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Rumor: Black Ops 3 Announcement Coming This March

Black Ops 3

After a certain voice actor made a tweet and then deleted it “#blackops3 #nextcod” included in his tweet about doing work that day, it became a media frenzy that the next Call of Duty game could in fact become Black Ops 3. An announcement from the official Activision and Treyarch camps is expected to arrive some time in March 2014 to confirm and reveal Black Ops 3 to the world for the very first time, if theories are correct.

However, let us take a moment to look at the issue of leaking. Would it really be a voice actor’s best idea (or whoever was near their twitter account at the time being) to leak something like this? Not likely. Perhaps Activision has strategically leaked this information ahead of schedule through the popular voice actor’s twitter account in order to take attention off of Ghosts unsatisfying, and often ridiculed gameplay, and remind gamers that Treyarch still has a next-gen COD coming and it’s probably a lot better.

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Highly Successful Expo Event ‘PAX Australia’ Gets 2014 Date Confirmed

PAX AUS 2014

Penny Arcade has confirmed the exact timing for the return of the well received PAX Australia event. This year we saw the Australian event take on a newly bestowed importance among the PAX events which was met with a great embrace as gamers all over AUS and the world attended this expo. Next year PAX Australia 2014 will be hosted in an area three times the size as PAX AUS 2013 and the event will take place October 31, 2013 – November 2, 2013 at the Melbourne Convention & Exhibition Centre. Registration for the event is not open yet, but more info and early registration access will eventually hit the PAX Site HERE.

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EA Games Planning On Battlefield, Titanfall, Battlefront Annual Release Rotation Cycle

EA Games

EA Games has reportedly decided that instead of just dropping a new Battlefield every so often to compete with the yearly Call of Duty release schedule they will use their Titanfall and Battlefront IPs in order to create a rotation cycle. This is meant to prevent gamers from becoming sick of buying the same IP over and over again, and to keep the Frostbite releases fresh (Titanfall is on a modified source engine currently). Battlefield will get a new title, Titanfall, and then Battlefront. This could change going forward, however EA Games plans on beginning this with Battlefield 4 so you should be thankful that they are trying not to saturate the Battlefield franchise beyond repair.

Titanfall is currently a Microsoft exclusive rocking more E3 2013 awards than any other game. On Xbox 360, Xbox ONE, and Windows PC it’s expected to release some time during the 1st fiscal quarter of 2014 while Battlefront is the IP many love from last generation which was picked up by EA Games and handed to DICE for development after they bought the IP from LucasArts during their studio shutdown. Battlefield 4 is on target for release October 29, 2013 in North America and will be available on a bunch of platforms including Windows PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and later down the line Xbox ONE and PlayStation 4.

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RealGamerNewz Interviews Random: Deep Thoughts from the Artist Known as Mega Ran

RealGamerNewz Podcast

What’s up everybody welcome to the revival of our RealGamerNewz Interviews section. I’m really happy to welcome back Mega Ran to the website. We first met at PAX East a few years back while he was doing a Hip Hop and Gaming Panel with K-Murdock, and since then has gone on to produce some of the most memorable and meaningful hip hop albums on the planet shattering all boundaries and constrictions typically placed on hip hop artists blessed/cursed with the “nerdcore” label.

For those of you who are wondering, what’s going on with Ran these days? And for those of you wanting to get to know him a little deeper, RealGamerNewz presents this exclusive interview straight from the horse’s mouth.

Random on RGN

Jon: First off Random AKA MegaRan, welcome back from the road and how are you enjoying the touring? 🙂

Random: It’s great man.. I really feel like after all the years, and all the hard work, things are finally starting to roll the way I wanted them to. I am truly good right now and it feels really great. I enjoy performing more than anything, so I’m blessed to be able to play so many shows.

Jon: Where is the most unique place you’ve ever performed, if it’s possible to narrow it down to just one?

Random: Wow, there have been a few, with me being such a different breed of rap artist. Ground Kontrol in Portland was my most recent unique performance spot. It’s an arcade bar and they don’t have a stage or sound guy, so we had to put everyone and everything in the back corner and control it while playing.

