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Lizard Squad at it Again? But are They Really a Threat???


Yep, unfortunately Lizard Squad is at it again. Recently PSN Servers have been attacked, and from the symptoms of the PSN servers it is another DDos attack (Uncomfirmed),but the PSN is down in many areas of the world. Now Lizard Squad as been annoying since day one. All they do is make threats, go knocking down servers, pissing us off, pretty much taking our fun from video games. Why? Who knows. Are they a threat? Well if it is another DDoS attack then no. Now I bet your wondering how that isn’t a threat. Well let me bring a little info your way gamers, especially for those of you who have no clue what DDoS even means, hell my friend Roku thought he did but he was wrong and so was I. A DDoS attack or in laymen terms (or however you spell that lol) is a Distributed Denial-of-Service Attack. And what it means in computing terms is a means of making machine or network resource unavailable to the intended Consumers/Users. A DDoS attack is more than Usually carried out by more than one person A.K.A Lizard Squad.

Now what it does is targets a host primarily of a server otherwise known as PSN and sends a massive amount of data to it in order to overflow it due to all the data trying to be processed. It is one of many ways of a DDoS attack, but from the looks of it, it is the easiest because even Lizard Squad can do it. But is it truly hacking? Is sending a whole bunch of date to a server really dangerous? Well for the server yes, it can over heat, crash, or even shut down. But other than that, it’s just a finicky little exploit, a glitch some may say.


I mean we can all technically do what these Lizards can. I mean we do everyday, between sending emails, uploading a video, or downright just playing a game. No these guys are not special. They aren’t making a difference, they are just annoying. Awhile ago we heard that a popular Hacker known as Anonymous revealed Lizard Squads info. Unfortunately I don’t know if it is true but Anon seems to be doing more in this world then them. And in all honesty, I see Anon as more of a Hacker and a Saint than these Lizzy Fools because from the looks of it, he/she can do way more in terms of hacking, and being legit in terms of taking the fake ones down. So I do have my fingers crossed that Anon can bring these fools down and cut off there tails for good, because all in all, i’m sick of hearing about Lizard Squad. And don;t forget to leave your two cents down below. Do you think Lizard Squad is an elite hacking group? or just a bunch of children who got torn up is some Call of Duty?


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New PS4 Social Features Being Tested Out On Survey Takers


The Sony PlayStation 4 has been getting some new and upcoming features debuted for it lately in the public. However, word is that Sony are now taking a look at testing out the opinions of users in regard to enhanced options for the PlayStation Network, PS4, and other Sony products overall. The main focus here is with changing the way users can interact. These social-centric features are pitched to potential survey takers with the implication that Sony could be gearing up for an upgrade to the PS4’s social ecosystem which has been a strong backbone for it already generating lots of user-generated content including photos, Twitter tweets, videos, livestreams, Facebook posts, and more. Take a look at some of the survey’s content below:

  • Player Reputation system based on a user rating system
  • Advanced matchmaking system (to help pair you with players at your skill level or player preference)
  • Ability to chat across PlayStation Platforms (i.e., with PS3 or PS Vita users)
  • Ability to change your PlayStation username
  • Ability to be invisible: see who is online without broadcasting the fact that you are online
  • Ability to party chat with more than 8 people at a time
  • Synchronization of messages across platforms, so that PS3/PS Vita messages all appear on PS4 and vice versa
  • On-screen notifications when your friends come online

Survey takers are asked to rate each feature’s importance to them (to determine which features are most in demand by the community) on a scale of Very appealing to Very unappealing. That being said, we shouldn’t go expecting every one of these features to come into fruition – but rather now that this survey has been leaked gamers should become vocal about one or two features they find the most important to them and attempt to get a community rallied behind Sony for positive reinforcement (read: no trolling / entitlement please). Personally, I could really go for having more than 8 people in a party at a time but only if press-to-talk was implemented and people can be mature on the PS4 voice chat service.


