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Rumor: Open World Harry Potter Action RPG Leaked

Update: Following this leak, sources seemingly close to the project have revealed to press outlets that the name of the game is likely to be set as “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” with runner ups including “Harry Potter: Magic Forever”, but this could be subject to change in the coming weeks / months.

Harry Potter doesn’t go looking for trouble, it usually finds him. A user on Reddit (credit) has came forward with a fact sheet, screenshots, and even gameplay footage of what appears to be a brand new open world Harry Potter action role playing game. The video has been since taken down with a copyright strike issued by Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive, but half a million views had already been obtained before that so there’s probably a copy roaming around somewhere. The person doing the leak claims that there was no agreement signed for secrecy and that they were a part of focus group testing for the game.

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