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Tristans Twisted World: Fans vs the Devs who has the final say?

As from what we have seen the past few months fans have had a bit of an uprising against the Devs and publishers especially biowares fans. Nearly a year after Mass Effect 3’s release a large amount of fans still demand a new ending.

Bioware is standing by their ending or so they say as they use words like “artistic integrity”. Other examples are how fans think there they are in demand but here’s the question are they? The customer’s always right has been proven to be true.

So if you don’t to do anything about it they don’t care but the publishers and developers are providing for people to buy and if they don’t like it either do better next time or fix it now. They only reason you exist is because of the fans.

This my opinion though, I would like to hear your’s.

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Tristans Twisted World: Sex appeal in video games

As we have seen in games sometimes girls may be made to look a certain way. But does that really affect why someone would buy they game? Is it justice to make girls look a certain way? Does it matter maybe to make them look better or is it how stuff is. Well take a look at some of these characters.

So are girls in games used as sex idols? I don’t know you tell me…..

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Stop Complaining: PlayStation 4 Doesn’t Need DualShock 3 Support

Somehow some gamers who are likely already preconditioned to be anti-Sony next generation (for whatever reasons) in the first place have found a minuscule detail to nag about the PlayStation 4. Unfortunately somebody forgot to give the scarecrow making these articles a brain. The complaint going around is that DualShock 3 controllers will not work on the PlayStation 4. Guess what, neither did the original Xbox controllers in the Xbox 360. The PlayStation 2 controller did not work in the PlayStation 3, and the PlayStation 1 controller did not work in the PlayStation 2 for PlayStation 2 games.

If anybody is really shocked by this then you simply need to do one thing, laugh out loud. This is a very silly thing to complain about. Sony has confirmed they won’t ban used games, they will not be digital-only they will still use physical media while at the same time utilizing the latest in cloud storage, download networks, and streaming gameplay and full game trials technology at the same time. The major bullet was dodged there for gamers fearing a new world order, dystopian video game industry being debuted alongside PlayStation 4.

My argument to gamers has always been, when you get a new system you are doing so to experience the new experience of the system and the games. I don’t want to play PlayStation 3 games on a PlayStation 4, I want to play PlayStation 4 games on it. If you don’t want to let go of the past, then don’t. There is no law against keeping your PlayStation 3 and its game collection.

The PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 quite obviously makes the DualShock 3 controller obsolete and therefore not suitable for PS4 use. The entire user interface of PS4 is designed differently. You will now have a button on your controller to instantly suspend the power of your PS4 (similar to PSP days) and pick up right where you left off whenever you get back while saving power at the same time. You will also have a button for sharing.

Not to mention, nobody knows exactly how the touch bar will work with the operating system on the PlayStation 4 either. Gamers are wrong to assume a DualShock 3 would be somehow suitable to take its place. This is not Nintendo people where we hold back technological innovation for the sake of nostalgia. It has been nearly a decade for the PlayStation 3’s life cycle, let’s welcome its successor PlayStation 4 with a bit more open arms than the grueling abuse from a corrupt media seen for PS3.

UPDATE 12:47pm EST:

To gamers who insist on DualShock 3 Support on PlayStation 4, here’s the scenario of what would probably happen if Sony caved in to DS3 demands:

You would end up with developers not giving you the DualShock 4 innovation they could because you all ended up using old controllers so they don’t care to give you the higher experience if you don’t care to take innovation serious.

Look up the changes from DualShock 2 to DualShock 3. It was more than just becoming wireless. There was an increase in how many angles it can detect you controlling from. Who’s to say what crucial upgrades the DualShock 4 contains that all PlayStation 4 games will be programmed for?

If you would have used a DualShock 1 in the PlayStation 2 then you wouldn’t even be able to control a character correctly in a simple game of basketball because you’d be stuck to only about 9 directions you can aim the character to walk in.

UPDATE 1:29pm EST:

From Shuhei Yoshida on the PSBlog:

“On the front side of DUALSHOCK 4 is a light bar with LED that illuminate in various colors to match the color of the character in a game as a simple way to identify players. The colors can also provide useful information to players, such as when their character has taken damage during a game. DUALSHOCK 4 was developed alongside a second peripheral, a dual camera which can sense the depth of the environment in front of it and also track the 3D location of the controller via its light bar. The new camera incorporates four microphones capable of accurate sound detection and source origination, and it will support the PlayStation Move motion controller with more precision than ever before.”

