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Is Battlefield V Doomed?

At the hands of EA, many great game studios and franchises have been strangled to death. More than ever, the future of Battlefield is in serious jeopardy. While there is no shortage of controversy surrounding DICE’s latest entry in the well known shooter series Battlefield, EA Games has also been experiencing lower approval ratings than ever with the gaming community. Adding to the staleness of an aging genre that rarely hits its mark without issues, 2018 is a blockbuster year full of titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and staunch competition from Black Ops 4.

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E3 2018: EA Games Press Conference – Full WrapUp & Videos

Andrea Rene hosted this year’s EA Games Press Conference, called EA Play, Saturday at 11 AM Pacific Time. The show was two and a half hours long and played host to new indie game reveals, Star Wars announcements, EA Sports updates, the first look at Anthem, and of course new Battlefield V information.

While many fans of EA Games will be pleased, some of the more skeptical gaming community members have had their hesitant outlook verified. Overall it was a mediocre showing with EA clearly trying to reduce the amount of time spent on their usually boring segments but presenters often being too nervous to deliver a solid presentation.

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