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Monster Hunter: World Gets DMC Crossover w/ Trailer As Popularity Remains Sky High

Monster Hunter: World and Fortnite are currently topping charts as some of the most popular games in the world (only second to perhaps the Grand Theft Auto series in total sales, but likely more active than even that game’s online mode).

Right now we are seeing a great time for crossover content in games with Final Fantasy receiving Assassin’s Creed characters stepping into the world as well as other Square Enix properties such as Laura Croft making her appearance in the FF world. Continuing that new age legacy is Capcom with the Devil May Cry crossover for Monster Hunter: World, a game that is taking the planet by storm.

For many years gamers in Japan, US, and Europe (other countries don’t count, JK) have been enjoying the MH series but it was usually portable. Gamers of all kinds, long-time fans of MH or not, had longed for a chance to experience the title in high-fidelity quality on a home console again. With Monster Hunter: World they finally got their chance. Capcom took a huge risk making this game as the costs are a lot higher than usual MH games and many financial experts had predicted that the series was mostly a Japan phenomenon relying on Japan’s high volume of portable game sales. Fortunately for all parties involved, it turns out that was a false prediction, the game is a massive hit and by all accounts a good game.

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Fortnite Dev Update 03/09 – Llamas Coming to Battle Royale, Smoke Grenade Removal

If you’re a fan of the most popular Battle Royale game out right now, Fortnite, then you’ll probably already know that there’s currently a new mode going on for a limited time. These LTM’s (Limited Time Modes) that Epic Games cycles in and out are meant to provide a good bit of variety but without overstaying their welcome and without dividing up the playerbase.

Although much more exciting LTM’s are rumored to be coming (more info here), some LTM’s such as “The Floor Is Lava” and “Take To The Skies” could be delayed due to the fact that Fortnite’s jetpack hasn’t been added in yet. It’s possible that these items, which are expected to be somewhat rare drops and not standard equipment, will be heavily involved in the functionality of these LTM’s.

Today, Systems Designer at Epic Games Eric Williamson gave a Dev Update speaking about the Jetpack Delay as well as some other information. Again, it is re-iterated that the Jetpack is not delayed, but just didn’t feel exactly as well designed as the dev team wanted it to. It’s still coming.

20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 vs 20 or “Teams of 20” as Epic calls it, has some info revealed about it. The circle and storm sizes are faster in this mode. Team location can be pinged on the map. There’s increased supply drops, treasures chests, and ammo cans in this mode too.

Unexpectedly, there’s also a new way to get loot coming to Fortnite: Battle Royale in the Llamas system. Llamas are a lootbox reward previously only available to be earned (or purchased) in the single player portion of Fortnite called Save The World. Soon players will be able to find Llamas on the island in Battle Royale mode when next week’s 3.3 Update comes out (exact version number will be different on PS4).

These will be interacted with like treasure chests in Battle Royale mode, though it’s unclear exactly how that will look and if they’ll still carry any sort of lootbox style to them. It also seems unlikely that Epic would allow anyone to buy Llamas for Battle Royale mode, since the game has been very well balanced until now. If that happens it would surely be a disaster to the game, so let’s hope not.

Smoke Grenades aren’t being used as much as Epic Games wanted them to be, so they feel like something’s probably wrong with them. They will be removing these from the game and ‘putting them into the vault’ to possibly be remixed and brought back some day.

Just a reminder: Save The World is actually an awesome co-op / single player experience involving zombie-style storm infected enemies, base-building, and a great way to stay on Fortnite but refresh the variety of gameplay. The big problem with switching between the two has been that the controls were very different though. Epic Games announced recently that they are working to fix that and make the controls for Save The World much more similar to those of Fornite Battle Royale.

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Ubisoft Showcases Far Cry 5 Map Editor to Expert Community Members

The Map Editor for upcoming Montana-based Far Cry 5 has been shown off by Ubisoft to some expert members of their community and fanbase who gave their first impressions after being flown out this December for an exclusive hands on experience. Some high quality (albeit brief) footage has also been released of this event in which Community Developer Laureline thanks the active Far Cry community and the actual Far Cry 5 Map Editor can be seen in action as well.

Kemet1976 states that its the most advanced editor he’s seen yet, and that the experience has blown him away. Setho-1 is also a well known map creator in the Far Cry community and states that the amount of customization that can be done now with maps is massively improved. Restylex says “there’s no limitation for me at this moment when I look at the Far Cry 5 Map Editor”. And akilyoung who has been a community figure since 2012 describes the application as not being stripped of anything, but instead feels like things were added in above and beyond expectations.