(thanks FunAndGun)

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Modern Warfare 4 Didn’t Cause Destiny Delay

Call of Duty franchise publisher Activision has confirmed that they will release a new Call of Duty title (most likely to be Modern Warfare 4) in late 2013 around the time the PlayStation 4 is expected to release. It is being said that the Modern Warfare 4 release date is causing Destiny to be delayed in release.

The fact of the matter is that Activision is giving Destiny a longer time to hibernate and be promoted for hype to build. This is the first installation of what is planned to be a massive 10 year long IP that will include multiple blockbuster releases if all goes according to plan. The game will likely rival Bungie’s past creation for the same niche and potential sales.

Bungie and Activision showed off Destiny for the PlayStation 4, Activision did not feel the need to show the next Call of Duty title at this time and they have a decent success going on with Black Ops II.

The real competitor to Modern Warfare 4 has not shown itself yet and is being developed right now by Respawn Entertainment in EA’s side of the battlefield (no pun intended). We anxiously await the announcements and releases to settle the score.

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The 6 Best Myths About Gamers

1. All Gamers Are Geeks.(Not true gamers are actually some of the coolest people on earth.)

2. All Gamers are anti-social – Actually, Many gamers are the opposite, you just have to talk about a topic that interests them( Hint, Video games).

3. All video gamers do not have life’s- Incorrect again, Gamers juggle families, work and life while still leaving time to escape reality.

4. All gamers live at home in their parents basements…… :0 wrong.  Some Gamers can have their own pads too. Even though you may find a section dedicated to video games.

5. All Gamers are broke. Wrong again. Some gamers have their own bank accounts, and are able to purchase the latest releases.

6. All video gamers do not keep up with the latest clothing trends. Not True. Gamers embrace various styles of clothing. You have some who prefer Urban wear, while others prefer to be more casual. It all depends on the person.

Could you think of anymore? Share them!!!!! Has anyone ever assumed any of these about you?

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Tristans Twisted World: Top 20 Video Game Protagonists

We all know about heroes but who stands at the top at the end of the day? Well this list is what me and some people have decided in the background. Some may be silent with few words and tons of action and others are emotional drawn characters. You can agree with this list or point out others that should be here but this is Twisted Top 20.


Ezio Auditore

Assassin Creeds main character for a few games there is still in my head and Desmonds.


James Bond 007

007 always fights for England it could be his most recent tale in Goldeneye or something such as Blood Stone. No matter what Bond keeps his cool as one of the best spys of all time.




Always with his trusty bow he will stop at nothing to save the princess or whatever he is doing even if he is turned into a werewolf or is a little kid at times.


Issac Clark

Fighting threw waves of basically space zombies to find his wife or just to escape, but in the end he trys to stop it so it doesn’t spread to every world and infect everyone.


Solid Snake

Is that a metal gear? Yes Im the not biggest playstation gamer but even I know bout Snake.


Max Payne


When I got my hands on Max Payne 3 last year Rockstar surprised me with how good Max Payne was done.



Running around Rapture trying to find a way out to see his family again and trying to stop Andrew Ryan or (PlotTwist!)



A man out for Revenge doesn’t sound good for a hero but trust me he’s a big hero or not….


Agent 47

Of course this guys in here the master assassin and oh and Jon will love this right?


Jak and Daxter

One of Naughty Dogs biggest series as two of the best hero buddies even though they are kinda evil well kinda…


Sam Fisher

He’s got style and he’s a pretty good written character from were im sitting.



A demon killer now that is one badass hero and the stories are awesome and gameplay and such and such.



Unlike Lara Croft this girl got fans by being smart, strong, brave even though Lara Croft is all those but Jade in Beyond Good and Evil pick it up.



Do I even need to say anything….


John Martson

The classic Cowboy gunslinger with a heart was captured in a man trying to Redeem himself.


G0rdon Freeman

Silent Heros can be Heros to.


Nathan Drake

Uncharted is a awesome series with a great lead role.


Master Chief Petty Officer Sierra 117 or John

He may not talk to much but that’s apart of his training he’s saved the whole galaxy what four times now?


Commander Shepard

Well if your Paragon your a huge Hero if your Renegade then well…..