Jon: We know you’re going to be at PAX Prime performing this year, have you thought about what songs you’re going to perform?

Random: Oh yeah. I’m gonna mix it up as much as possible… I have an entire set planned out, from The Call all the way up to TRAP and Nocturnal Cantata. It’s gonna be an excellent primer for the new fans as well as giving the old fans something new, as all the songs will be covered by an amazing band out of AZ, The Lo Classics.

Jon: What was it like working with Sammus on your latest project Castlevania: The Nocturnal Cantata? Has Konami and the composers/developers behind the franchise given you any feedback?

Modern Art Piece by 박세현

[Modern Art Piece by 박세현]

Random: I haven’t heard from Konami but I had a chance to meet Michiru Yamane (composer of Symphony of the Night) while in Tokyo and that was a surreal experience. She stated that she loved the songs and was actually a hip-hop fan, that was a fun conversation. I performed with her looking on and got the thumbs up. I look forward to making enough money to have to deal with the developers attacking me, ha!

Jon: Now that you are established as a hip hop artist delivering tracks capable of relating video game story-lines, settings, and characters into a real life experience which even non-gamers can relate to (thereby expanding audiences) have game companies approached you to do music for their games?

Random: I’ve done some music for some games, most of which have not seen the light of day. I’m ready to pursue video game soundtracking on a serious level now, after returning from Japan I got the eye of the tiger. I have friends placing music in games and have for some time, and I’m working on an instrumental project that I hope will get people excited about the option of getting my music into games.

Jon: I feel like Final Fantasy VII is a a parable for real life with its themes of Armageddon, corporate corruption, good versus evil, and of course raw human emotion. ‘Cry for the Planet’ is a dope track that you put together which brought these themes into today’s world while still upholding the FF7 concept within its aura. Do you also feel like these games, and consequently your hip hop remixes of the games’ soundtracks, are telling a story that extends to the issues of mankind as a whole, and how would you like to see transversal art like this advance humanity / hip hop?

Random: Thank you. “Cry for the Planet” was the one track that almost didn’t make the album because of it’s story-driven nature, but it was the most important by far. I found inspiration in listening to a lot of Michael Jackson, and the beautiful track “Earth Song” inspired “Cry.” It was so real that it made me feel like it had to be on the album.

Jon: Will you ever do a Final Fantasy VI album? It’s my favorite video game of all time, and I feel it has very deep metaphorical meaning from its foundation to its surface much like how Final Fantasy VII does.

Random: I love FF6, but it didn’t touch me at the time or place that 7 did, but that doesn’t mean I’d never do any tributes to it. K-Murdock and I debate all the time about which is better, and I think I might be able to admit now that FF6 IS actually a better game than FF7, but the advent of the 3-D graphics and amazing landscape made FF7 change role playing games forever. Again, I never say never, so who knows?

Jon: On the TRAP (Television & Radio Are Poison) EP you took the most popular style of beats going in the mainstream industry right now and blessed them with some very deep and meaningful lyrics. It seemed like you are trying to reverse the curse which some of the hip hop industry suffers from, particularly negativity and promotion of a generic image and lifestyle which is ultimately causing the downfall of a lot of good people in our world. What kind of impact do you want TRAP to have on people hearing it for the first time?

Random: I want TRAP to grab people’s ears and hook them in. I hear so many people say “rap sucks these days, but the beats are hot.” So I took a month or so, hit the clubs and listened to the radio and did some real research. I’m like a hip-hop scientist in that regard. I have to do tests and experiments before I get started. Upon listening I agreed. Though today’s hip-hop production style is very different, there are still producers innovating, while most of the rappers are stuck in the dark ages concept and technique-wise. So my plan was to get on beats that they’d expect to hear a Drake, 2 Chainz or Rick Ross on, and give them a little bit of medicine that tasted like candy. I was very pleased with the result, and I actually had a lot of fun!

Jon: Still speaking on TRAP, fans of your gamer raps might have not expected this from you, but what has the feedback been like for this project and what can you tell us about TRAP 2?