[Some Info Sourced: anonymous PSN member via VGXNetwork]

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Leaked Microsoft Info: Third Parties Going Bankrupt From Used Games, Unannounced Xbox ONE Benefits Gamers Denied Themselves Of

The following post has appeared and is titled ‘Heartbroken Anonymous Microsoft Employee Posts About Xbox ONE’ submitted for your reading by Microsoft-News:

“I think the post speaks for itself, well worth the read:

“It’s 4am and I’m still up, some hours ago, we at Microsoft had to basically redact on our Always Online infrastructure and dream. Being part of the team that created the entire infrastructure to include the POS (point of sale) mechanisms I must say that I am extremely sad to see it removed. But the consumer knows what is best, I can place the blame on no one but us here at Microsoft. We didn’t do a good enough job explaining all the benefits that came with this new model. We spent too much of our time fighting against the negative impressions that many people in the media formed. I feel that if we spent less time on them and more time explaining the great features we had lined up and the ones in the pipes gamers and media alike would have aligned to our vision. That stated, we felt the people we would have loss would have been made up by the people we would have gained. We have 48 million Xbox 360 users connected online nearly 24 hours a day. That is much more than any of our closet competitors and vastly more than Steam. The people that we would have left behind I feel would have eventually come around as they saw what advantages the platform had to offer. But as I previously stated we at Microsoft have no one to blame other than ourselves for failing to convince those hesitant to believe in our new system. Microsoft might be a big company, but we at the Xbox division have always been for the gamer. Everything we’ve done has always been for them, we have butt heads with the executives many times on what we’ve wanted to, some times we lost (removing the onboard processor from Kinect 1.0) and other times we’ve won (keeping Gears of War as an exclusive).

While publishers have never come right out to us at MS and say “We want you to do something about used gaming” we could hear it in their voices and read it in their numerous public statements. The used gaming industry is slowly killing them and every attempt to slow down the bleeding was met with much resistance from the gaming community. I will admit that online passes were not well received nor were they well implemented, but I felt given time to mature it could have turned into something worth having as a gamer much like DLC (we went from pointless horse armor to amazing season passes like Borderlands 2!). Videogame development is a loss leader by definition and unlike other forms of media videogames only have one revenue stream and that is selling to you the gamer. So when you buy a game used you’re hurting developers much more than say a movie studio. Many gamers fail to realize this when they purchase these preowned games. It is impossible to continue to deliver movie like experiences at the current costs without giving up something in return. It’s what gamers want and expect, the best selling games are blockbusters, the highest rated are blockbusters, the most loved are blockbusters. How can developers continue to create these experiences if consumers refuse to support them? Many will argue the development system is broken, and I disagree. The development system is near broken, it’s used gaming that is broken, but regardless I think more emphasis on this from both us at Microsoft and publishers would have gone a long way in helping educate the gamer, but again it is us who dropped the ball in this regard for that we’re sorry.

Going back to Xbox One’s feature set, one of the features I was most proud of was Family Sharing. I’ve browsed many gaming forums and saw that many people were excited about it as well! That made my day the first time I saw gamers start to think of amazing experiences that could come from game sharing. It showed that my work resonated with the group for which I helped create it for. I will admit that I was not happy with how some of my fellow colleagues handled explaining the systems and many times pulled my hair out as I felt I could have done a better job explaining and selling the ideas to the press and public at large. I’m writing this for that reason, to explain to gamers how many of the features would have worked and how many of them will still work.