Lee Everett

A man that puts his life ahead of a little girls in the Zombie ruined world were you fear the living more than the dead….

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Good vs Evil: Xbox 720, PlayStation 4 Could Make Used Games Extinct

In this original piece I takes a look at what it means for used games to exist in the gaming community versus the appeal of eliminating them industry-wide.

In the old days, everybody shared video games. Gaming was a rare thing typically, but when you met people that played video games many around them found their way to becoming gamers themselves as well.

This created a lot of families sharing video games, friends and neighbors would share games and tell each other about them. As gaming became more and more popular this habit and trade has increased so much that it has spawned businesses such as Play N Trade as well as earlier shops like FuncoLand.

Back in these days sharing games wasn’t considered a crime, nor was it taboo. In fact it was pretty much the norm and made life as a gamer very diverse. You could always find out the latest fighting games from friends that ran a collection of them.

Whenever you sold or gifted a console, all the video games that came with it was considered worth its weight in gold back in these days. There were no digital incarnations of games like what you see today, the games were the holy grail or key to the system’s enjoyment. The massive amount of word of mouth that video games rely on to maintain popularity could be hurt by harming any of the aforementioned gaming culture rituals.

Next came the digital revolution, as everyone now is clearly informed about. Mobile gaming through phones has become a very lucrative and dense industry boasting Apple’s App Store and Google Play amongst many other successful breakthroughs in the marketplace. The Nintendo DSi, 3DS, and PlayStation Vita continue to remain relevant in giving gamers a dedicated gaming hardware and experiences that are more reliable than the average phone manufactured equipment.

However, the digital era of downloading apps at the tap of a finger has definitely changed the landscape. Now gamers can pick up a lot of games that would have in the past never been available digitally on the 3DS or Vita as well as PS3 / 360 and Wii / Wii U.

With this digital innovation came a price to be paid. The innovation of digital piracy meant theft for thousands, potentially millions of hypothetical sales that didn’t happen because of people downloading copies of games for free off the web. An immense hacking community grew alongside the positive benefits of digital media such as mod developers, user-generated content creators, and easy for customers to buy from any place at any time. The large amount of profits being lost is the reason a game company would consider removing a second-hand market from the industry.

It takes real people to make the games you play. They work on real equipment in real studios and offices. Many times, a good game been looked past because it failed to meet the high corporate sales targets. Many good games and even entire IPs and series have died mid-lifecycle from this.

Part of the reason sales sometimes go amiss is because the jaded gamer is waiting to give the game a second chance. Something they may have not liked about a new direction, in a comeback, or a remake, and they boycott purchasing the game instead opting to pirate a.k.a. bootleg the game first. Many never end up giving the game a purchase later.

Instead of doing this, if everyone purchased the games they love (even single player games you could easily steal for free online) then those games would in turn become produced more often and the games these players love would still be going strong in the first place. Ignoring this obvious benefit of funding the games you enjoy via voting with your money would be negligent of next generation gaming console manufacturers.

As video games go further and further viral in our global society, more and more indie developers will emerge amongst the majors. The quality and technological level of games will further increase in both marketplaces.

As those on non-gaming dedicated hardware grow increasingly aware of tools like JailBreak and Root Hacking, the piracy level will increase just as it has on the Desktop PC. These growing indie empires will look to more secure markets.

The console manufacturers are attempting to provide these markets using bleeding-edge video game rights protection and powerful brands consumers are gravitating to.

In the end the argument for used games is still open to discussion. Many game stores including GameStop make a great deal of their money through used games. If the future game consoles don’t include the capability for games to be shared, neither digitally nor physically, there will be no more renting or selling of games second hand.

New game sales will support game developers more directly, however, retail market margins would be the only profit seen, cutting off a large intake of funds for used games (especially yearly sports titles).

In the end the consumer may win from the loss of used games (if it really happens). Games could become better, living products with automatic updates and more longevity eliminating the need for a second hand used games market altogether.

Although heavy speculation looms, there has not been an “all digital” game console announced for Nex Gen yet. Digital versus physical medium debates have been the topic of discussion for some time now as the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live both came into maturity with digital sales on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 bringing in a hefty profit for publishers and indie developers alike. It remains to be seen if any large console manufacturer will be comfortable enough with these early markets to utilize solely digital technology in the industry of physical medium innovation.

