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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Hands-On Impressions

From Landfall Games, the team behind physics platformer Clustertruck, local multiplayer fighter / party game Square Brawl, and their currently in development combat simulation title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator comes their extremely comical take on the ever saturated battle royale genre, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. This is a title the team at Landfall developed as a late April Fool’s joke to help bridge the gap during the development of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and allow them some time to take a break from active development on TABS.

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Pokémon Quest for Nintendo Switch First Impressions (Hands-On)

Pokémon Quest was just released today on the Nintendo Switch eShop (with a mobile phone version in the works) following social media posts by Nintendo and the Pokémon Company promoting both this title and the upcoming release of Let’s Go! Pikachu and Let’s Go! Eevee games for the Nintendo Switch.

Pokémon Quest is a free to play title that utilizes many of the common tropes of the free to play market such as limiting the amount of time you can play and speeding up in-game processes with an in-game currency called tickets which can be earned through completing challenges or by just playing the game once a day as well as micro-transactions selling bundles of decorations that are also in-game buffs or expansions to your Pokémon and resource limits. In my estimated hour and a half of gameplay so far, I was able to get a fairly good impression of how it plays. Do not be fooled by its simple blocky-pixel graphic aesthetic, it is a game with a lot of substance and charm.

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Slay the Spire v5.28.18 Beta Hands-On Impressions

Slay the Spire is an indie rogue-like that combines procedurally generated dungeon crawling with card game mechanics in the vein of Hearthstone or The Elder Scrolls: Legends. Whilst the title is still in Early Access on Steam it has an incredible amount of work put into it already and is being updated on a weekly basis. This is an evaluation of the hands-on experience from many hours spent in the 5.28.18 version of the game.

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Launch Week Impressions: Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings

This year’s Atelier is the addictive and enjoyable experience RPG fans need to play. Charming environments with a familiar atmosphere and interesting gameplay mechanics that evolve at just the right pace remove any desire to put Atelier Lydie & Suelle ~ The Alchemists and the Mysterious Paintings down. With Nintendo Switch, PlayStation Vita, PS4, and PC versions now available worldwide, there’s no excuse to miss out on this enthralling combination of classic turn-based battles, story-driven adventure, good old fashioned loot collecting, prestige-driven questing, equipment crafting, mini-games like fishing, and of course, alchemy.

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Titanfall 2 Wargames Update Impressions


The latest update for the underappreciated Titanfall 2 released yesterday for free. It featured a new map, some new features, and some tweaks to the UI. First off let’s talk about the map. This was a map that was also DLC in the first Titanfall game, I liked it back then, and I really like it now. It is probably one of the Titanfall maps that takes full advantage of your mobility, plenty of areas to climb, jump, and wall run. Combat has a nice flow all over the battlefield as it is more of a medium sized map, which the base game was lacking.

Another new feature is allowing players to hold 3 weapons now, like in the first Titanfall. This feature is greatly welcomed. No longer will you have to decide between a anti-titan weapon and a pistol. Just go into battle with both. Now my only complaint is the transition is not as smooth on a controller. In the first game your primary and secondary you switched between with Y on Xbox, and hit the left d-pad to bring out your anti-titan weapon. Now you can decide whether the pistol or anti-titan weapon is your secondary, but if you want access to that third gun you’ll have to hold down Y, I am sure this is no issue on PC but with a controller it feels a tad clunky.

All and all there really is not too much to talk about here, a great gameplay change, a new map, it’s great. Titanfall 2 continues to get better with each piece of free additional content, one of the rare multiplayer games that just doesn’t get old.

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New Must-Play PC Indie Games on Steam – Mid-April 2017 Roundup

PC Gaming RealGamerNewZ - Steam Valve

Steam is an ever-giving platform full of vibrancy, new ideas, and this list may not have scratched the surface as much as our fine-toothed comb of gaming taste normally would – but these are just a handful of the games zipping by that are truly worthy of our time – and we don’t want to miss them. If you know anybody new to PC Gaming who hasn’t experienced the match of indie art styles and creative gameplay design, direct them here and feel free to give shout-outs to other titles new and old in the comments section which other Steam gamers might find enjoyable!

