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So you’d like to speak with the people behind RealGamerNewZ? Great! A few things first, let us tell you about some of the communications we expect to receive here.

Who is RGN?

  • Millions of pageviews around the world since conception.
  • Real Gamers who don’t answer to a corporate entity.
  • Experienced Professionals who have been writing about technology and video games for years with public relations.
  • A multi-faceted set of guru’s who can accomplish great things.
  • An outlet working with AAA, indie, and everything in between.
  • Thousands of reviews, news articles, interviews, and more.

*We are not currently accepting new writers nor freelance pitches.

Copyright Issues / Website Bugs and Errors – If you have a copyright that you believe has been violated in any way (leaked content, etc.) we will respect your rights as long as you don’t abuse them. Just use the contact form at the bottom of this page and describe in detail what is going on and what you’d like to see happen. If you’re contacting regarding a leak or copyright abuse claim though, we’d prefer that the legal team of your company is the one to make this request. We may not respond to false copyright claims that violate the right to free speech and freedom of press acts of the United States and Canada. So please, only use this option if you have a genuine claim to copyright infringement, thanks!

Typos / Fact Checks – If you’re a viewer and would like to give feedback on our work, that’s great! We can always use a hand at the editing process. Everyone is human, we all make mistakes. Please be kind and show us what we messed up, and we’ll look into it.

PR / Dev Reach Out – Do you make games and need to get more attention on them? We might be able to help. Feel free to shoot over codes if you’re in the market for receiving coverage and don’t want to wait, but we can also discuss a number of other packages available through our self-owned media outlet. Getting your game in the hands of real gamers is the best way to get respected.

We are not responsible for the content hosted on other websites that we may link to. We are also not willing to censor the internet for you. Please keep your concerns realistic within the scope of what is justified. That being said, we are pretty reasonable and will usually make a pleasant and easy communication possible. So help us to help you, be polite and make sense – thanks!

Any questions, comments, or feedback for RealGamerNewZ will be responded to in a timely manner. Occasionally due to circumstances beyond our control this may become a longer time period. Please keep your message short and to the point for the best result.

Thanks for reaching out, please let us know what the nature of your inquiry is.