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Tristan’s Twisted World: Halo 4 vs Call of Duty: Black Ops 2

Now this has been a classic match up for FPS some time, but the last time Halo outsold Call of Duty on Xbox was when Halo 3 came out. The past few years Call of Duty has enjoyed breaking sales records and making history. Call of Duty is on all platforms of gaming that means handhelds, computers, and consoles. So of course it sells tons and will probably sell more than every other game again with Black Ops II.

Halo is an Xbox 360 exclusive though and it seems Xbox fans are more pumped for Halo 4 than the same Call of Duty game redundantly being released. So, if you think about this – Call of Duty sells the most on 360 more than over half of its sales come on the 360. So Halo’s sales rely on the 360 and if it could sell more, at least on Xbox, it would mean that Halo has recaptured the multiplayer crown for the FPS. Look at some of the games that have failed against Call of Duty the past few years for the FPS title.

Homefront, which was not a very great game but had some bright spots, Battlefield 3, which was supposed to destroy Modern Warfare 3 in sales then the BF3 beta came out and so many pre orders were canceled since many gamers were displeased, Halo Reach a few years ago but that game sold more than the games that came out before and Bungie never talked about destroying COD – that was a game for the fans to see how the plot started and the fall of Reach.

In gameplay terms of COD, it’s basically the same thing year in and year out and has gotten really boring. Halo 4, from very little gameplay seen, looks like a fresh revised verison of the Halo series. I’m pleased with what im seeing out of 343 and there first game.

Now with E3 just a few weeks ahead we will be able to make more accurate assumptions on these games which will be apart of this 5 part post going up till November. So stayed tuned fellow readers.

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Call of Duty Playing it Safe on Black Ops 2 to Avoid Fan Outrage?

Black Ops 2 Official Logo

Well it’s official, Black Ops is back for round two. I’m still not sure how I feel about this, fully knowing that another carbon copy of the same game is what  do best. I think most of us are hoping for something a lot better then that. From what we have seen and heard so far it appears that there will be some changes. They are saying that it is warfare in the near future. The pics look like updated Halo soldiers, but why are they being gun-shy with going full future like Battlefield 2142 did?

At least one new weapon has leaked the quad-rotor RC attack helicopter which was turned into a real life weapon on FPS Russian’s channel. Also there is a rumor that the Spy Perk will be returning this rumor was started by the new short video that is up on the COD site that basicly say’s “The enemy could be anywhere and it could be anyone ” The Spy perk’s definition is appear as a friendly on the map ( disadvantage is, your always spotted even without a UAV, and when shooting, you turn red on the map). Pro : detect enemy spy’s. They will always be spotted on the radar. Elite : If pilot is active, your airship will be marked as an ally.

So some of the question’s I guess will be will they bring back the zombies and will it be in a less claustrophobic environment? Maybe they could use some of that near-future twist to make it some sort of man made outbreak situation that unfolds while your playing that would be innovative for this title to say the least. What if any changes will we see to the kill-streak rewards system? Or maybe it is just left out of the game all-together. Lastly what other kind of weapons, perks, and environments would really give COD a chance to prove they can make something better or even just a little different then what they hash out every year.

There were a few things for me that made Black Op’s a better game to me then MW3. Like the zombie mode for one and the overall feel and game-play were better than MW3 in my opinion. The Black Op’s maps seemed to play better then MW3 maps do as well. The chat system worked way better then the garbled noisiness of MW2 and MW3. Any of the people on my friends list have tossed MW3 aside and have gone back to Black Op’s or even MW2.

Will the campaign mode story give us something that we have yet to see from this franchise? I think it dam well should! They have pushed it to the near future so something has to give in that department. Going backwards in the time-line has been to overdone not only in this series but in most other shooter series as well. What about larger maps for multi-player mode with some vehicles? For the money we been dishing out every year we deserve some dynamics added to the playing field.

We already can bank on the crappy server system they have proved time and again that they don’t care about not having dedicated servers making us use the matchmaking system from hell over all of the previous titles that is unless you want to dish out the coin for servers yourself and play with only the other people who have done the same.

