RGN Homebrew

Our Mission Statement

In the course of human events wherein the greed of gaming companies threatens to disable the ability for video games to survive beyond their usefulness to profit-mongering shareholders, games that we have paid for need backups. Developers who have to work to pay the bills deserve our money, but we also deserve the ability to continue playing the games we’ve paid for. We also deserve to have the ability to use our devices the way that we want to.

With RGN Homebrew, we will provide a select community of people who have been chosen and allowed access to collaborate together in a forum of console and handheld system hacking. Ethics are important to us, so everything we do will be in the name of gaming. If we don’t preserve the last few generations of gaming in our own homes as gaming historians, we will surely see them fade into obscurity and become abandon-ware as game companies have proven time and time again their willingness to steam-roll our beloved franchises without any care for preserving their memory.

Coming Soon: A place for gamers who enjoy homebrew tools, games, and apps. Take full control of your devices and unlock their potential. Being one of the few game publications that isn’t a corporate shill or complete sell out, we feel uniquely positioned to create a middle ground for this haven to take root. This section will be invite-only, privately monitored, and contain useful content including the following:

  • Fan-made games, remakes, mods
  • Backing up games and save files
  • Expanding storage space
  • Continuing to play online games after servers shut down
  • Unlocking unfair exclusive content (Amiibo, GameStop, etc.)
  • Preserving digital-only games that may be unavailable in future
  • Emulation discussions
  • Homebrew guides
  • Import guides
  • Modchip installation guides
  • Softmod and software exploit guides
  • And more

When this section becomes ready, users will be able to request an invitation. There may eventually be a small subscription-based fee to remain on the cutting edge of robust console hacking resources and software. Older sections of the forum may remain free to use. We will be providing one-of-a-kind unique guides and content created by the RGN Homebrew teams. Not everyone who requests an invite will be allowed entry, thank you for understanding.

Our main target platforms:

PlayStation 5 – This console is expected to release around 2020 or 2021. Upon release we recommend keeping a spare PS5 console unopened so that it has the oldest possible firmware. Don’t put it online and don’t play it, since some discs update drivers as well. When software exploits and / or modchip hardware become available we will become to create our own guides which can only be found in RGN Homebrew.

Xbox Project Scarlet – This currently un-named system is supposed to be launching before the PlayStation 5, sometime around 2020 or 2021 (although it could come in 2019, it’s unlikely) and we aim to be on the cutting edge of hacking this unit as well. Project Scarlet is only a code name and the actual name of the system will be revealed at a later date.

Nintendo Switch – Currently all hardware models of the Nintedo Switch are hack-able. As always with our philosophy of ethical hacking, we recommend keeping a spare unit specifically for modification and not putting it online. Doing so can result in Nintendo banning the serial key of your game’s cartridges, banning your Nintendo account, and may even lead to bricking of the console.

Older systems – We will delve into the hacking of older systems as well, but perhaps not all of them since some do a very good job of providing emulation / backwards compatibility for the platforms that came before them. These may be around other places and as such could end up in the free section of RGN Homebrew with PS5, Scarlet, and other cutting edge sections requiring a very small payment. Planned modchip guides include: Xbox 360, Original Xbox. Planned softmod guides include: Wii U, Wii, 3DS, DS, PlayStation 2, Vita, PSP, Dreamcast, Saturn, WonderSwan, NES Mini, SNES Mini. *(We may add to this over time if we decide to delve into PS3, PS4, and Xbox One hacking, but for now we are skipping over those to prepare for next-gen PS5 and Scarlet.)

Custom systems – With the use of micro-computers like Raspberry Pi paired with 3D Printing the opportunity to create custom handheld and home consoles has emerged. We highly encourage this and look forward to seeing what the RGN Homebrew team and their community come up with.

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