What’s inside Black Ops 4 Season Pass

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched today and although the full game contains plenty of content for players, there is some question this time around as to what exactly is included in the game’s Season Pass. Taking a slightly different approach from previous COD games and their Season Pass structures, Treyarch claims to be dropping “more content with more frequency” in the new Black Ops Pass.

Some controversy existed when players realized that the Black Ops Pass was only available through purchasing special editions of the game so far, making it unclear if it would even be available at a later date or if gamers would have to pay full price for each DLC individually instead. But that turned out to be false, Black Ops Pass can be purchased on its own. So what’s exactly being offered here? And what’s in the base game?

So we know that this year’s COD doesn’t have a story-based single player campaign and instead requires an internet connection to activate. There are offline gameplay options available in some segments of the title once it is activated online through the 50GB Day One Patch, but the main point of this title is to play online with friends and strangers in its Zombies, Competitive Multiplayer, Blackout (battle royale) modes. There’s a Specialist HQ segment to the game as well. You can also expect your game to expand a bit over time even if you haven’t snatched up a Black Ops Pass.

Free Content Updates Confirmed (So Far):

  • Nuketown – November
  • New Specialist Character – December
  • Blackout Updates and Expansion
  • Events – Limited Time Game Modes, Content, Seasonal, Etc.

Black Ops Pass Content Confirmed (So Far):

  • Day One Bonus: Classified Zombies Experience
  • 4 All-New Zombies Experiences
  • 12 Multiplayer Maps
  • 4 Exclusive Blackout Characters
  • (PS4 Owners Get Events & Content 7 Days Early)

Content will release in a staggered format with each month seeing new content coming out as free updates as well as some new content for Black Ops Pass owners. Another way of looking at things would be to divide it up by month as far as what has been announced so far.

November Free Update Content:

  • Nuketown Map
  • Blackout Map Update
  • Oia De Los Muertos Celebration Event

November Black Ops Pass Content:

  • Pass DLC Map #1
  • Exclusive Weapon Camo
  • Pass Exclusive Blackout Character #1

December Free Update Content:

  • New Specialist #1
  • Blackout Map Update #2
  • Winter Event

December Black Ops Pass Content:

  • Pass DLC Map #2
  • Exclusive Uniform
  • Pass Exclusive Blackout Character #2

January Free Update Content:

  • New Free Map #2
  • Blackout Expansion #1
  • Winter Event Continued

January Black Ops Pass Content:

  • Pass DLC Map #3
  • Exclusive Camo
  • Pass Exclusive Blackout Character #3
  • New Zombies Map #1

And continued releases of content for both the free and paid side of things as the rest of the year continues. The Black Ops Pass is available for $49.99 USD (or $66.99 CAD). To learn more about the game, check out our Launch Week Impressions of Black Ops 4 covering all of its various modes.

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