I will be picking this game up upon release for a few different reasons. I always give the franchise a chance. I don’t want to not buy the game and have it be the one time they actually redeemed themselves by making some original changes and breaking out of the cookie cutter mold that has been Call of Duty for so many years. And whether it does or doesn’t change you can bet I will be filling in the blanks after playing through the entire campaign as well as logging no less then 40 hours on multi-player and co-op.


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Tristans Twisted World: My top 20 games of 2011

Hey there real gamers, I’m going to give you my top 20 games list of 2011. This is where I tell you all what I think and why it’s there with a brief description. So prepare to read or skim through the list, whatever you want to do. Either like it, respect it, or hate it – I’m going to tell you anyway, this is Tristan’s Twisted World My Top 20 Games of 2011.



Ah, you all know Killzone 3. This game has it all and was one of the best PS3 games I’ve played since God of War 3. The graphics were amazing and enjoyable to watch during cut scenes. The story and multiplayer were pretty badass as well. It’s fun pulling off kills with a jetpack and kind of reminded me of Halo: Reach, but with a little more control over the jetpack. The guns were really amazing as well with many weapons to kill with.



Fatality lives in the newest Mortal Kombat. Badass moves and great finish moves with fun combat that keeps me coming back. The multiplayer is great fun or just sitting on the couch with your buddy right next to you and when you beat him he rages by throwing the controller.


Halo Combat Evolved came back this year and the 3D campaign option blew my mind it was amazing.  Despite the fact the multiplayer is just a Reach DLC this game is nearly to the point of where it was 10 years in its ultimate badassness.


This games fun multiplayer and interactive story made it such a fun party to hop on with at my buddys. I liked the friendly servers on the game as well. It may be a kid game but its still pretty badass.


This RPG fit the star wars genre very with fun gameplay and many choices.  The story was one of the best Bioware has ever told. I hope in the future we see even better.


Probaly was one of the most wanted games of 2011 I liked it a whole lot but honestly didnt know what this game was. But when I got it I just had to go back and play Origins thats how good this was. Great story,great gameplay it kept me coming back for a while.


This Fallout type game is even better than Fallout! The multiplayer vehicle play kicks some serious ass. The co op multiplayer is pretty awesome as well.But the campaign is what takes center stage and reall I mean really is awesome pick this game up.


The sequel to a truly awesome is even better than before. With tons of people playing on the multiplayer who needs to play offline challnge your friends or randoms thats what I do. The graphics are amazing and I just love this game.


Once you start this games singleplayer your mind is blown away by the awesome graphics. With pretty core gameplay it makes you know why theres multiplayer which is very fun but the singleplayer is the main reason to buy this game.


This game made me get my Wii out since I like Zelda. It wasnt as good as the Ocarina of time but defiantly up in the best games of all time. The graphics be cartoon like but it doesn’t take away from how awesome this game is.


This space horror didnt scare me shitless like the first one did….but it made me fell like I had a fighting chance more so against these monsters. The multiplayer personally was good despite it could be way better but it just added to the awesomeness of this game.


Steping into the shoes of Ezio again makes anybody with half a brain fell good. With even more badass moves from slicing to jumping back to aerial assaults this game makes you fell awesome. The multiplayer really made a giant step up this time around as it nearly fells complete and the servers are accutaly good.


This crime thriller was yet agian a succes by Rockstar games. Despite it lacks multiplayer its singleplayer is among the best in Rockstar history up there with GTA 4 and Read Dead Redemption. The gameplay fells like a Rockstar game which makes it fell more similar and awesome like.


Now this game will help me wait for Grand Theft Auto 5. This may just be the most unrealistic game of all time…..but who cares!!!! Its one of the funnest games ever made and the story is very good no matter what choices you make.


This handheld 3D game is one of the best Mario games to date. It fells like some of the old Mario stuff which makes it the best game for Nintendos handheld yet. With fun gameplay using alot of Marios new gadgets id say youd have to play it quite often.


Epics final Gears game is well EPIC. With The Unreal engine at its hand Gears played nicely and looked beatiful for a destroyed world and all. Campaign was amazing very good writing and the multiplayer and co op modes make this the ultimate Gears of War 3 package it could ever be.


If you play this game in 3D you might die. Crysis was just amazing the graphics are by far the best of 2011 in HD or 3D. The story mode takes you on a unforgettable journey. The multiplayer is just amazing with all the differnt upgrades and weapons to choose from and well made maps.


