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Steam is still completely broken, and it’s ruining PC Gaming

Valve’s once respected ‘hands-off’ approach to the management of the largest storefront in the world for PC Games has become nothing more than a symbol of laziness and negligence.

The once exclusive, prestigious club of games that had been chosen for syndication on the incredibly convenient and reliable service which lets you download your games anywhere has become swamped year over year without trash games, unfinished games, literally copy and pasted tutorials pretending to be games (Valve called them ‘Fake Games’ but didn’t get rid of any), and even game listings that are missing files of any kind (wow).

Shouts out to Statista for the Chart

Steam became a joke in recent years for allowing terrible, half-baked games like The Slaughtering GroundsDay One: Garry’s Incident,  and Guise of the Wolf; all of which were so bad that their creators attempted to censor and sue critics like Jim Sterling and TotalBiscuit who dared to give players a warning not to buy them. Pathetically, one of these three games has not even been removed from Steam to this day even though each had its own mega-scandal during the 2013-2014 time period.

During the initial days of Steam’s downfall, a program called Steam Greenlight was introduced as a way for indie game developers to get their titles on the platform. The reason for this action was that Valve became too negligent to continue actually curating the games that deserved to be on their service after a massive flood of wanna-be indie devs began chasing after the success witnessed in 2010-2012 by indie titles on Steam such as Super Meat Boy, The Binding of Isaac, Castle Crashers, and so on.

These titles remind us of a better time in which PC Gaming was represented well by cream of the crop indie games that made it the cutting edge of gameplay design and the envy of console owners. Steam made PC seem like a great place for gamers to play more games with less focus on graphics and generic styles but instead more focus on fun factor, gameplay quality, and innovation.

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Quest For Infamy Is Now Available For The PC

QuestForInfamy logo

Today Phoenix Online Studios released a trailer for their new point & click RPG adventure “Quest For Infamy” for PC Via Steam, The Humble Store and Desura for $19.99. The game is built completely from the ground up, completely  handdrawn,  a new spin  RPG stables (i.e class, attacks, skills etc) and more. Check out the trailer below then make sure you purchase Quest For Infamy today and remember don’t be famous be infamous.

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Running With Rifles Hands-On Preview

If I had to sum up Running With Rifles in one word, it would be ‘chaotic.’ I mean that in the best way possible, too. From the start, you and your squad of soldiers run across expansive maps trying to gun down the opposing troops.

However, through all the chaos, Running With Rifles offers a fast, fun, and fantastic gaming experience. The thrill of leading your troops into battle, planning out strategies, and finding the best vantage points scattered throughout the maps is like none I’ve experienced in some time.


RWR is a single and multi-player top-down tactical shooter, with the mouse acting as the range and aim of your weapon. The further you point your mouse in front of you, the wider your scope of the battlefield is, which makes spotting enemies easier. However, if you prefer to stay off the front lines and hold down the fort, you also have the ability to command your troops with certain orders.


The fast-paced gameplay that Modulaatio Games offers is just the start, since the game is only now in Early Access for both Steam and Desura. The team is continuously improving the game and listening to the players’ feedback. The game also supports mods and a handy server tracking tool called called RWR Watcher. I really enjoy the game and cannot wait to experience the growth and development Running With Rifles will go under in the coming months.

To witness gameplay, check out the official trailer here!

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PC Game Pester Becomes Free On Desura

Pester PC

Flump Studios and Paul Marrable have made their previous title Pester for Windows PC available completely free on indie game distribution network Desura (link below). Check out the trailer for the game seen below.

Click Here To Play Now Free

Pester PC trailer – Desura

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GOMO Review


Gomo is an indie point and click adventure game by Fishcow Studios starring a silent stuffed animal character named Gomo on a journey to rescue his dog Dingo from aliens. It is available on Steam, GamersGate, Gog.COM and Desura and can be played on both Windows and Mac with Linux support planned. The game is controlled purely by mouse. You can play a demo of the game via the game’s website but to play the full story and its mini-games, you must purchase the game.

