$K!L Clan

$K!L Clan = $uRgiK@L KiLL$ !N$A/\/E LEGEND$

RGN $K!L Clan began in 2007 on Warhawk for PlayStation 3.

We play together on many games but also select a focus for competing.

Current Games: Modern Warfare, Black Ops Cold War (Crossplay)

VR Squad: Population One, Onward, Contractors (Crossplay)

Regiment Active Members:

[$K!L] RealGamerNewZ (AKA Hitman0769)

[$K!L] PopPops (AKA Hayabusaman)

[$K!L] profenno1

[$K!L] dennismunene5685

[$K!L] DougDimmadome

[$K!L] MatapangAKO7

[$K!L] reddeath24

[$K!L] TygerSun

[$K!L] InkSlinger

[$K!L] nextgoldregular

[$K!L] RealGamerNewZx (Hitman's Xbox Live Account)

This is a list of active members currently competing in our current games. This list is not a full list of clan members. $K!L is global and multi-platform. Shouts out to all of our members. You can re-connect with us by installing the Discord app free and joining our free server in the link below. We are looking forward to Halo Infinite, Killzone 5, and Warhawk Remastered, if they ever come out! So hit us up and let's get back in touch and get ready for 9th Gen together.

Real Gamer NewZ - $K!L Clan - Underground Gamer Society

For more information, join RGN Official Discord and apply to join $K!L Clan.