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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launch Weekend Impressions

Now that Black Ops 4 has entered the wild we have had a good amount of time playing in all of its various modes and wanted to begin our coverage of the title leading up to a full review later on down the line. For starters, yes, this is the first COD to come with no single player campaign – but Black Ops 4 still has a story. We’ll get to that more in-depth in our full review coming forthwith. In the mean time, let’s talk about some of the game’s performance issues, grand achievements, pros and cons, and early impressions you can expect when first turning on the game.

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Borderlands 2 is coming to PSVR as fans await more Borderlands 3 info

For those who still remember the game that was first debuted as “RPG and FPS had a baby”, it might seem a bit surprising to see just how successful and popular the Borderlands series has become enduring years of success in the game industry. While fans of the genre have had no shortage of copy cats to choose from, the anticipation for Borderlands 3 information is real.

Gearbox has confirmed the third game to be in development but have remained tight lipped about it for some time, perhaps next-gen will be the time to bring out a full reveal. While waiting for that, the new opportunity to play Borderlands 2 in virtual reality has arrived. PlayStation 4’s PSVR platform is often host to timed exclusives like Fallout 4 VR and will now be the only place you can get Borderlands 2 VR for the time being.

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What’s inside Black Ops 4 Season Pass

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 launched today and although the full game contains plenty of content for players, there is some question this time around as to what exactly is included in the game’s Season Pass. Taking a slightly different approach from previous COD games and their Season Pass structures, Treyarch claims to be dropping “more content with more frequency” in the new Black Ops Pass.

Some controversy existed when players realized that the Black Ops Pass was only available through purchasing special editions of the game so far, making it unclear if it would even be available at a later date or if gamers would have to pay full price for each DLC individually instead. But that turned out to be false, Black Ops Pass can be purchased on its own. So what’s exactly being offered here? And what’s in the base game?

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Microsoft finalizing deal to acquire Obsidian Entertainment

Phil Spencer inherited a mess from Don Matterick when he took over the Xbox brand after their famous failure in marketing at the beginning of this game console generation back in 2013. Long term damage occurred to the brand from the aggressive and confusing messaging of Microsoft’s later cancelled “always online DRM” system for the Xbox ONE. In addition to this, a mismanagement of publishing deals and lack of foresight in studio investment has led to an unmistakable lack of exclusives on the console throughout this entire games console generation.

Excellent games take a long time to develop, and with Phil Spencer steering the Xbox brand back towards the right direction behind the scenes, the fruits of this labor have yet to materialize. In order to ensure that such a problem won’t happen again, and gamers know that Xbox takes this situation seriously – Microsoft announced at E3 2018 that they’ve been acquiring a number of respected game development studios and even creating some of their own.

Ninja Theory (best known for Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice) is one of the studios Microsoft has acquired as well as Undead Labs, Playground Games, Compulsion Games, and more. This week we also received the news that the final stages have been entered in a deal between the Xbox team and the development house behind Fallout: New Vegas and Pillars of Eternity. Obsidian Entertainment will become a subsidiary of Microsoft if this deal goes through, further bolstering the company’s commitment to Xbox and gaming overall.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 street date broken, doesn’t work without day one patch

For years small, family owned shops that sell video games have violated their contracts with major gaming companies in a practice known as “breaking street dates”. This process is that of gamers getting their hands on brand new games days (or weeks) before the actual release date of the title. Store owners sell the game ahead of time (often at an extra premium) upon receiving their shipments, then simply ring up the transaction after the fact on launch day.

One of the most popular games that traditionally gets its street date broken is the Call of Duty series. The biggest problem with that is the competitive nature of online multiplayer shooter games. Getting to play the game early can lead to a massive advantage as early players begin memorizing maps, weapon styles, and various other aspects. Treyarch have done something about this problem though, and you may see players bragging on social media, holding their Black Ops 4 discs in hand, but they won’t be gaining an edge this time.

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Onimusha: Warlords remaster gets a new gameplay trailer

It’s like classic Resident Evil, the samurai version. In my experience few titles have lived up to the awesome nostalgic feel and excellent gameplay design, level design, as well as atmosphere of the original Onimusha: Warlords released for Sony PlayStation 2 in the first month of 2001. It was a magical time. A powerful console none of us knew would take the world by storm in such a way to end up leading the industry as the highest selling games console to this very day. Onimsha was an enchanting title encompassing a perfect mix of action, role playing level ups, balanced equipment, strange and unique enemies, and a solid story to drive it all.

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Minecraft: Dungeons announced for 2019 during Minecon 2018 Event

The well known Microsoft-owned creative sandbox franchise Minecraft will be expanding into the hack and slash RPG genre next year with Minecraft: Dungeons when it releases for PC. Landscapes include mines, swamps, canyons, and there’s a main villain being touted called Arch-Illager who you must save innocent villagers from on your journey.

