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Why you’re wrong, Radical Heights isn’t like other Battle Royale games

Tomorrow, Radical Heights brings NEW features to the concept of Battle Royale games, and Boss Key Productions is the first company with the bravery to get creative in this new, explosively popular sub-genre of online shooter mayhem.

Fresh off the heels of the currently most popular sub-genre in gaming, Radical Heights was announced today by Boss Key Productions. An American game company, Boss Key is best known for recently admitting defeat in the attempt to get LawBreakers popular, and their pseudo-celebrity (Gears of War Creator) Cliffy B. Even though players are probably already thinking negative thoughts about a game they haven’t even tried yet – I urge you gamers, try it. It’s free and we’ve seen a great mind at work with lot’s of positive fan reception in LawBreakers. While it’s a shame that the title will need to go free-to-play and be completely revamped, possibly never gaining a steady player-base, that doesn’t mean Boss Key has nothing to offer. We’ve already got gameplay footage to check out, and the underdog effect in place.

More importantly, this game is nothing like what you’ve played before. Instead of just copying the Battle Royale formula, Boss Key Productions has shown that they have the guts needed to bring truly exciting and original design ideas to the genre that could’ve been sent to its doom quicker than every flash-in-the-pan fad that came before it.

The premise is something different from what we’ve heard before. A reality television game show called Reality Heights is a phenomenon in the world in which players kill to gather up cash and spend it, or bank it overseas, throughout the ultimate search for guns and gear. Washed up folks who need some hope in life might come here, psychopaths who don’t fit in elsewhere could show up, but others just want to have some fun and live life in the fast lane.


Everything from the reason you naturally want to keep playing to the details of how each match will play out are different, and perhaps better, than other BR games.

In this game you’ll be able to earn tons of money and get items that you actually want with it. You’ll won’t be creating a new, addicting, anti-consumer habit with $20 costumes that just get replaced next week but instead an actual gamer’s game with plenty of in-game stuff to earn and brag about and destroy with. It’s been a while since a game came out with a real focus on the gamers, and it’s refreshing that Boss Key plans to keep the cash flowing in Radical Heights.

Cash Is King – Carry Over Your Earnings

With heavy influences from the 1980s and 90s, particularly ballad rock and social commentaries, this game is set to bring some new ideas to the genre. Instead of only relying on scavenging and starting from scratch every time, players will be able to carry over cash found in-game. They’ll still have to start each match with $0 in-hand while fighting to survive and get to areas where they can buy the weapons they want. However, cash can be banked and carried over to the prize room. This introduces a more iterative gameplay experience while still challenging the skill levels of players and maintaining a fair and universal playing field.

This is something we haven’t seen in Battle Royale yet, and likely ahead of the trend since titles from large companies will soon try their hand at the newly famous game mode as well. For this reason it is clear that Boss Key isn’t just trying to ride on the fame of other titles but instead is a derivative product aiming to add new perspectives and features to the concept of Battle Royale games. Risk and Reward aims to be a much more important idea in Radical Heights and you’re now fighting for something more important than just costumes. In addition to the aforementioned features players can personalize their own showroom with the money they make.

Unique Game Show Moments

Things like “Spin The Wheel” or “What’s Behind Door #1?” become decisions players must make within the madness of a sprawling, open-world shooter where you all die one day and you only live to tell about it if you’re on a crazy run. These additional experience enhancements will happen randomly, are unpredictable, and while they won’t give you an unfair advantage – they will help in your quest for victory. The risk of pursuing such moments also opens up the chance for others to take in the reward of denying you that victory by assaulting you afterwards, so be careful out there!

Unconventional Warfare Weaponry

It’s a game show in which something like a trampoline could even end up having way more to do with your death than you thought. It’s not too serious of a simulation, so confetti bombs and remote explosives are featured as well as inflatable decoys. The many gadgets in the game that players think up during this X-Treme Early Access development stage will best be understood by those who get in the game early, so be ready to play tomorrow.

Fame System, Custom Kill-Cards

Hundreds of items exist in the game that can be purchased by currency that you only get by actually playing the game! Sure, there’s some cosmetic items too. But besides that, players will explore in order to acquire, kill in order to gain, and collect to spend gratuitous amounts of Benjamin Franklins for upgrading their show room, enhancing their arsenal at weapon stations, customizing their character, kill cards, and more.

