simulator and the forthcoming Worlds Adrift (more on that gem soon), Spy_Watch will soon be available for players on the run who want a quick but engaging experience to get their mind off of pesky things like not walking into a wall by accident because they’re looking at their Apple Watch or you know, work responsibilities.

Spy Watch Apple Watch Gameplay

Non-essential stuff like what your boss is saying to you indeed can now be further thwarted by the awesomeness that is gaming. Since you’ll likely be glancing quickly at your Apple Watch then looking away, something many Apple Watch apps have failed to realize at this point, Spy_Watch doesn’t actually require tons of face time per action. Instead, players can interact with it in short bursts progressing their gameplay throughout the day.

Designed after the way we all text these days, Spy_Watch tells a story and has players completing missions through quick back and forth interactions. There’s training, missions, agency funds, spies to send on missions who will report back their moment to moment results, and a full experience / level up system. More info will become available soon, but so far this looks like the most promising thing we’ve seen come out of the Apple Watch’s invention so far and we owe it to Bossa Studios to give them a chance to wow us with the eventual full reveal of this software. Cheers team!

Spy Watch for Apple Watch

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