Valve did it again expect using the word of Portals which everyone knows and loves. This game will probaly set the future for Valve games using servers that are good for awesome co op and making one of the best single players of 2011 Portal 2 is just downright awesome.


Batmans best performance yet well besides The Dark Knight of course. Batmans combos get some help from Catwoman in this awesome game that makes gamers want such a great game. The story was just…I cant use words to describe it…it was amazing defiantly worth picking up.


For the game of the year it goes to Skyrim. Just about the best game I have ever played its in my top 5 of all time after I played it. RPG elements are at its core in this game as it has the best customization system ever in an RPG to date and it fells like this game just takes your breath away.

Well Real Gamerz thats my top 20 let me know what you think about it in the comments below till next time peace.

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Top 5 ‘WTF?’ Moments in Gaming Innovation this Generation

Correct me if you feel I’m wrong, but I’ve seen so much let-down, missed opportunity, generic/vague washover, and flat-out devolution as a gamer this gaming generation that I feel the need to speak up. How many of you out there can relate to me? When you are such a big fan of a franchise, it is nearly impossible to be satisfied with the evolving progress of said franchise.

Yet generation after generation we have seen Super Mario move into 3D, we’ve seen Resident Evil move to over-the-shoulder camera angle, we’ve even seen Final Fantasy go from being all about gameplay and story, to all about cinematography and story, and we’ve seen shooters redefine the online play-space over and over… until this generation, when the standard of innovation fell off a cliff for some blockbuster names.

Here is my personal Top 5 Smallest Advances This Video Game Generation based on my own personal bias and interests as well as my reactions to events in the game industry. I don’t expect everyone to agree (especially not with all five) since we all have our own viewpoints and opinions surrounding these largely popular titles, but hear me out.

5. LittleBigPlanet 2 – Looking for love in all the wrong places, LittleBigPlanet was rejected as an Xbox 360 exclusive and found its home on the PlayStation 3 where custom network solutions and User Generated Content are championed, not shunned. After the original’s huge success, many people found themselves playing endless community levels inspired and created by everyone from 3 year old geniuses to bored adolescents spending a few minutes on something they will never complete. The true gem of LittleBigPlanet was definitely its creation system, but did they have to give up on the rest of the game?

LittleBigPlanet had Story Mode levels that were truly unmatched by their User Generated counterparts. The sequel might not be able to hold that same achievement, for better or for worse. Before the beta was even complete for LittleBigPlanet 2 we saw gamers trying to recreate Final Fantasy VII just to prove how advanced their ‘LBP2 skillz’ had become. This is truly great, but somewhere along the line LittleBigPlanet needs to re-define itself before it loses its soul to random vagueness that User Generated communities can sometimes cause.

The little sack-boy story took a good evolution but if the creation mode insists on being the most important, we are going to need to see an adult version of this game with guns and more realistic graphics. Playing with sacks all day gets old, and this sequel came very fast and very disappointing for me. Maybe it’s me, maybe I’m asking for too much in the post-Guitar Hero era. Don’t get me wrong, LittleBigPlanet 2 is an amazing game that’s probably one of the best throughout the year it released, but it could have been so much more if it wasn’t rushed out for a cash-in.

4. Final Fantasy XIII – Just like the other franchises mentioned in this post, this game strikes in my heart as a very important moment in gaming. Upon the release of Final Fantasy XIII I found myself intrigued, mystified, and very curious. The greater half of vocal majority players online and die-hard FF fans voiced their internet rage (and in some cases in person) over what is probably going to go down as the “worst Final Fantasy of all-time”. Even being worst in such a series as Final Fantasy still doesn’t mean the game is automatically horrible. I found enjoyment in it and feel like I understand the system that was put in place for the battle to shift from individual actions to over-arching strategies.

However, this game really brought to light the issues that the fan-base has with Square Enix and their new direction with the title that has been ever-distant from the original FFVI + FFVII styles that made the franchise so popular in the first place. Like with Resident Evil’s progression over time, we see increased focus on graphics, increased invasion of Action elements at the sacrifice of Adventure and Role Playing ones, and worse – a failure to respond to the fans’ needs for innovation. Just when I thought things were going to be saved, the ‘Gestalt mode’ made me cringe as I found it to be a never-ending Chinese torture session of missed opportunities for amazing gameplay design.