First is family sharing, this feature is near and dear to me and I truly felt it would have helped the industry grow and make both gamers and developers happy. The premise is simple and elegant, when you buy your games for Xbox One, you can set any of them to be part of your shared library. Anyone who you deem to be family had access to these games regardless of where they are in the world. There was never any catch to that, they didn’t have to share the same billing address or physical address it could be anyone. When your family member accesses any of your games, they’re placed into a special demo mode. This demo mode in most cases would be the full game with a 15-45 minute timer and in some cases an hour. This allowed the person to play the game, get familiar with it then make a purchase if they wanted to. When the time limit was up they would automatically be prompted to the Marketplace so that they may order it if liked the game. We were toying around with a limit on the number of times members could access the shared game (as to discourage gamers from simply beating the game by doing multiple playthroughs). but we had not settled on an appropriate way of handling it. One thing we knew is that we wanted the experience to be seamless for both the person sharing and the family member benefiting. There weren’t many models of this system already in the wild other than Sony’s horrendous game sharing implementation, but it was clear their approach (if one could call it that) was not the way to go. Developers complained about the lost sales and gamers complained about overbearing DRM that punished those who didn’t share that implemented by publishers to quell gamers from taking advantage of a poorly thought out system. We wanted our family sharing plan to be something that was talked about and genuinely enjoyed by the masses as a way of inciting gamers to try new games.

The motto around the offices for the family plan was “It’s the console gaming equivalent to spotify and pandora” it was a social network within itself! The difference between the family sharing and the typical store demo is that your progress is saved as if it was the full game, and the data that was installed for that shared game doesn’t need to be erased when they purchase the full game! It gave incentive to share your games among your peers, it gave games exposure, it allowed old games to still generate revenue for publishers. At the present time we’re no longer going forward with it, but it is not completely off the table. It is still possible to implement this with the digital downloaded versions of games, and in fact that’s the plan still as far as I’m aware.

Another feature that we didn’t speak out about was the fact we were building a natural social network with Xbox One in itself that didn’t require gamers to open their laptops/tablets to post to their other friends nor did they need to wrestle with keyboard add-ons. Each Xbox Live account would have a full “home space” in which they could post their highest scores, show off their best Game DVR moments, what they’ve watched via Xbox TV and leave messages for others to read and respond to. Kinect 2.0 and Xbox One work together and has robust voice to text capabilities. The entire notion of communicating with friends you met online would have been natural and seamless. No reliance on Facebook, or Twitter (though those are optional for those who want them). Everything is perfectly crafted for the Xbox One controller and Kinect 2.0 and given that shine that only Microsoft can provide.

We at Microsoft have amazing plans for Xbox One that will make it an amazing experience for both gamers and entertainment consumers alike. I stand by the belief that Playstation 4 is Xbox 360 part 2, while Xbox One is trying to revolutionize entertainment consumption. For people who don’t want these amazing additions, like Don said we have a console for that and it’s called Xbox 360.”


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Fact or Fiction: Microsoft Bribing PS4 Devs to Not Show at E3 – Or More Fake News from PlayStation Fanboys?

Check out this post from Softpedia detailing a new rumor originating on NeoGAF which (as mentioned below) sometimes has truth to their rumors but it should also be known that they have purposely made false press stories and been caught doing so for “teh lulz” as well as possibly exerting its control over the gullible gaming media.


“Has Microsoft resorted to underhanded tactics by paying off third-party publishers to “not show” some PS4 games? (possible rumour)

Microsoft is allegedly paying many third-party publishers so that they won’t show off their PlayStation 4 games at E3 2013, according to a new report.

E3 2013, the most important games convention out there, is set to begin next week, and both Microsoft and Sony are expected to focus heavily on their next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively.

In order to gain the upper hand on Sony, Microsoft is apparently resorting to some unorthodox practices, like paying a lot of money to third-party publishers so that they won’t show their PlayStation 4 games either on stage or at their actual booths.

The report arrives from a source on NeoGAF, which posted a lot of true rumors in the past, so it’s possible that Microsoft really is resorting to such tactics ahead of E3 2013.

The company emphasized that at the event it’s going to focus only on games for the Xbox One, so it could try to create a false sense that more games are coming to Xbox One than PS4.

[Source: Softpedia]”

Thanks and shout out to Shawn Pwnagraphic Stenberg for bringing this “rumor” to our attention.

