100 Screenshots for Atelier Online ~ Alchemists of Brasier (Japan) & how to play in USA

Atelier Online ~ Alchemists of Brasier is a brand new MMORPG based on the GUST Corporation franchise recently released for smartphones in Japan. Keeping true to the Atelier series in many ways while also adding new functionality such as letting you play with other alchemists online who are also pursuing their own adventure. Even while being a massively online game though, Alchemists of Brasier still maintains the series’ tradition of being heavily story-focused.

The game takes place in a place known as Bressisle with character customization as a new addition to the franchise. NHN Japan Corporation has worked closely with GUST to develop the game for publisher Koei Tecmo in Japan leading to and beyond its release just a week ago. Our review of the latest single player Atelier game is also a good read if you find yourself interested in this franchise but don’t want to be lost in the story due to Atelier Online ~ Alchemists of Brasier being fully Japanese in dialogue and even menu options. You can find high praise in our Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings Review.

By making use of the Qoo-App Android gamers can play Japanese exclusive titles, but they’ll have to venture outside of the Google Play Store to Qoo-App’s Official Website. iPhone users will have to make a Japanese Apple ID and enter the Japanese iTunes store to download the game. Atelier Online is currently the most popular game being downloaded on the platform, but companies like Square Enix are also famous for launching titles only in Japan which never make their way to the west.

My wife and I are lovers of the JRPG genre, especially turn-based titles, and as such have almost every Atelier game in our gaming collection. She recently downloaded Atelier Online ~ Alchemists of Brasier and through a basic understanding of some Japanese plus the color coded menu options sometimes found in the game, is able to play with a decent understanding of what’s going on. For folks looking to play Atelier for the first time, you probably want to start out with a single player entry to the series instead though of course.


Here are some screenshots taken in-game from Atelier Online:

  • Played On: Sony Xperia XZ2


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