Final Fantasy is a game that has always pushed the envelope. It makes a point to be different every time, so asking for it to bring back some of its roots into the formula might be a little out of line. However, I do think its worth noting the similarities between the largely beloved Final Fantasy X and the largely hated Final Fantasy XIII. Both games sacrificed a lot to bring what is essentially a linear experience to the gamer world in which Final Fantasy is still well represented. It worked the first time, but maybe it’s time to learn while you are ahead and keep FF an RPG game with a more believable illusion of freedom than was presented in FFXIII.

3. Unreal Tournament 3 (PS3 Version)  This game could have been a masterpiece, especially the PlayStation 3 version which was a timed console exclusive by Epic Games (though no one would know that thanks to their $0 advertising campaign supporting that factoid). The exclusive features on the PS3 to justify this? Oh no big deal, just MOD SUPPORT, and FREE MAPS from the UT3 ‘modding’ community. This was an amazing feature to include, in fact revolutionary to an industry that now champions DLC as a way of selling every little enhancement, map, and feature that gets added to a game after release.

Why then, was it never implemented in full? Epic Games seriously dropped the ball in a way that is unforgivable this time with the failure to make the maps and mods smooth to play on and share on PS3. If you head over to right now you will still see new mods and maps being released periodically for the 2007 FPS game. However, despite Epic Games teaming up with the creator of this website which hosts maps and mods across the entire, massive UT3 Mod community, the “mod browser” offered in-game (and released a long time after the game) is a joke at best, doing almost nothing to simplify installing these mods and maps.

The pinned “2020” post of how to install maps using the PS3’s Web Browser should be a testament to how useless this feature truly is. The game also claims to “auto-download” custom material from servers running this content, however it never seems to be that simple and installing is always a must anyways. Unreal Tournament 3 should have taken the world by storm, but it was missing that ease-of-use LittleBigPlanet had when it comes to accessing User Created Content.

Those of us patient enough to actually roll with the archaic system got to see everything from UT3 snowboarding to playable characters like Cloud Strife and Marcus Fenix on the PlayStation 3. You have a lot to learn from Sony and Media Molecule on this one Epic Games. But you should have already known better having already had a successful and alive mod community. Another case of dollars over innovation, disappointing and definitely a ‘WTF?’ moment for this generation of video games.

2. Resident Evil 6 The game is still not here, so the verdict is out of course. However, from the looks of what we are being shown so far, I have to be honest – I’m a little disappointed already. With Resident Evil 4 on the GameCube came the first major re-draft of the Resident Evil series since the original trio debuted to huge popularity on the original PlayStation system. Gracefully done, RE4’s formula brought a lot of Action elements into the series which seems to have been necessary due to hardware limitations that were introduced by pushing graphics to the limit for the generation of consoles it debuted for. RE5, while a beautiful looking game, should no longer have been pushing those limits on current hardware.

Rocking a GUI nearly identical to RE4 though we saw RE5 rise to great popularity amongst a typical amount of negative fan feedback (you can’t always please everyone right?). I personally relate to people who miss the more survival-horror, exploring roots of the franchise. However, I do feel RE4 and RE5 were done very well, and thus acceptable evolutions of the series. But for Resident Evil 6 to continue making minor tweaks to this formula without re-defining the game again causes me to feel slightly robbed.

I take a jog down memory lane and realize that we are playing the same original concept that debuted on the GameCube so many years ago. At this rate it seems Capcom is never going to give us that mystical, fantasized balance between Action and Survival Horror that all true RE fans crave. Instead they want to try and bring us that same compromise but with the same UI we’ve been playing since RE4.

Many fans are okay with the small tweaks Capcom is bringing to the table with this new installment, I just pray we see a new engine and facelift to the game and aren’t doomed to keep playing RE4 re-arrangements generations into the future.

1. Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 To break down an exhaustive list right now about everything that innovation junkies find troublesome with the COD franchise would be redundant; that’s what google‘s for. That being said, some of the worst points that can be pointed out are the maps, the greedy DLC structure that ELITE didn’t make better as promised, the lack of acceptable bullet tracking and hit detection (that the Kill Cams prove as well as YouTube), and best of all a major lack of change while game after game was presented.