Mojang will develop the title for the publishing arm of Microsoft Studios. Mojang has been producing the Minecraft titles since its inventor Notch handed the game off and had a hand in the development of Minecraft: Story Mode by Telltale Games. They’ve also created a number of other titles including Caller’s Bane, a mobile-focused digital card game in 2014 and Cobalt, a 2016 action side scrolling title made for the PC and Xbox platforms.

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Wreckfest Review

Wreckfest comes from Bugbear Entertainment, a developer that has been around for 16 years and is no stranger to making car games. They are the developer of FlatOut, FlatOut 2, and FlatOut: Ultimate Carnage. They also created Ridge Racer Unbounded as well. Wreckfest has come a long way since originally starting development in 2012 and marketing shortly thereafter as “The Next Car Game”.  The project gained much attention and Bugbear started off its release path on Steam Early Access with November 20, 2018 recently set as a release date for Xbox One and PS4.

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IndieSpotlight: This Is The Police 2 for PS4, Xbox, Switch, and PC

A couple of weeks back when our review dropped for This Is The Police 2 we had a lot of shining praise for the indie sequel to a game all about doing what it takes to enforce the law in tricky situations. Today the game is available for the public on consoles and we’d like to discuss its strong points some more. Consider this another glowing recommendation for prospective buyers. Don’t hesitate on picking this up, if you do – you’ll be missing out on some thrilling and high quality gameplay with a great story driving it all.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Beta (Hands-On) Impressions

First off, the game’s character customization brings back a lot of memorable faces such as the iconic characters from the Black Ops trilogy including Woods, Menendez, Mason, and Reznov. As far as customizing these characters there really isn’t much to do besides dropping in-game and having to scavenge for loot around the map while slightly being able to change their attire beforehand.

Activision Blizzard also has other characters from the multiplayer mode itself to use which are more decked out in attire than the Blackout characters. The game itself runs very smoothly, the combat feels very fluent and fast-paced, something some people are used to if they’ve ever played Call of Duty games. Don’t be fooled, it will feel very similar to other games in the series but it does have its own style as well which seems surprisingly well-fit for battle royale.

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ACCELL USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-Monitor Hub Review

If you’ve got a new Surface Book 2, HP Elitebook x360 G2, or ZBook and would like to expand your desktop working space to three screens without sacrificing the quality and vibrance the device would perform at on a single display, then this accessory is what you’ve been searching for. Although there are many ways to use this accessory, that is one of its crowning achievements.

With the world’s newest laptops, hybrid notebooks, and workbooks on the market capable of high-end visual output supported through USB-C, ACCELL is one of the companies producing excellent quality products that help users take full advantage of their hardware. This hub can even be used as a 4K HDMI-splitter as well, among other creative alternative features offered.

Join us for a discussion on the usefulness of the U228B model ACCELL USB-C to 3 HDMI Multi-monitor Hub as well as a semi-breakdown of its impressive specs and what some of it means.

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Mortal Kombat XI Konfirmed At Mo Game Con

Editor’s Note: DJ Killzown Jones is back and provides bleeding-edge coverage of an exclusive news item confirmed straight from the source, live on camera, during his attendance at the recent Mo Game Con convention. If you’re a subscriber to his media channels you may have seen this scoop early, if not you can find more about that here. Mortal Kombat is a series that has been around since 1992 and has filled many gamers’ childhood with a bloody good time fighting in the fun-factor focused arena. The franchise has over 35 million units sold in total and Mortal Kombat X is the fastest selling game in the series. Check out the latest from DJ Killzown Jones in his RGN article below.

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This Is The Police 2 Review

This Is The Police 2 is a very compulsive game and if you are into games that are very hard to put down then this is the game you’re looking for. The people from Weappy Studio have furthered their story of Jack Boyd as he runs from the feds and other organizations that want him either put away or dead.

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Here’s all the Fallout 76 videos plus today’s new one

Atomic energy was just one perk of splitting the atom, but more importantly – nuclear weaponry was also made possible by this grand scientific breakthrough. As with most weapons of mass destruction, nukes can achieve peace! Through the fear of being demolished many uneasy alliances have been formed. As Fallout 76 approaches release for PS4, Xbox, and PC on November 14, 2018 we have a new trailer from Bethesda Game Studios showcasing a little more of how this system will work.

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Robbotto (Nintendo Switch) Review

Robbotto is a retro arcade-style platformer with a pixel aesthetic that harkens back to the days of spending all my quarters at the arcade without the sadness of the empty pockets an hour later. It is a passion project by Mårten Jonsson, a solo game developer who was inspired by the NES gem called Bubble Bobble.

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