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Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Big Brother Software Is Real-

Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE) Big Brother Software Is Real-

-but it should be the least of your privacy worries in this modern day and age. Allow me to explain, many gaming websites and rumor mills have been reporting that Microsoft’s next-generation Xbox, dubbed the “Xbox ONE” or “XO” for short, will use its mandatory Kinect 2 support to essentially spy on everyone in America using a system called “Awards and Achievements Across the TV Ecosystem”.

The Huffington Post is among many of the major news outlets outside of the gaming journalism bubble that have decided to report on this massive story. In their article about the matter they discuss the mass realization as well as several patents filed by Microsoft through which the information collected by the next-generation Kinect would be readily available to advertisers and even change the face of television commercials as we know them making them interactive for the first time.

Our own reports have also dug up information regarding the Xbox 360 and its existing Kinect peripheral as well as Xbox Live chat/voice/video communications that were thought to be completely isolated and private actually being available to organizations within the United States Government under Microsoft’s policy of 100% transparency with the US Gov. And while we could go on for days about the implications of this (for example: your activity may be monitored even if you opt-out or disable/power down your machine providing the potential for huge privacy violations), there’s a reason why this is not groundbreaking news to those who are more familiar with the new age of information technology.

Many of you may not be aware of this, but the FBI has recently put in a bid for the United States of America to require wiretapping on all electronic devices. As it stands today there is no need for a warrant or authoritative figure to prove much before getting their hands on the green-light to spy on you manually. Meanwhile, automated bots patrol virtually every internet website, intra-network (3G, Wifi, etc.), and often obtains the type of “personal” electronic information people expect to be private by cooperating with services like PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, and even Google or taking it by force through court order like what is happening to Comcast after refusing to give up the personal information and data-streams of 3 months or more activity to all of their Cable Internet users.

It should also be known that Windows PC, Android and iOS mobile devices, and many other devices such as PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 are capable of being easily hacked by even amatuer voyeurs of much less skill than “Big Brother” which is causing fear of would-be XO (Xbox ONE) owners. Even if your phone isn’t engaged in a telephone or video call your text, voice, and visual communications can still be tapped into quite easily.

The combination of ever-increasing government encroachment on the online communication sector paired with the surprisingly easy-to-hack systems these communication systems are relying on means that there should have been no reasonable expectation for privacy online long before the reveal of the Microsoft XO (Xbox ONE). It’s shocking it took people this long to realize “Big Brother” had a grip on their electronics, but it’s beyond too late to do anything about it now other than accept it or boycott all electronics not just pick and choose which ones you think are susceptible to Government wiretapping because the fact is they all are.

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RGN Daily News #7: Elder Scrolls Online Leak Removed and Xbox Live Downtime Update

In today’s episode of RealGamerNewz.com’s RGN Daily News #7 we discuss the Elder Scrolls Online Leak and how it was eventually removed as well as explain the Xbox Live Downtime and subsequent media updates. There’s a bunch of trailers that came out today and some big news and we’ve got you covered. Check out the links for the articles being discussed in the show underneath the video below.


Nex Gen / Rumors:

Backwards Compatibility: Reverse the Curse, Stop the Madness

The Witcher 3 Multiplayer on PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720

Xbox Live Hacked, Anonymous Involvement Claim Denied

Console / Handheld:

Minecraft Delayed Xbox 360

Microsoft’s Secret Weapon: State of Decay Xbox 360 Exclusive Zombie Game

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Enemy Trailer

Opening Cinematic and Trailer for Injustice: Gods Among Us Released

PC / Other:

Apple $53 Million Settlement

Elder Scrolls Online Leak Appears then Removed

Victoria II Heart of Darkness Video Developer Diary Shows Colonization

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Xbox Live Down, Media Immediately Panic

Microsoft has announced that many Xbox 360 players may experience issue attempting to use their friends list, play online, and use the Xbox Live Marketplace today as the Xbox Live system is currently down for maintenance. The website that lets you know the up-to-date status of Xbox Live shows the system as being online other than a couple of long-standing errors, as seen below:

“Users may experience difficulties with the following services:

  • Creating new or accessing existing Minecraft game saves
  • Last.fm” [Microsoft Xbox Live Website]

CLICK HERE for the latest status of the Xbox Live network. This post was created April 14, 2013 at 6AM Eastern Time as major media outlets continue to speculate about rumors behind the Xbox Live shutdown. We at RealGamerNewz will not indulge in fantastic conspiracy theory behind what could have caused the outage and instead will wait for Microsoft’s official update as we’ve reached out for further clarification of the nature of this shutdown.