Domina Steam PC Gaming Indie Gaming RealGamerNewZ


Genre: Violent, Action, Simulation, Strategy
Noteworthy Features: Roman Gladiator Management Sim with the ability to control units directly.
Development Studio: DolphinBarn
Release Date: April 3, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

Beat Cop Steam Indie Gaming PC Gaming RealGamerNewZ

Beat Cop

Genre: Violent, Indie, Adventure
Noteworthy Features: 80’s police simulator with retro-inspired pixel art and gameplay design focused around fun factor.
Development Studio: Pixel Crow / Publisher: 11bit Studios
Release Date: March 30, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

Playerunknowns Battlegrounds PC Gaming Battle Royale RealGamerNewZ


Genre: Battle Royale
Noteworthy Features: The new kid on the block for competitive multiplayer online survival shooter games with over a million copies sold already has been taking the industry by storm as of late. Many enter, only one will leave alive. From the creator of the Battle Royale modes which spanned across ARMA & DayZ mods, an official H1Z1 mode now known as “King of the Kill”, and more.

The latest edition of this concept has been put together by the visionary behind all previous development attempts and this time has teamed up with Bluehole Inc. made up of veteran game devs. The title already has a lot of content planned for it, an extreme amount of positive buzz, and an active player-base with new optimism for a complete title coming to fruition in a reasonable time frame.
Development Studio: Bluehole Inc.
Release Date: March 23, 2017

Buy Now – Steam Early Access

Comic Star Heroine RealGamerNewZ JRPG Steam PC Gaming Indie RPG

Comic Star Heroine

Genre: RPG
Noteworthy Features: Inspired by Phantasy Star retro-JRPG series, creative and unique take on the genre with retro-inspired pixel art.
Development Studio: Zeboyd Games
Release Date: April 11, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

Mr Shifty RealGamerNewZ PC Gaming April 2017 - tinyBuild

Mr. Shifty

Genre: Action, Adventure, Indie
Noteworthy Features: Pixel Art Graphics meets fast-paced top-down shooter, compared to Hotline Miami – praised by many gamers.
Development Studio: Team Shifty / Publisher: tinyBuild
Release Date: April 13, 2017

More Info / Buy Now – Steam

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Persona 5 – First Impressions


I have now had some time to play Persona 5, and I feel as if I now have a valid opinion on it so far. Don’t worry we won’t be going into the plot at all, as these games are known for being very plot heavy. The intro to Persona 5 I have to say is my favorite yet in the series, such a big contrast to the previous games, jumping you right into gameplay as The Joker, the protagonist. You already get a different feeling from this guy right away. The whole intro hooks you into the game right away.

Now after this intro we have to go through the whole, this is where you will be living, your new school, all of that stuff. I have never really minded that as I like for the world to be setup, but I do take a bigger issue with this game’s tutorial more so to the past games. Persona 4’s tutorial last about 4 to 5 hours, long but the narrative is there to help. Persona 5’s tutorial takes about 7 hours until you can truly roam the game’s first dungeon, but even then it’s still in tutorial, not much you can do until you clear it. Now everything you are doing is great, it’s just a big slow burn and it really hurt the game’s pacing for me. It may also just be me, since I have been playing the series since Persona 3, and the basic gameplay has not changed to much since then.

The game features a much large map than Persona 4. As compared to a small town, now you placed into a big city with plenty to do, and it feels more alive with npcs walking everything, it’s really quite nice to see. Thankfully fast travel is a thing so you can get to places easier. I am also unsure about some of the main cast, I am sure the more I learn about them, the better I will feel. I do like how they are all sorta misfits, outcasts, looked down on by society. As compared to the cast of previous games being more flawless.

These were my initial thoughts on Persona 5, I like it so far, just the pacing at the start really was a drainer. Stay tuned in the future for my full review on Persona 5.

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Splatoon 2 Test Fire Impressions


download (7)

The Splatoon 2 live fire event happened over this last weekend at several different times each for an hour a time. Since this was my first time playing a Splatoon title I was in for some really fun multiplayer action. Coming from the Wii U never really gave Splatoon the time of day or really cared to play it. So for the first test fire event I had to go in with an open mind. Jumping right into the multiplayer action there is turf war which is cover the most of the map with paint your team wins. Now weapons in game are as follows: Splatter Shot, Splat Charger, Splat Roller, and Splat Dualies. Each have their strengths and weaknesses for a majority of my time I used the Splat Roller as it seems to cover the most of the map the fastest. Wanting to make sure that everything was received from the test fire I did use the other weapons to find out how each worked in battle.



