The Game Awards 2018 – Full WrapUp & Videos

Worlds Will Change…

With a full orchestra, dozens of world premieres, and world famous presenters from within the entertainment industries, The Game Awards 2018 took place in the Microsoft Theater (Los Angeles, California) and is one of the most digitally distributed products of all time and was streamed live in 4K HDR resolution as well as VR formats around the globe on more platforms than any other industry event or live awards show in history. In this article we will cover the play-by-play as well as provide coverage of the awards, world premiere announcements, game trailers, some commentary, and the full high definition replay footage of the event in case you missed the incredible ride.

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Fallout 76: My First 76 Hours Reviewed (v1.03)

Fallout 76 is an online-only exploration and survival role playing shooter game quite unlike any other. This spin-off title was developed by BattleCry Studios (which was folded into Bethesda Game Studios in March 2018), and while the release has been marred by various controversies surrounding leaks, the game’s launch, and the handling of customer relations, this review will seek to discuss the actual game itself after an extensive amount of gameplay and deep dive on what this live experience has to offer for those who are still interested in playing.

This is my first 76 hours reviewed with the majority of game time spent on versions 1.01 (launch version after day-one patch) and version 1.02 as well as some time spent seeing the improvements and changes that came from the version 1.03 update. Subsequent articles will cover evaluating future changes to the game. For more on that, head over to our Fallout 76 Section and catch the latest. Now that we’ve got that out the vault, on to our full review.

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Epic Games Store goes head to head with Steam, offering better incentives to devs and curators

Not that long ago we looked at the many ways Steam has severely gone downhill over recent years and even listed some viable alternatives. There weren’t many, and each had its own fair share of problems holding them back from competing with Steam in a real way. However, it appears we may finally get some competition for the defacto monopoly on PC Gaming software.

Epic Games has introduced a new revenue sharing system making it drastically cheaper to sell your games on the Epic Games Store in the face of new criticisms against Steam’s tiered system, and they’re even making it cheaper to make games with Unreal Engine 4, which has already seen a historically affordable IDE (Interactive Development Environment) compared to previous generations of the engine.

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Red Dead Redemption 2 Real Gamer Review

Rockstar Games is finally back after last releasing Grand Theft Auto V in 2013. Red Dead Redemption 2 is the prequel to one of the last generation’s best games, Red Dead Redemption. Taking place in 1899 at the tail end of the age of the wild west, the end of the age of  outlaws, players take on the role of Arthur Morgan, one of the gang’s longest running members. Arthur finds himself on the run from the law, other gangs, and is unsure of the situation he is in. Throughout his journey, and your journey, Arthur just may find himself on the road to redemption. Society and civilization versus the wild west and its infamous outlaws, a tale so old it can almost write itself…

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Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast – One Week ‘Til Smash

On this week’s episode of Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast Jon Iro and DJ Killzown Jones come together to discuss a plethora of issues in the game industry as well as hip hop’s recent shenanigans. 50 Cent, 6ix9ine, and the rap beef genre being used to generate fame / street cred is evaluated while loot boxes and their affect on gaming is also a major theme. This week’s show discusses government intervention on the microtransaction issue in modern video games as well as their proven link to gambling among young adults and problem gamblers.

In addition to these topics, PS4 hacking, Nintendo Switch leaks including Super Smash Bros. Ultimate and the affect they may or may not have on sales is discussed as well as the link between big online retail companies like Amazon and the problem with stores shutting down to the industrial growth complex. Death Stranding is rumored to have a particular release date, which gets discussed in the outro, but be sure to check out everything in store in this week’s brief but detailed show where we kept it in-depth and got right to the juicy points of each segment. Keep it real, keep it gaming! Peace.

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Rumor: DualShock 5 controller to feature touchscreen instead of touchpad

Sony has announced that they will not be attending E3 2019 in any shape or form, and they skipped doing PSX 2018 this year. These interesting moves are paired with the fact that more and more hints have been emerging that a next-generation PlayStation console will be announced for 2020 or 2021 release. All together it appears that the often talked about PlayStation 5 is slowly becoming a reality rather than a myth as 2019 approaches.

New information has surfaced regarding the expected pricing, specs, and launch of the PS5 but perhaps most interesting out of all the unconfirmed rumors is the notion that PlayStation 5’s DualShock 5 controller could feature a touchscreen in its center rather than a touchpad as seen in the PS4’s DualShock 4.

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New IP from Obsidian Entertainment said to be a Fallout-style RPG

[Update: This title has been confirmed and announced as The Outer Worlds at The Game Awards 2018 but may or may not be published by Take-Two Interactive as previously expected although the game will be developed by Microsoft-owned Obsidian Entertainment and remain multi-platform.]

You may have heard that the team over at Xbox has been purchasing big name studios in an effort to increase the output and quality of their first party lineup of games next-gen. As part of these high profile acquisitions Obsidian Entertainment is now a subsidiary of Microsoft Studios Global Publishing and has been promised an unlimited budget as well as creative freedom for its projects.

While this should lead to some very exciting releases during the next generation of video game consoles, there was already a nearly finished product getting ready to prep for reveal and subsequent launch in the works at Obsidian. The game appears to be an RPG title which Obsidian has begun teasing and will release under publishing and distribution by Take-Two Interactive.