Random: I’ve made a lot of new fans and supporters with that project. I get people all the time who tell me that they were moved by the story in “Black Bags,” or touched by “Turn Me Down” or walk around quoting “TRAP (King’s Theme).” I really think it’s the beats that get people into it, and then the lyrics that keep them staying and coming back. What impresses me most is that people actually listen to the words and appreciate the things I’ve said. that’s really made me excited, and that’s why I want to do a part 2. I’m taking my time on this one and it’ll probably not be done until the end of the year or later, but the first single “Doubt Me” with Futuristic and Lefty is coming next week.

Jon: What is your advice to the underground hip hop artists out there right now who might feel frustrated that things aren’t taking off in their career?

Random: I can’t give any advice that won’t sound cliche, but here goes: Be yourself. don’t chase after these people, let them chase you. Get a job so you won’t have to rely on record sales to pay bills. Stay persistent and keep your focus. set small goals that you can easily attain, then late goals. Give it your all.

Jon: Having a positive mindset is something you seem to promote heavily. On TRAP it feels like you are essentially fighting fire with water by attacking negativity in hip hop and television with positive messages. Do you feel that any films and/or video games out there can sometimes have too much negativity in them as well, or do you believe that the quantum nature of their experience allows for each individual to interpret their own vibe from a game?

Random: I try to stay positive all the time, and reflect that in my music. I also try not to make grandiose political or societal statements that can be broken down, misinterpreted and used against me but I think I failed at that with the title of this project, ha.

I don’t believe that movies and games have as much stake in what goes on, as these people are paid actors. The problem with music is that these artists spend a 60 minute album saying how real they are, which makes it hard to differentiate fact from fiction. same with “Reality” TV, where they stress that these people aren’t actors, but in actuality, they create most of the drama they face in the shows for ratings. So I do believe that individuals are able to interpret and enjoy video games without being negatively impacted for the most part, more so than TV and radio, though parents should definitely monitor what their kids are consuming.

Random Deep Thoughts from the artist

Jon: What’s your favorite film of all time and do you feel it has had an impact on society?

Random: My favorite movies are “Casino,” “Dumb and Dumber,” “Full Metal Jacket” and most recently, “Silver Linings Playbook.” I think the combination of these titles is probably what shapes Random more than anything else. I love to laugh, but I also love to get down to business, and build strong relationships through team sports, education and music. So all of those together makes me who I am and affects my everyday being. I don’t know how many of these have impacted society but it’s widely accepted that Full Metal Jacket is one of the greatest movies ever made, and it’s place in history is undeniable…and if you disagree, what’s your major malfunction, numb nuts? Ha.

Jon: With all of the touring and continuous album dropping, do you still get time to game? What do you play these days and what is your most anticipated video game right now?

Random: I don’t have as much time as I’d like, but when I’m home between tours I try to beat at least one game. Right now I’m playing The Last Of Us, and really looking forward to playing the Deadpool game next.

Jon: Can you let us in on some of the thought that went into the ‘Tactics’ track on Time and Space Deluxe Edition? It’s one of those hip hop storytelling joints that leaves you craving for more, and what can I say I’m craving!

Random: Tactics is a two-fold track that simply came from me kicking around the title and some famous sneaky stealth action game stars. I came up with the line ‘Sam Fisher get the picture’ and went from there. I thought, what if there was a “Mission: Impossible” for rappers? That’s where I’d be. So it’s about me being an old fogey, a la Old Snake, say, and having to hunt existing rappers who don’t make wise decisions. there’s a twist at the end (I won’t give it away) and it almost works as a pseudo-origin story for Random, and a message that it’s never too late to go hard. It was weird to me, but I’m glad someone dug it.

Jon: Forever Famicom, which you put together with K Murdock, is an album that gamers can rock from start to finish with perfect flow. We recently heard K teasing a third DLC release. Is there anything you can tease or share with us about this project?

Random: Oh yeah! K sent me a bunch of beats and we’re looking to put the final cap on the series with a DLC3. I can’t speak on the game samples or tracks yet but you’ll get a taste this fall.

Jon: If you were a game designer, what kind of game would you want to be releasing right now?

Random: I’d go with a real life real time present day RPG, kind of like Earthbound, maybe including some aliens or zombies and time travel. It’d be awesome.