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Fortnite Easter Update Removes 30FPS Option & Adds Guided Missiles at 1am PT (4am ET)

Fortnite shattered records when top streamer Ninja reached over 1 million viewers on Twitch during a livestream with Drake. Shortly after that, YouTube Gaming Director Ryan Wyatt announced that Rubiu5 consolidated 1.1 million concurrent viewers with over 42 million total live views for a Fortnite: Battle Royale tournament. All in all, the world’s biggest game just keeps on getting bigger. With Epic Games themselves reporting over 3 million concurrent players at once on a single platform (PC) and at last estimates over 50 million registered player accounts total, the growth seems unstoppable. March 30 marks another milestone for the title as the 3.4.1 update releases with new weaponry, bug fixes, updates to the game’s core mechanics, and more.

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Super Smash Bros. on Switch & Luigi’s Mansion on 3DS + More – 3/8 Nintendo Direct Videos w/ WrapUp

RGN has videos and details of every announcement for Switch and 3DS shown at today’s Nintendo Direct for March 8. Special thanks to our friends at GamersPrey for being fast and organized with high quality footage sanctioned by Nintendo.

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SuperSampling, Parental and UI Improvements w/ PS4 System Software Update 5.50

The new PlayStation System Software released today (previously in Beta Testing through the month of February) will give users a bunch of new abilities to control their PS4 consoles with. Some of these are actually very exciting, especially if you own the PS4 Pro (an optional, luxury model of the PS4 which enables graphics output of up to 4K HDR as well as runs all software faster and with more stability).

SuperSampling (PS4Pro Users Only):

TLDR; SuperSampling makes 4K Games look better on older TVs!

If you own a PS4 Pro but don’t own a 4KTV just yet, you can now set the PS4 Pro into “SuperSampling” mode which will enable the system to create higher than 1080P quality graphics then squish them down into a lesser resolution. While this might sound confusing for some, it is a proven technology that John Carmack actually pioneered back in the days of the 2010 PC, PS3, 360 scene. While rendering 1440p (2K), or 4K graphics on the machine, the system will then bring the extra detail into the smaller pixel resolution of a 1080P or 1440p display in order to give a more clear and detailed output.

Depending on which game you are playing, developers may have already set up SuperSampling, and so a combination of PS4 Boost Mode being On  or Off, and SuperSampling being On or Off may be ideal depending on the game and display being used. Overall, it’s great that Sony is giving some of these settings over to be controlled by users though for situations where developers haven’t had the chance to program optimal configurations and the PS4 Pro’s power isn’t being fully utilized. In theory, by testing out which settings work best, and researching what features are available for certain games, players can now be sure to always get the most out of the extra hardware power sometimes laying dormant in their machines.

To access these settings go to Settings, then Sound and Screen, then Video Output Settings, then Supersampling Mode.

Parental Controls (AKA Play Time Management):

Family Managers / Guardians can now set up Play Time Restrictions for all or certain games in their PS4 library in order to make sure that children aren’t gaming more than they should be and/or during time periods in which they shouldn’t be allowed. A totally new system has been created and installed with the PS4 System Software 5.50 Update in which times of day can be set in which the child is allowed to play games and/or how many hours they’re allowed to game for within that particular time frame. Notifications will then warn the child when they are running out of time, giving them a chance to save their progress and quit. After their time runs out the system will not allow them to play.

Other benefits to this system include viewing how much game time a child has had for any particular day (from PS4, PC, or smartphone), setting specific settings for different days of the week, quickly extending or reducing the allowed play time for today without entirely re-working the rest of your settings for the week, setting limits on how long children can log into the PS4 overall as well.

This system can be managed from within the PS4 itself by accessing Settings and then going into Family Management. Family Managers can also change their Parental Control settings by logging into their PlayStation Account from a PC or Smartphone. Since this is such a detailed, large, and brand new concept in the PlayStation world – Sony has also provided a rather large HELP MENU.

New Features added to Update 5.50 :

  • Custom Wallpapers loaded through USB has been enabled. (Go to Settings, then Select Theme, Custom, Select Image, USB Storage Device to load any image as your new wallpaper)
  • Custom Team Page / Team Logo through USB for Tournaments being held within PlayStation Communities has been enabled.
  • Permanently deleting notifications has been enabled. (Press Triangle or Options button, then Delete one or multiple notifications)
  • Custom Lists from PlayStation Friends List can now be seen in Quick Menu. (Hold PS Button and use the new friends tools in the Quick Menu quickly mid-game)

  • Re-Organized PlayStation Store Library Tabs. (This PS4 and Name/Avatar Tab have been added to easily find out all of the PS4 content that is currently installed on your machine versus which you own but don’t have installed at the moment)
  • New PS+ Tab added to the PlayStation Store Library. (Easily find out all of the PS+ Content that’s tied to your account separately from the rest of your content)
  • Hide Apps from Purchased Section (AKA Download List) in PS4 Library. (In PlayStation Store go to Purchased tab and then press Options on a title which you don’t want to appear anymore such as expired beta tests you won’t ever need to download again – hidden apps can still be accessed later from the ‘Check Hidden Content Items’ button)
  • Playing background music during PS Now gameplay has been enabled. (Hold PS Button and use the new music tools in the Quick Menu to play music through Spotify, Media Player, or USB Music Player – use Triangle to start / stop music and Square to change volume quickly mid-game)

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20180308 and was last modified on 20180308 .