While testing Splatoon 2 the Nintendo Switch was actually in TV mode and the pro controller was what seemed the proper choice especially for the game being a shooter. The game can be played in handheld mode and with the joycons if that is more your speed. The controls felt decent at first since the game starts the user out with motion controls, the user has to wave the controller around to aim which is really a giant pain in the ass. Once this was turned off the game feels really good to play especially with the pro controller.

Now the game for the short time spent with it was really a blast to play and can’t wait for this game to come out there was definitely some problems. In multiplayer there is no sort of voice chat with teammates but this could be added later since Nintendo doesn’t have a proper online system yet. This would make the game a lot more enjoyable so i can communicate effectively with my team so we can work together properly. Also the online was extremely horrible being dropped from games several times and no ability to join your friends games. Take all of this with a grain of salt since it is a beta and all of this should be fixed by the time this game comes out later on this summer.

These were my impressions, and our Deputy Editor Tristan gave his own as well. At RGN we want to have different options and different perspective on things. Stay tuned for our coverage on Nintendo and Splatoon 2.

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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire Starts Today


The Splatoon 2 Global Testfire starts today! We have people on the team that will be covering each day this weekend, giving feedback on how it plays, and how the servers run. Of course how it compares to the first Splatoon. Stay tuned each day this weekend, especially if you don’t have a Switch as of yet and this one of the game’s you’ll be interested in from Nintendo. The times are listed below, with our first time today starting at 3 pm eastern time. We hope to see those of you have a Switch out there. Get splatted!


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Splatoon 2 Global Testfire – First Impressions


As we all know the Splatoon 2 Global Testfire launched today at about 3 pm eastern for us folks over here. Now what can we say about it now it’s out? Well the first thing I noticed is it feels slower than the first game, not drastically but it did not have the same level of speed as the first game did, but at the same when you get in one on one fights with another inkling, especially when you have the new Splat Dualies weapon, dodging each other left and right, it feels intense.


Now some other changes have been made as well it seems. Some new abilities like hovering with the jet-pack and firing down ink from above. Or this new weird lock-on splat device, which I never hit anybody with. But familiar weapons return, such as my personal favorite from the first game, the Splat Roller. Rolling over enemies feels a tad more responsive in this game, that could be due to the HD rumble, or maybe something else. The Splat Dualies were the funnest thing to use, dodging left and right in enemy encounters and just being able to splat with two weapons in hand felt super fun and super satisfying to me. Weapons like the Splattershot and the Splat Charger I don’t care much for, being an standard assault weapon, and weird sniper weapon.


The game of course brings back the famous motion controls that people used in the first game. Personally I don’t care too much for them and after playing with motion controls for a match I turned them off. I tested all the control options we had available, starting with the joycons in the grip. Which feels just fine to me, but when you take them out of the grip, for this game it just doesn’t work for me. In a shooter I need something to hold onto, so back into the grip they went. Now the pro controller is the way to play this game, feels perfect and smooth, almost like it was made just play Splatoon 2. They game does work well in handheld mode, but this is something I’d rather play on my TV so that’s where a majority of my matches were played at. The game ran at a smooth 60fps never dropping in my experience, and the servers for the most part were really good. I got into a game right away after finishing the tutorial they make you do. But about 30 to 40 minutes into it is when I noticed some lag and some game crashes, likely from more and more people signing on.


Now this feels more like a stress test than a beta. Since what we have in the game, weapons, maps, etc. All feels extremely polished, of course the graphics is my only gripe. They could be touched up slightly, but that’s a minor complaint. I am sure this game is 3 months away at the most based off how it feels to play. I’m excited to see what else they have to show this weekend for the testfire, or if it’ll just be what we’ve seen during the first event the whole time. Regardless we will covering the global testfire all weekend long, stay tuned to see some other staff members opinions on it.

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