Jon: Do you view the console wars of Xbox Vs PlayStation Vs PC Vs Nintendo as constructive for the video games industry or do you think it’s holding the business back?

Random: I like competition, but I feel like there just isn’t any. There are no exclusive titles anymore, outside of Nintendo’s games, so it doesn’t matter much which system you buy these days. it just comes down to brand loyalty. So though I love competition, I don’t feel that we have any, it’s just a market of personal preference. For the console wars to really be effective, we need more companies willing to create great exclusive games and quit porting the same titles.

Jon: Would you rather play a game with bad graphics or bad gameplay?

Random: Bad graphics, all day. it’s all about the gameplay. Legend of Legaia and Xenogears come to mind… and even some people would say Final Fantasy VII. But if a game is fun, I can overlook the graphics flaws, no prob.

Jon: How often do people recognize you in public, and what’s the most interesting thing that’s happened to you when meeting a fan in past couple of years?

Random: I have some strange chance meetings with people, like in restaurants or supermarkets, that’s always interesting. Other times it’s a weird coincidence of some kind. Like, just yesterday, the company I order my shirts from sent me an email, and it was a guy saying “I just saw this order come across and I wanted to email you and say that you’re awesome! been a big fan for years! Black Materia is genius!” I’ve had that happen in comic shops, game stores or places like that.

Most times it’s not that exciting, but I’ve met fans at airports and had whole families take pics with me, I was thinking “This must be what it’s like to be Kanye West,” ha.

Jon: I also asked a couple folks what they would like to see me ask Random before putting together this interview, and here’s what the fans wanted to know:

Fan Question #1: Could you rap about DARK SOULS for me someday?

Random: No. It’s too hard. I think my disc may be broken from tossing it out of my PS3.

Fan Question #2: Do you make beats?

Random: Yes I do, I don’t release a lot of them though, last one I made was “Tactics” on Time and Space. Will be doing an instrumental project soon.

Fan Question #3: A lot of people ask you why don’t you come to “my city” and so what is it being an up-and-coming artist and not being able to travel around everywhere and can you explain to the fans why it is that you only can come to certain cities?

Random: Well we can only come to where we’re requested. and not just by a handful of fans but by a promoter and venue who is willing to take a chance on us. So I get tons of requests to play places and I’m thankful, but until a scene is built that will come out and support these types of events, promoters will think twice about wanting to pay for a show. So it’s very important for fans in small towns to email and call their local venues and request us, to the point where they have no choice but to do it!

Fan Question #4: Will you ever do a song dedicated solely to the fact that you have two names; MegaRan and Random?

Random: Actually yes, I’m working on a song addressing that very issue… possibly for DLC3 🙂

Fan Question #5: Where’s the Sega project from you and K Murdock? We’re waiting patiently. 🙂

Random: We’re undergoing some long and arduous talks with SEGA about what we can and can’t do, since we’re trying to do this one right and on the radar. So this might be a long process. But stay patient, we’re doing our best to make it happen. Thank you guys for the game suggestions! We have a huge list now. Just have to work out the logistics.

RealGamerNewz Interviews Random

There you have it people, the RealGamerNewz interview with Random. I thought long and hard about what I wanted to ask Random, and even after this interview I’ve thought of more questions. Eventually, when time permits, there will probably be a part 2 to this interview. If you have any more questions you want asked, you can email them to tips@realgamernewz.com with the subject “Mega Ran Questions”. Until then, you can listen to Random’s music and order copies as well as official merchandise: CLICK HERE. Find multiple ways to follow Random below, Peace!

Follow Random: Facebook | Twitter | YouTubeBlog

Random on Tour! Coming to a city near you. Check out the dates below:

8/3 New Haven, CT – @ Cafe Nine
8/4 Boston, MA – @ Church
8/9 Buffalo, NY – @ Duke’s Bohemian Grove
8/10 Baltimore, MD @ Ram’s Head Live – Bit Gen Gamer Fest w/K-Murdock
8/11 Columbus, OH – @ Double Happiness
8/13 Cincinnati, OH – @ Northside Tavern
8/14 Indianapolis, IN – @ Sabbatical
8/15 Milwaukee – @ Mad Planet
8/16 Minneapolis – @ 7th st. Entry
8/28 Los Angeles, CA – @ The Airliner (Low end Theory)
8/29 Yuma, AZ – @ Inca Lanes (Basement)
8/30 – 9/2 Seattle, WA @ PAX PRIME (Ran Only)
9/3 @ The Percolator El Paso, TX
9/4 Austin, TX – @ The North Door
9/5 San Antonio, TX – @ 502 Bar
9/6 Ft Worth, TX – @ Tomcats
9/7 Fayetteville, AR – @ Smoke and Barrel Tavern
9/10 St. Louis, MO @ Blank Space
9/12 Birmingham, AL – @ The Bottletree
9/13 Atlanta, GA – @ 529
9/14 Jacksonville, FL – @ 1904
9/15 Orlando, FL – @ Bikkuri Lounge (OME and Random only)
9/16 Charlotte, NC @ Knocturnal @ Snug Harbor

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iPad® with Retina® display — starting at $299.99 with trade in

iPad with Retina Display

Best Buy has announced that you can now grab the newest member of the Apple iOS tablet family. The iPad with Retina Display will be available for just $299.99 with the trade-in of any (working, not cracked, not scratched, no water damage, etc.) iPad 2 or iPad (3rd Generation). What happens is you’ll trade in your current tablet and get a $200 Best Buy gift card on the spot which you can apply towards the purchase of your iPad with Retina Display.

If you don’t have one to trade in, you can still pick up the new device for $499.99 at Best Buy. The $299.99 price point is only for the 16GB, Wifi Only model of this new tablet. The original iPad and the iPad Mini are not eligible for this deal and the special promotion offer is running until August 3, 2013 so you better hurry if you wanna snatch this up. Best Buy will even price-guarantee you for 15 days after your purchase. CLICK HERE for more info and to find a participating store nearest to you.

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Metro Last Light “Faction Pack” DLC Details

Metro Last Light DLC

Today Deep Silver announced that the Faction Pack DLC is set for release worldwide release on Steam, Xbox Live, and PSN on July 16th in North America and July 17th in Europe and the rest of the world.

The DLC will include 3 original single player missions, these missions will feature new weapons, and 3 distinct gameplay challenges. The Faction Pack cost $4.99 / 400MSP, and is the DLC that Metro Last Light will have. A season pass is available which cost $14.99 / 1200MSP, it will get you all the 4 DLC packs and an exclusive weapon, the Abzats. When you buy the season pass it offers a discount rather than buying the DLC separate. Check out some screenshots below.

Metro Last Light DLC 1

Metro Last Light DLC 2

Metro Last Light DLC 3

Metro Last Light DLC 4

Metro Last Light DLC 5

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Hotline Miami Releases Today for PlayStation 3 and Vita

Good morning early birds, if you’re just hearing about this game now Hotline Miami is an indie action title that’s half stealth and half kill-streak. Be sure to take a look at our extensive review HERE. You’ll be able to download this game off the PlayStation Store when their update goes live around the usual time Sony gets it up for PS3 and PlayStation Vita. You’ll find over 35 weapons in this game and an exclusive PlayStation Network mask that puts the game in a crazy visual render of black and white mixed with blood and neon. Hotline Miami debuts for $9.99 on the PlayStation Store and is also available on PC supporting Mac, Linux, and Windows at the same price.

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Google Buzz Discontinued, Backups of Your Posts Go To Google Drive

Google sent out an email today detailing the changes in Google Buzz as it is completely shut down July 17, 2013 and during this shutdown apparently users who did opt-in and use Google Buzz will have backups of their posts saved to their Google Drive account viewable by people on Google+ and verified with authors of the post. Take a look at the full communication below which was sent to customers today. Google is currently making way for larger investments as they will soon begin rolling out Fiber Internet technology and service around the United States to compete with Cable and Fiber Internet providers for High Speed Business, Gaming, Television, and Server solutions.

Google Buzz Discontinued, Backups of Your Posts Go To Google Drive

Buzz User,

In October 2011 we announced Google Buzz was shutting down. On or after July 17th, 2013, Google will take the last step in the shutdown and will save a copy of your Buzz posts to your Google Drive, a service for storing files online. Google will store two (2) types of files to your Google Drive, and the newly-created files will not count against your storage limits.

