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Phil Fish Cancels Fez 2 After Telling Journalist to ‘Kill’ Himself

kil-yourself fez 2 cancelled

According to reports, the developer behind Fez 2’s website and Twitter have announced that the game has now been cancelled. This stems from a long-winded Twitter argument which includes Fez creator Phil Fish telling a journalist to “Kill” himself while also berating the entire journalism industry as well as making a proper arse of himself and fellow indie game developers who might have been voicing some extremely unpopular opinions. Turns out this is very lightweight in terms of internet drama, but nonetheless Phil Fish appears to have turned into quite the crybaby over it. The argument played out something like this:

  • Journalists: “MS might self-publish.”
  • Phil Fish: “No they might not.”
  • Journalists: “Nah Uh.”
  • Phil Fish: “Yah Huh.”
  • Journalists: “Can we have your thoughts on this Phil Fish?”
  • Phil Fish: “How dare you ask for my thoughts on this. You should kill yourself.”
  • Journalists: “Wha? Hey, you can’t say that to us.”
  • Phil Fish: “Fez 2 cancelled.”
  • Phil Fish: “I’m a victim, feel bad for me. Also, I quit making games citing the previous sentence.”

Editor’s Note: (Comedic Dramatization, not actual conversation, but accurate representation of it. Scroll down some highlights of the real thing.)

Phil Fish has Mental Illness

Phil Fish Lashing Out As Always

Phil Fish Mental Illness Cant Take His Own Meds

Phil Fish - Hypocrit Developer Quits the Biz over Tweets

Yeah some real abuse Phil, FROM you not towards you, nice try though. I’m sure the twelve people who know what Fez is are heart-broken right now, but fear not. Reports are still coming in fresh that this may all be a publicity stunt and the game may not really be cancelled after all. Only time will tell.

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