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UPDATED: Anonymous Claims They Hacked Xbox Live, And They’re Not Done Yet

***UPDATED*** Scroll to the bottom for the latest information on this story.

Microsoft’s Xbox Live went down last night and was still down at 6AM this morning when RealGamerNewz made its report on the situation at hand. Now the explosive details have emerged that “hacktivist” (Hacker Activist) group Anonymous is taking credit for Microsoft’s Xbox 360 downtime across social networks such as Library of Congress-Monitored “Twitter”. This may be in response to the forced resignation of Adam Orth due to the hacker group’s history for advocating freedom of speech rights. The primal result of this occurrence is that the world now knows the arrests made recently when hacker group LulzSec was co-operating with the FBI will not be the last of this group of shadow enforcers attempting to change history through non-violent means.

Another potential reason why this group who took down PlayStation Network in 2011 for over a month could be targeting Xbox Live this time around is because of the rumored Xbox 720 Big Brother software which maps your identity based on your facial bone structure which is stored in a database that Microsoft has admitted is “100% transparent with the United States” [read: government] and has a Kinect 2 camera built-in while also introducing once and for all the dreaded Online-Only gaming console experience.

Anonymous has stated that although Microsoft may have gotten the Xbox Live servers up and running again, they are not done with them by a long shot. Reporters close to the matter are even saying that there is a full download of data occurring including Credit Card information (though it will likely be heavily encrypted), email addresses, and anything else that can be obtained in an effort to prove that Microsoft should not be trusted with the massive amount of data they intend to harvest with the Big Brother software/hardware combo embedded in Xbox 720’s core design and possibly ulterior motive for existing. After yesterday’s reports of an arrest resulting from an online MMORPG company tipping off authorities, this type of law enforcement is no longer science fiction and technology like Always-Online paired consoles in your home with bone-scanning 3 Dimensional Stereo Cameras (Kinect 2) that can’t be unplugged present perhaps the largest threat to the American citizen’s privacy in human history.

Hopefully Microsoft announces something Xbox 720 related soon and puts to rest the notion that their console is an evil machine trying to take over their freedom, but it’s times like these I am glad that I invented Always-Offline DRM yesterday for the most incredible 360 game of all time MASS EFFECT which doesn’t need any multiplayer and doesn’t need any new ending because Mac Walters is a genius.


***UPDATE*** Anonymous has apparently stated that the original statement made by alleged Anonymous members was not representative of their group and that they will not be hacking Xbox Live any time soon. Although the group has no official leadership structure supposedly, we are now told that the users sharing the information reported in the unedited original report above are now being discredited by Anonymous themselves.

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Anonymous Hacks Nuke-Threatening North Korea

Anonymous has reportedly released the following video (according to major media outlets) which states that millions of North Korea Flickr and Twitter social media accounts have been hacked with a surprising anti-Kim Jong Un depiction as seen above:

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Largest DDoS In History Reaches 300 Billion Bits Per Second

An anonymous reader writes

“The NYT is reporting that the Largest DDoS in history reached 300 Gbps. The dispute started when the spam-fighting group Spamhaus added the Dutch company Cyberbunker to its blacklist, which is used by e-mail providers to weed out spam. Millions of ordinary Internet users have experienced delays in services like Netflix or could not reach a particular Web site for a short time. Dutch authorities and the police have made several attempts to enter the bunker by force but failed to do so. The attacks were first mentioned publicly last week by Cloudflare, an Internet security firm in Silicon Valley that was trying to defend against the attacks and as a result became a target.”

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by RGN Community on 20130328 and was last modified on 20130328 .