The first type of file will be private, only accessible to you, containing a snapshot of the Google Buzz public and private posts you authored.
The second type of file will contain a copy of only your Google Buzz public posts. By default it will be viewable by anyone with the link, and may appear in search results and on your Google Profile (if you’ve linked to your Buzz posts). Note, any existing links to your Google Buzz content will redirect users to this file.

Any comments you made on other users’ posts will only be saved to those users’ files and not to yours. Once the change described in this email is final, only that user will be able to change the sharing settings of those files. This means that if you have commented on another author’s private post, that author could choose to make that post and its comments public. If you would like to avoid that possibility, delete all your Buzz content now.

The new Google Drive files will only contain comments from users that previously enabled Google Buzz, and the files will not contain comments that were deleted prior to moving the data to your Google Drive.

Once the files are created, they will be treated the same as any other Drive file. They are yours to do with as you please. This includes downloading them, updating who can access them, or deleting them.

Before these files are created, you can view the Google Buzz posts you have authored here. If you do not want any of your Buzz posts or comments saved to Google Drive files, you can immediately delete your Google Buzz account and data.

Thank you for using Google Buzz.

© 2013 Google Inc. 1600 Amphitheatre Parkway, Mountain View, CA 94043

You have received this mandatory email service announcement to update you about important changes to your Google Buzz account.

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Skittles Win Xbox for Life Contest

As the pain from the roots of my teeth runs through my gums and the sweet flavor of Skittles new Green Apple flavor candy electrifies my senses I am implored to let you all know about a contest Skittles and Microsoft are holding in celebration of Skittles and Kinect through which gamers can “Win Xbox for Life”. Enter here before September 5, 2013 up to three times per day using codes from either the website or the bags of candy. Winners can get a variety of prizes including Xbox 360, Kinect, custom Skittles, and Starburst, for life.

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MegaRan Music: Paris Update from the Eiffel Tower

The UK Tour rages on! Remaining dates:
24 April @ KRAAK Gallery, Manchester w/B-Type
25 April @ Plugged Inn, Sunderland w/B-Type
26 April @ The Corner House, Fen Ditton
28 April @ Book Club, London
29 April @ 10 Feet Tall, Cardiff

Hit up MegaRan.com for more info!

Published on Apr 23, 2013

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Prepare 2 Get Your BlizzCon 2013 Tickets Before They Sell Out

Every year the World of Warcraft, Diablo, StarCraft, Warcraft, and other Blizzard fans come together for an amazing event that people say is like no other experience in the Convention world, let alone gaming convention experience. If you are that guy that is like a video game historian and all of your friends keep on telling you how annoying you are, then this place is definitely somewhere you should be at least once in your life.

Blizzard Entertainment will be hosting the event Anaheim Convention Center this November 8 and 9 and you can expect lots of Cosplay Contests, Talk from Developers about the industry, and of course late-breaking news about the Blizzard franchises directly from the source.

“We look forward to delivering two full days of gaming, activities, and other entertainment, and we can’t wait to show some of the exciting projects we’ve been working on.” said Mike Morhaime, CEO and cofounder of Blizzard Entertainment.

If you haven’t had a chance yet, read our StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Review and be sure to consider that you can see some of the most intense eSports in existence with the StarCraft II World Championship Series Global Finals taking place at this year’s BlizzCon 2013 as well.

In addition to all of this madness at the Anaheim Convention Center fans and press can also hope to look forward to hearing from the teams at Blizzard directly about their first-ever console release for Diablo III arriving on PlayStation 4 as well as PlayStation 3 later this year without the PC Version’s “always-online” DRM.

Here are the exact details on how to get your tickets to BlizzCon 2013 directly from Blizzard Entertainment’s Press Release, including when you can get them, where you can get them, and how much money you’ll be spending if you plan on going:

“Tickets to attend the convention will be priced at $175 USD each and will be available for purchase from the official BlizzCon website (www.blizzcon.com) in two separate batches. The first batch goes on sale Wednesday, April 24 at 7 p.m. Pacific time, and the second batch goes on sale Saturday, April 27 at 10 a.m. Pacific time.”