That sure was a mouthful, and if you love this franchise still then you won’t feel my pain on this and will probably see my view as that of a hater. Either way, the fans of Call of Duty are sectioned off to so many different segments. There’s COD4 killers out there still believe it or not, even as COD9 (Black Ops 2) approaches. More importantly there’s MW2 players with and without the DLC, MW3 players with and without ELITE, Black Ops players that don’t know up from down anymore, and World At War players screaming “I’m still here!”, but nobody can hear them.

How are we supposed to be interested in this as online multiplayer veterans of the gaming industry? How many times will people be willing to buy the same thing over and over again? I suppose we will have to wait and find out when some real competition surfaces, since currently no shooter is able to challenge good ole’, all American COD.


Love it or hate it, every game has its pros and cons. That doesn’t mean we should lie down and accept “good”, “okay”, “decent”, games that are “straight” at best and only called the best by those who are following the dollars. Most of these games are not completely garbage, and actually some of them are very high quality productions. The reason these games were chosen is because they have all given the feeling that much more could have come of this. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if every game company worked with Mod developers and Indie designers and threw all of the corporate complications out the window to go beyond the mainstream redundancy we see today.

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The real reason Sony’s new EULA blocked class action lawsuits

PlayStation Network 3.7

Recently PlayStation Network has been updated to version 3.70 by many users who may have noticed that the new EULA and Terms of Service agreement blocks class action lawsuits from taking place. Users have the right to refuse the update and remain on the current version of their software, but will not be able to sign into PlayStation Network should they choose not to accept these new terms. Many people have recently begun to criticize Sony for this move.

Everyone remembers the data breach of the PlayStation Network which Sony has suffered through since the self-proclaimed ‘hacktivist’ group Anonymous took to the cyber-streets for what they considered to be unlawful actions taken by Sony. One class-action lawsuit you might remember that relates to this incident is the one started by the Rothken Law Firm on behalf of PlayStation Network users against Sony. The problem with class action lawsuits like this is that they are truly meant to enrich the few at the expense of many. Most class-action lawsuits end up with settlements of large amounts that are eaten up by lawyer fees which a firm like Rothken Law Firm themselves started and really don’t need to charge the parties involved.

Seeking punitive damages for a network breach sounds reasonable enough, until you bear in mind that cyber-terrorism is on the rise and every entity out there is vulnerable to a large group like Anonymous. This group had just finished hacking entities such as PayPal, MasterCard, Visa, and even the United States Government before setting their scope on Sony’s PlayStation Network. For gamers to blame the tech giant seems a bit unrealistic when much larger entities doing far more transactions were unable to evade this group’s attacks. Should users take up a class action lawsuit against everyone jacked into the net next? It’s akin to suing a car company because mechanics exist and one group of them stole from the car owner. While everyone was out for Sony’s blood they lost site of the real issue, a large hacker group runs vigilante on the internet doing as they please and Homeland Security may be investigating them but have still not put a clear end to their digital vandalism and theft.

Readers will also recall that when the OtherOS feature was removed prior to these hacking attacks and the Sony vs. GeoHot debacle, a class action lawsuit eventually sprung up for that event as well claiming Sony had unlawfully went against the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. The main reason for removing the OtherOS feature was to prevent pirating and hacking of games which damage the sustainability of game consoles from a business standpoint.

It is this author’s belief that the real reason Sony’s new EULA blocked class action lawsuits from arising stems from the nature of many of the recent class action cases brought against them such as those outlined above. In protecting their own financial stability and ability to deliver for the faithful customers who would rather continue to sign in than reserve their right to sue the company, Sony is doing what they feel is necessary to shut the floodgates. What may appear to some as an anti-consumer move here really seems more like a spearhead against ‘hacktivist’ apologists and sue-happy consumers who are willing to jeopardize the company they get their games from rather than accept the realities related to the real threat, cyber-terrorism.

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Graphics: 3DS vs PSP2 (NGP) Video

When the Next-Generation approaches there are a few things we cannot enter without. First, is money of course. Next is a great lineup of games. And thirdly, is an awareness of the quality of each system heading our way. For my gaming brothers who may not be so lucky as to afford multiple Next-Gen handhelds, I present to you the 3DS vs PSP2 Graphics Comparison Video.

Take a close look at this video and watch it as many times as you need then make your own conclusion! Shout out to Hitman for creating this video right here in Boston. Thanks. *Disclaimer: All footage used under fair use license and is copyright of its respective owner*

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