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Over 250 games discounted in PlayStation Flash Sale! ending December 3rd

This weekend there’s a huge amount of titles available at varying discount levels on the PlayStation Store. Headlining the sale are a number of big budget titles including Hitman: Game of the Year Edition on PlayStation 4 for $14.99 USD (or $19.99 CAD) instead of the normal $59.99 ($79.99 CAD). At the time of this writing there are nearly 280 games on sale including PS4, PSVR, PS3, Vita, and even PSP titles, but it won’t last long! The chance to pick up titles at their lower prices ends at 8am Pacific Time on Monday, December 3.

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Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden Preview

Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden is a tactical adventure game based on the classic tabletop RPG called Mutant with elements of real-time strategy, stealth, and exploration combined to make a compelling and original new IP for gaming. Players take control of three mutants also known as Stalkers (Bormin, Dux, and Selma) who are on a mission to explore an area called The Zone for their leader the Elder who runs the Ark, which is where survivors live.

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Free PlayStation Plus games announced for December 2018

If you’re a member of PlayStation Plus you’ll be getting some new games for free this upcoming December. Currently, November subscribers are able to download Bulletstorm: Full Clip Edition, Yakuza Kiwami, and a handful of other titles. Even if you don’t have the space on your PS4’s hard drive, you’re able to add the games to the PSN account’s library for downloading at any later date, so long as you remain subscribed to the PS+ service. If at any time you are locked out of playing your free PS+ games, all you have to do is re-subscribe to the service and they’ll unlock again.

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Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast – Thanksgiving Like We Used To

In this topic-filled episode of Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast produced by DJ Killzown Jones the discussion around Phil Spencer’s vision for Microsoft’s Xbox brand going forward, the digital only Xbox One coming in 2019, and Project Scarlet are all discussed in-depth mid-show. Beyond this, Dead or Alive Xtreme 3: Scarlet is revealed by DJ Killzown Jones as to be coming to the Nintendo Switch through PlayAsia.

In the hip hop world Tekashi 6ix9ine has pleaded not guilty to racketeering and firearms charges while cutting a new distribution deal for his album which has began to leak. The trial has been set for September 2019 and revolves around the alleged shooting of a bystander during altercations alleging to have taken place between the rapper’s entourage and opposing individuals, but also involves a number of other events mainly taking place in New York City. Joyner Lucas and Trey Songz have engaged in a hip hop beef among this.

Other gaming topics discussed include Kingdom Hearts III going gold, making it ready for the manufacturing process which will hopefully meet its goals for the January 25, 2019 scheduled release of the PlayStation 4 / Xbox One game. The Game Awards are discussed again as well as Mortal Kombat XI, the new film adaptation of The Lion King, digital only gaming, online only games, and a variety of other topics and gaming titles.

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Inside The Vault: Upcoming Fallout 76 Patches adding Bulldozer, Re-spec, Stash, and more

In a new series of articles to be released periodically by Bethesda Game Studios, it has been confirmed that Fallout 76 will be receiving an update on December 4, 2018 as well as December 11, 2018 providing a bevy of bug-fixes as well as new features to the game. Among the features included in the announcement are some we’ve heard about before (such as an increase to the game’s stash limit, push-to-talk voice chat on PC, etc.), as well as brand new features announced for the first time in this article.

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Beatz N’ Bitz Podcast – Our Future Is Now

Some of this week’s topics include Fallout 76 Launch Week Impressions as well as some other hot button topics going on currently in the video games industry. Gaming companies lashing out against their own fan-base whenever their projects get criticized is compared with the outrage culture in the community giving real criticisms a bad name. The casual market paying in on games causing publishers and development studios to become out of touch and fail to differentiate between the cash-grabs and the culture, the hardcore who fly out to attend events from the rest of the crowd.

Hip hop topics include the flu-caused passing of Diddy (AKA Puff Daddy) ex-girlfriend whom he says taught him how to raise a family and is deeply mourned as well as the latest antics from popular dramatic entertainers such as Tekashi 6ix9ine, 2 Milly is suing Epic Games for using the Milly Rock dance in Fortnite without paying, but that lawsuit could get messy regardless of the suspicious fact that Fortnite is clearly using well known dances without naming the creators or giving any credit / context on where they came from.

Additional topics include PlayStation 5 rumored announcement for PlayStation Experience Event in 2019, PlayStation Classic lineup and hardware analysis, the digital-only Xbox One, Project Scarlet, and Xbox Game Pass. Microsoft’s new overall next-gen approach to being a cheap streaming games platform with exclusive titles is also discussed. The Game Awards is the next big event RGN is counting down towards and will air December 6, 2018 (just 17 days to go) with a full WrapUp & Videos being posted on RealGamerNewZ when it happens.

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Fallout 76 will get increased stash limit soon, 1.02 patch fixes bugs for now

Bethesda has launched a new update for Fallout 76 through a 47GB update which will attempt to address a number of minor bugs in the game. The patch also aims to improve frame rate and game stability which had sometimes suffered from dips, freezes, and crashes. User interface improvements, C.A.M.P. tweaks, and other changes are also expected to be made.

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