Borderlands 2 is coming to PSVR as fans await more Borderlands 3 info

For those who still remember the game that was first debuted as “RPG and FPS had a baby”, it might seem a bit surprising to see just how successful and popular the Borderlands series has become enduring years of success in the game industry. While fans of the genre have had no shortage of copy cats to choose from, the anticipation for Borderlands 3 information is real.

Gearbox has confirmed the third game to be in development but have remained tight lipped about it for some time, perhaps next-gen will be the time to bring out a full reveal. While waiting for that, the new opportunity to play Borderlands 2 in virtual reality has arrived. PlayStation 4’s PSVR platform is often host to timed exclusives like Fallout 4 VR and will now be the only place you can get Borderlands 2 VR for the time being.

While Oculus Rift and HTC Vive owners are surely hoping the game will make its way to PC eventually, PSVR owners can get in on the action for $49.99 USD when it releases for PS4 on December 14, 2018. If you pre-order now you’ll also get an exclusive dynamic theme for your PS4 which actually looks pretty cool.

Some interesting game design has been put to work in this new version of an old PS3 classic. In Borderlands 2 VR PS Move controllers are used for holding the steering wheel while first person in a vehicle while the head mounted display detects where a player is looking to aim the gun. Pulling triggers without taking your hands off the wheel and still hitting what you’re looking at sounds like it will feel very interesting.

There’s also a bullet-time effect added into the game called BAMF standing for BadAss Mega Fun Time according to Gearbox (sure, sure). Borderlands has always been known for co-op but due to the many changes that were made to accommodate an older game design making its way into VR, Gearbox has decided to stick with a single player format for the time being. There is no co-op in this version.

Games like Fallout 4 VR, Skyrim VR, and Doom VFR have made a big wave in the scene and lend credence to the fact that AAA Gaming on VR devices is a trend that won’t be stopping anytime soon. As the VR tech we use continues to evolve and any issues that arise with the platform are being solved through countless Kickstarter accessories like the Cybershoes we recently covered or new breakthroughs in software programming, the world keeps getting closer and closer to full immersion. PlayStation seems a great hub for helping bigger VR projects get the boost they need at launch, with their own high quality exclusives being developed in-house as well – such as Firewall Zero Hour.


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