In addition to getting the first look at this Map Editor for Far Cry 5, it appears that Ubisoft’s Far Cry team has even been open to ideas from these esteemed, most active members of their map making community. That’s always a good thing, but sometimes it’s just words. In this case, we have HorTyS (Far Cry Community Member since 2003) his word that the team is listening to feedback actively and attentively on how to make the program as powerful as possible. And since he himself is from Montana, there was a lot of potential feedback to be given. One of the map ideas HorTyS is considering includes a re-creation of his home town in Montana, a testament to how powerful this Editor truly is.

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Super Smash Bros. on Switch & Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS + More – 3/8 Nintendo Direct Videos w/ WrapUp

RGN has videos and details of every announcement for Switch and 3DS shown at today’s Nintendo Direct for March 8. Special thanks to our friends at GamersPrey for being fast and organized with high quality footage sanctioned by Nintendo.

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SuperSampling, Parental and UI Improvements w/ PS4 System Software Update 5.50

The new PlayStation System Software released today (previously in Beta Testing through the month of February) will give users a bunch of new abilities to control their PS4 consoles with. Some of these are actually very exciting, especially if you own the PS4 Pro (an optional, luxury model of the PS4 which enables graphics output of up to 4K HDR as well as runs all software faster and with more stability).

SuperSampling (PS4Pro Users Only):

TLDR; SuperSampling makes 4K Games look better on older TVs!

If you own a PS4 Pro but don’t own a 4KTV just yet, you can now set the PS4 Pro into “SuperSampling” mode which will enable the system to create higher than 1080P quality graphics then squish them down into a lesser resolution. While this might sound confusing for some, it is a proven technology that John Carmack actually pioneered back in the days of the 2010 PC, PS3, 360 scene. While rendering 1440p (2K), or 4K graphics on the machine, the system will then bring the extra detail into the smaller pixel resolution of a 1080P or 1440p display in order to give a more clear and detailed output.

Depending on which game you are playing, developers may have already set up SuperSampling, and so a combination of PS4 Boost Mode being On  or Off, and SuperSampling being On or Off may be ideal depending on the game and display being used. Overall, it’s great that Sony is giving some of these settings over to be controlled by users though for situations where developers haven’t had the chance to program optimal configurations and the PS4 Pro’s power isn’t being fully utilized. In theory, by testing out which settings work best, and researching what features are available for certain games, players can now be sure to always get the most out of the extra hardware power sometimes laying dormant in their machines.

To access these settings go to Settings, then Sound and Screen, then Video Output Settings, then Supersampling Mode.

Parental Controls (AKA Play Time Management):

Family Managers / Guardians can now set up Play Time Restrictions for all or certain games in their PS4 library in order to make sure that children aren’t gaming more than they should be and/or during time periods in which they shouldn’t be allowed. A totally new system has been created and installed with the PS4 System Software 5.50 Update in which times of day can be set in which the child is allowed to play games and/or how many hours they’re allowed to game for within that particular time frame. Notifications will then warn the child when they are running out of time, giving them a chance to save their progress and quit. After their time runs out the system will not allow them to play.

Other benefits to this system include viewing how much game time a child has had for any particular day (from PS4, PC, or smartphone), setting specific settings for different days of the week, quickly extending or reducing the allowed play time for today without entirely re-working the rest of your settings for the week, setting limits on how long children can log into the PS4 overall as well.

This system can be managed from within the PS4 itself by accessing Settings and then going into Family Management. Family Managers can also change their Parental Control settings by logging into their PlayStation Account from a PC or Smartphone. Since this is such a detailed, large, and brand new concept in the PlayStation world – Sony has also provided a rather large HELP MENU.

New Features added to Update 5.50 :

  • Custom Wallpapers loaded through USB has been enabled. (Go to Settings, then Select Theme, Custom, Select Image, USB Storage Device to load any image as your new wallpaper)
  • Custom Team Page / Team Logo through USB for Tournaments being held within PlayStation Communities has been enabled.
  • Permanently deleting notifications has been enabled. (Press Triangle or Options button, then Delete one or multiple notifications)
  • Custom Lists from PlayStation Friends List can now be seen in Quick Menu. (Hold PS Button and use the new friends tools in the Quick Menu quickly mid-game)