If you’re still on the fence about attending such an event, take a look at our browsable gallery below showing some past years at the BlizzCon event hosted by Blizzard Entertainment which can also be viewed as a slideshow by starting at the first image and clicking on the image repeatedly.

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Star Wars: Episode VII Brings Back Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher and Harrison Ford

The massive cult following of the Star Wars franchise (and all of their other varying degrees of fan support) will surely be happy to hear that today George Lucas himself has announced Star Wars: Episode VII will star Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford among others. This return to the classic crew that made audiences fall in love and blast the franchise into super-stardom in the first place should be a welcome change from recent installments. This could very well be the moment that Star Wars starts to propel itself beyond entertainment fame and into human history itself.

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PlayStation Vita Event Being Held in Tokyo Tonight

While American gamers catch up on their beauty sleep the Sony Computer Entertainment Japan will bring forth what is being heralded by some as “Vita Heaven 2”. PlayStation Vita will be showcased in an event in Tokyo that has many spelling out mysteries and rumors already. The countdown begins, and you can track it here. RealGamerNewz will be on top of any major announcements pertaining to this event so stay tuned.

Check out the Livestream here on RealGamerNewz.com:

[UPDATE: The Show is now over, READ THE NEWS WRAPUP HERE!]

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Mass Effect 3 Art Contest Being Hosted by BioWare for Fans

“BioWare is developing a multiplayer mode for Mass Effect 3 and is currently hosting a Community Art Contest that allows players to create and submit their own art. The goal is to create unique banners that will be introduced on this upcoming multiplayer/challenge mode.”

“If you’ve been playing a lot of multiplayer since the release of Mass Effect 3: Retaliation, chances are that you’ve already gotten yourself a sizeable collection of in-game banners. As proud of those accomplishments as you are, have you ever thought about how cool it would be to create a banner of your own? Well, wonder no more!

How would you like to create a multiplayer banner and have your design featured in Mass Effect 3? If the answer to that question is, “yes,” then here are a few details that you’ll need to get started:

IMPORTANT: Before participating in the Mass Effect 3 Community Art Contest, please read the Official Contest Rules.  You will have to acknowledge and accept these rules when you email your submission. 

  • The contest begins on February 15, 2013 at 12PM GMT, and submissions will be accepted until February 22, 2013 at 6PM GMT.
  • Pick your favorite Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenge and use that as the inspiration for your own design. If obtaining N7 Mastery was your crowning achievement, create a banner that you feel best captures that pride.  Please note that weekend operation challenges do not apply for this contest.
  • Multiplayer banners are should be 512 pixels x 128 pixels. Click here to download our banner template. Please submit in .jpg .bmp, .gif, .psd, or .png file format only.
  • Email your submissions along with your full name, birthdate, country and the name of the Mass Effect 3 multiplayer challenge that inspired your artwork to community@bioware.com.  All email submissions must also include an active acknowledgement and acceptance of the contest rules with the statement “I have read and accept the Mass Effect 3 Community Art Contest Official Rules.”  No exceptions.
  • All submissions will be voted on by the BioWare team from February 22, 2013 12PM GMT to February 26, 2013 at 6PM GMT.  Each submission will be based on creativity, originality, and accuracy to the Mass Effect 3 challenge it was inspired by.   BioWare will select 5 winners and include their artwork in-game as a multiplayer banner.

Looking for inspiration? Look no further than the existing banners that have been awarded in multiplayer.  The volus have always had a natural affinity for biotics.  Think you can create something better for the Biotic Mastery Challenge, then submit your design to us!”

BioWare via [UniGameSity]

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500GB Azurite Blue PlayStation 3 Super Slim Bundle Released

Sony has made available the 500GB Azurite Blue model of their PlayStation 3 Super Slim. Bundled with the 500GB hard drive, as well as two Azurite Blue DualShock 3 controllers, this bundle is being sold in European markets for £249.99. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) revealed the release which should be hitting gamers living rooms soon.

There is no word yet on whether or not other countries will be available to pick it up, but there’s always the import option as all PlayStation 3 game discs are non-region specific.

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