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Huge Final Fantasy PC Gaming Sale on Steam

After FF fan Kyriya created a version for the Pocket Edition characters of Final Fantasy XV to make their way into FFXV Windows Edition, Square Enix is celebrating by giving half off of almost every Final Fantasy game on the Steam platform in addition to upscaling the work started by Kyriya and launching Noctis Pocket Edition Skin for FFXV Windows Edition (with Gladiolus, Ignis, and Prompto to come later).

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A Closer Look at Fallout 76 – Part 1

Many gamers have expressed doubts over the past week since the full reveal of Fallout 76 took place in Los Angeles during E3, the largest electronics entertainment industry event in the world. Bethesda Game Studios has released a lot of information about the game, but through a variety of channels.

The ambiguous nature of their reveal has done little to quell concerns that this new game will indeed be a quality experience. While we at RealGamerNewZ remain optimistic about the title, this skeptical outlook can be understood as a reaction to the fact that the game is a multiplayer online survival set in a semi-persistent shared world. Attempts at this genre have been lacking in the past, and even plagued by many issues that were repeated and remain unsolved issues in game design. Fans are worried Fallout 76 will suffer the same fate, although there’s evidence to believe that Bethesda’s approach will be better than previous entries in the genre.

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Phil Spencer: “Excited to World Premiere 15 Games Tomorrow and Much, Much More”

Big Boss at Xbox Phil Spencer has just announced that Microsoft will World Premiere 15 games we haven’t seen before at tomorrow’s Press Conference. It’s that time of the year again and this E3 Microsoft has much to prove. After wrapping up their rehearsal, the team is confident and beaming with pride for what they’re about to show us.

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Rumor: Crackdown 3 Delayed to 2019, Xbox Has Zero Exclusives Until E3

Tomorrow better include some new exclusive games from Microsoft if they don’t want to be crushed under Sony’s boot. A new rumor suggests that the only first party game left that Xbox owners expected to get this year has been delayed to 2019. Pre-orders have been cancelled. Unlike most rumors this leak actually has some pretty strong sources.

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Rumor: テイルズ オブ ヴェスペリア Tales of Vesperia Remastered Leaked for PS4

A few days ago RPG gamers went crazy at the possibility of a new Remaster for the beloved 2008 / 2009 title from Namco Tales Studio, Tales of Vesperia. Well known as practically the only Tales game to ever grace the Xbox platforms when it dropped on Xbox 360, although the later PlayStation 3 version in 2009 new bosses, enemies, dungeons, party members, and full voice acting. Some of the features on the Xbox 360 version of the game had to be cut due to the fact that Microsoft decided to use DVD discs for their games back then, whereas Sony used Blu-ray discs on PS3. Fans now wonder if this rumored remaster of the game will arrive on both consoles.

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Pre-E3 2018: Twin Mirror announced by Dontnod Entertainment

Alongside a PlayStation 4 trailer comes the reveal for a brand new Dontnod Entertainment title. The makers of Life Is Strange and Vampyr bring us Twin Mirror. In 2019 players join the Basswood, West Virginia community taking control of a man who has lost his memory and is attending a funeral for his best friend.

Waking up next to a dead body after a harsh break-up with his girlfriend and blood on his shirt, Sam must get to the bottom of this. Did he kill his ex-girlfriend? Is someone setting him up? Why can’t he remember? There are deeper, and darker answers than you think.

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Pre-E3 2018: Hitman 2 Announced by IO Interactive

Formerly a subsidiary of Square Enix, IO Interactive regained independence last year shortly after E3 2017 and were able to bring with them the Hitman IP which they created 18 years ago giving players the choice between a brutal rush or stealth operation for each mission. One of the main features the game promised and delivered on was excellent gun-play, the ability to disguise one’s self with costumes and props, and a variety of ways to complete the objectives each level laid out for the player.

Over the years we’ve seen many Hitman games across a few different publishers but IO Interactive has always wanted to get back to their roots while evolving the original game’s premise further. Under Square Enix, Hitman has seen some interesting titles such as Hitman: Absolution and Hitman Go.

In a new partnership with Warner Bros. Interactive publishing a title that IO Interactive has announced today, called Hitman 2, we hope to see this vision truly realized. It would seem the deal with WB Games could be a one-off, with IO Interactive praising their new independence. The game has a lot to live up to by bearing the same name as Hitman 2: Silent Assassin, the 2002 release on PC, PlayStation 2, Original Xbox, and GameCube (and my personal favorite in the series).

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Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice Revisited

Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice is about a Pict warrior woman named Senua who sets out to enter Helheim and confront the Norse goddess Hela in an attempt to free her lover Dillion’s soul all the while struggling with psychosis. On the journey you discover Senua’s background (how she met Dillion, how she was raised, what the other villagers thought of her, how her psychosis affected her upbringing etc.). Along the way you find Lorestones which tell stories about Norse mythology as told by Druth (a former teacher/friend of Senua).

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Totally Accurate Battlegrounds Hands-On Impressions

From Landfall Games, the team behind physics platformer Clustertruck, local multiplayer fighter / party game Square Brawl, and their currently in development combat simulation title Totally Accurate Battle Simulator comes their extremely comical take on the ever saturated battle royale genre, Totally Accurate Battlegrounds. This is a title the team at Landfall developed as a late April Fool’s joke to help bridge the gap during the development of Totally Accurate Battle Simulator and allow them some time to take a break from active development on TABS.

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IndieSpotlight: Graveyard Keeper Alpha (Farming Meets Necromancy)

Graveyard Keeper is the newest upcoming game developed by Lazy Bear Games, the development team behind the hit 2016 indie boxing management sim Punch Club and is being published by tinyBuild Games, known for a variety of titles spanning multiple genres and platforms such as stealth horror Hello Neighbor, action adventure Mr. Shifty, physics platformer Clustertruck and survival adventure The Final Station just to mention a few of my favorites. Similar to Punch Club, Graveyard Keeper is also a management sim but switches the gloves you wear from boxing gloves to the gloves of a grave keeper’s while maintaining the undeniable charm we saw in Punch Club.

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