  • Re-Organized PlayStation Store Library Tabs. (This PS4 and Name/Avatar Tab have been added to easily find out all of the PS4 content that is currently installed on your machine versus which you own but don’t have installed at the moment)
  • New PS+ Tab added to the PlayStation Store Library. (Easily find out all of the PS+ Content that’s tied to your account separately from the rest of your content)
  • Hide Apps from Purchased Section (AKA Download List) in PS4 Library. (In PlayStation Store go to Purchased tab and then press Options on a title which you don’t want to appear anymore such as expired beta tests you won’t ever need to download again – hidden apps can still be accessed later from the ‘Check Hidden Content Items’ button)
  • Playing background music during PS Now gameplay has been enabled. (Hold PS Button and use the new music tools in the Quick Menu to play music through Spotify, Media Player, or USB Music Player – use Triangle to start / stop music and Square to change volume quickly mid-game)

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Confirmed w/ Release Date & Teaser

Zombies, Code Words, Top Secret, Above Classified, Black Ops… Four. Yep, you were right. It’s real and it’s happening this year. Hundreds of thousands of people have already seen the teaser video you’re about to witness below. Perhaps millions have already heard about the leaks including the James Harden hat fiasco, and for years EuroGamer’s sources have whispered in their ears tickling the very fibers of silk-like hairs protruding from the epidermis of gaming’s outer auditory canals. Finally, it’s all coming together.

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The American Dream: A Samurai Punk Virtual Reality Trip (PS4 / PC) Hits Next Week

With uncertainty on the intention of this release, RGN has received an invitation to let the world know about a new Virtual Reality game that pokes fun at guns and potentially the “American Culture” the rest of the world associates USA with.

Fair enough. In a press release laden with sarcasm and faux-trademark terms like “A game for True American Patriots™” that start to make me wonder if this whole entire game is one big insult to the military-industrial complex in the states. Then again, I get the feeling it’s not that serious and just meant to be a bit of goofy fun – so I went ahead and brought it to our viewers to decide for themselves.

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New Fortnite: Battle Royale “Take To The Skies” Game Mode Leaked Ahead Of Today’s New 2.2.0 Map Update

Fortnite is a perpetual base-building zombie survival defense game and third-person shooter boasting over 40 million players in its new free-to-play version, Fortnite: Battle Royale, inspired by games like the original ArmA II mod, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but considerably different due to the higher quality polish on the title overall and completely game-changing base-building aspect.

Recently the game has reached over 40 million registered players making it the most popular Battle Royale game with over 2 million concurrent players at once.

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Why #Meltdown and #Spectre Vulnerabilities Effect Gamers Worldwide, Especially VR Gamers

It’s Real Dude, This Is Happening

Apparently all computers are at risk to new vulnerabilities leaving everything on your computer at risk to effortless hacking via Meltdown and Spectre which were discovered this week. The patches and updates being put out to solve these issues will reduce performance of computers anywhere between 30-400%!!! .

You might be sitting right now comfortably in your DXRacer chair with your Vive, PS4 Pro, 4KTV, and self-righteous positive attitude thinking ‘this stinks, but doesn’t effect me’. You’re wrong. Your hardware is in danger. If you think ‘I just won’t run the update’ then think again. All of your accounts and passwords to every program and all your data ‘kinda’ matter when you can’t use your Steam and someone steals your payment info.

Identity theft isn’t easily reset bro. That’s why there’s a whole industry for preventing it and insurances for court when you get plucked by the man in a mask overseas just racking up charges on ingame currency with your profile. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg for how this effects gamers. Think you’re not effected? You’re wrong. Continue reading to find out how these security issues will inevitably hurt the video games industry.

By the way, There’s no avoiding this. All major tech giants have been working in secret to try to solve these issue for 90 days and still haven’t rolled out any updates and have been trying to keep the vulnerabilities a secret from everyone including the coders working on it.


I’m saying this flaw effects everyone and those who can take advantage of it will spread it like a virus and use it against people. On top of that, the update is going as far as Linux machines so that means Windows and Apple will also update their software and guess what? Now we have performance drops in games and some not playable on lower-end hardware and now tech industries will make more money selling GPUs we wouldn’t have needed yet.

The performance hit also effects VR but the industry is so small it might not be able to recover from the blow and boom now we’re back to being spoonfed shit games because everyone refuses innovation. TLDR; Long story short, you’re looking at a major shift of industry trying to be played off like water running off a duck’s back when in reality it’s more like lava.

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[Update: Vive Pro Announced, 2K Per Eye] HTC Vive Pro Leaked Following Vive 2 Speculations and Demand

Update: Vive Pro Announced, Built In Sound, 2K Per Eye, Wireless Sold Separately:

Below is a rumor post from before the announcement of the Vive Pro which contained rumors that the device would use 4K per Eye graphics technology. We now have the full announcement officially letting us know the following specs of the Vive Pro.

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