New Fortnite: Battle Royale “Take To The Skies” Game Mode Leaked Ahead Of Today’s New 2.2.0 Map Update

Fortnite is a perpetual base-building zombie survival defense game and third-person shooter boasting over 40 million players in its new free-to-play version, Fortnite: Battle Royale, inspired by games like the original ArmA II mod, H1Z1: King of the Kill, and PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds but considerably different due to the higher quality polish on the title overall and completely game-changing base-building aspect.

Recently the game has reached over 40 million registered players making it the most popular Battle Royale game with over 2 million concurrent players at once.

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PC Version of Monster Hunter: World Gets Development Update Presentation

Ryozo Tsujimoto is the Producer of Monster Hunter: World which awed gamers worldwide at The Game Awards 2017 alongside Death Stranding as our two most anticipated games. In this new developer presentation from the team behind MH:W we will hear about the latest behind-the-scenes updates on the current status of development behind the PC version of Monster Hunter: World. He also announces that the team is planning to continue updating the game with new monsters after release, which will all be included upon release of the PC version later this year.

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Destiny 2 New XP Prices Stay – December 2017 Updates Planned by Bungie in Detail

With our earlier round-up of the recent “wrap-your-head-around-it” moment at Bungie / Activision Blizzard as overloads of fan feedback flood the gates in petition of New XP Prices that were heavily handed down essentially rendering Bungie’s “make-good” behavior of admitting to, and removing, their pay-to-win xp stealing downscaler an empty gesture due to New XP Prices detailed below in Bungie’s own words from their final November statement on Destiny 2 XP for the next month.

Included in a half press release / half development blog were many good and bad signs for what’s possibly to come with Destiny 2. Bungie did mention “keeping the conversation open” and are hoping to be better about doing what fans want them to do for franchise decisions like this, but who knows if that’s something we will realistically see or not next year. We read on and can always hope.

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Mega Man 11 Announced w/ Gameplay Trailer and Release Date Target

A true Gamers’ Game, Mega Man 11 has been announced and detailed in gameplay trailer by Capcom – one of our nominee companies for ‘Biggest Comeback’ award. Some have even said this is a fans’ next best chance at something The Mighty No. 9 may not have satisfied in their itch for the blue bomber to return.

Producer Kazuhiro Tsuchiya and Capcom’s Mega Man team have created the game with a sense of what worked and didn’t work in Mega Man 10. Focus on classics, particularly Mega Man 2, is also at the forefront of design for this title. Dr. Wily is at it again!

  • Gears Below Health / Weapon Gauges are part of a brand-new gameplay system, yet-to-be revealed. Stay Tuned!
  • 4 Difficulty Settings for the game.
  • Right Analog Stick Weapon Wheel for fast combat decisions, or just press Left and Right shoulder buttons to switch in order.

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Secret of Mana Physical Copy Now Available for Pre-Order

In the continuation of the East triumphant return to form in the game industry during an unfortunate time for Western developers…

Another one of the most acclaimed role playing games of all time, cherry picked from the 90’s Super Nintendo Golden Era, Secret of Mana has been remade in full by Square Enix. Sporting a new 3D Graphics upgrade and all of the content we know and love from the Live Action / Adventure, Co-Op Enabled JRPG masterpiece – Secret of Mana will mainly be a digital release. However, for a limited time players may be able to get their hands on a physical copy after all.

In a partnership with Square Enix, GameStop will be the only place to pre-order the physical edition of Secret of Mana for Sony PlayStation 4. The game is also available digitally for the PlayStation Vita and PC Gaming platform Steam. Release is currently on schedule for February 15, 2018.

  • 3D Graphics, Original Gameplay, Find All Secrets and Content.
  • Answer the call of the sword and learn the secrets of Mana.
  • Go inside the inner earth and gain weapons from another kind.
  • New Voice Acting Gives Life to Classic Characters.

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Valkyria Chronicles 4 Announced for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox ONE [Gameplay Reveal]


“The continent of Europa is engulfed in the flames of the Second Europan War between the Atlantic Federation and the Autocratic Eastern Imperial Alliance. Although the Federation struggles valiantly against the Empire’s forces, the relentless imperial military machine threatens to consume them. With victory slipping away, the Federation executes Operation Northern Cross: a last-ditch attempt to capture the imperial capital and end the war.

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