Gameplay: Gomo plays like a typical point and click game where you must collect and utilize items to progress further throughout Gomo’s environment. The game also adds some simplistic puzzles but there is an option to make the game a bit more difficult. However, unlike most point and click games, Gomo requires that you move Gomo to an area on the screen to use the respective item, which slows down the flow of the game, which covers up the shortness of the game itself. I would honestly be surprised if someone did get stuck at a part in the game itself as it is not difficult at all as if designed for a more casual audience.


Graphics / Music: Gomo has a comic book style art direction. All areas, characters, and things on screen are beautifully hand-drawn and despite being 2D, the art seems to pop out but is not in true “high definition”. The color however is very bland which draws away from the style. The music itself is very low volume and it feels deep in the background at times whereas the sounds are just very simple and detract from the experience of Gomo’s journey.


Online Capabilities: Gomo does not feature any online features and I did not expect it to. However, the game does offer offers Steam trading cards.

Replay Value: Gomo can be beat in roughly an hour and a half on its first run if played on default (easy) difficulty. However, the game boasts a more difficult mode if you uncheck easy difficulty from the menu. The game also contains three mini-games, which like the game itself are rather simplistic. I unlocked one of them, which was a “Whack-A-Mole” clone with the aliens and it was laughable. This game itself has very little potential for replayability unless you aim to complete the game and unlock the games.


Final Verdict:

As an avid point-and-click fan, I was shocked that this game was able to be cleared in an hour-hour and a half as even games designed in Adobe Flash are longer than Gomo. The art and sound design while nice are not at all at par with today’s games. The game was very easy and if I was to recommend it to anyone, it would be for children and casual gamers but I don’t recommend it because overall, I was very disappointed with Gomo and I challenge Fishcow to aim for better production the next time around.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6.2 / 10

RGN Rating: Below Bronze

Developer: Fishcow Games

Available On: PC | Mac

Played On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info- A digital copy of the game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the developer for the purpose of this review.

(Bonus: Score Breakdown)

  • Gameplay- 19/30
  • Graphics/Music- 3/5
  • Online Capabilities – N/A
  • Replay Value- 6/10
  • Overall- 28/45, a 62%.

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New Year’s Eve 2013-2014 Steam Giveaway: Over 50 Winners Will Get Free Games

RealGamerNewz 2013 2014 New Years Eve Steam Giveaway

***Thank you everyone for helping us bring 2014 in with a gamer bang!


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Below is the unedited original contest posting:

New Year’s Eve 2013-2014 Steam Giveaway

Win One Of The Following Games (See Rules Below)

  • Pixel Piracy*

  • Mutant Mudds Deluxe*

  • Tales of Maj’Eyal*

  • Rush Bros*

  • Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe*

  • Small World 2*

  • Bad Bots*

  • Cargo Commander*

  • Intake*

  • Hive*

  • Craft the World*

  • Ring Runner: Flight of the Sages*

  • Race the Sun*

*The Giveaways with a star next to them are sponsored by the developers that made them.
All Other Codes Provided By RealGamerNewz Staff, HAPPY NEW YEAR! :)



  • Talisman: Digital Edition*

  • Hero of the Kingdom*

  • Legend of Dungeon*

  • Fishing Teddy*

  • Two Brothers*

  • NEO Scavenger*

  • Long Live The Queen*

  • The Stanley Parable*

  • Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

  • !!!BONUS #2: Desura Section!!!

    Editor’s Note: For those who don’t know, Desura is like the indie version of Steam. While Steam has embraced indies in a major way, Desura is very much an even more underground alternative. You can download their client for free HERE and it is also worth noting that the same company behind Desura is also in charge of IndieDB and ModDB (respected publications and gateways for developers and underground game enthusiasts).


  • Humble Frozenbyte Bundle Desura Key


  1. HOW TO ENTER: Comment Below (your e-mail will be seen by RealGamerNewz Staff Only) and use a real email attached to your comment. We will not give out these email accounts to anybody. The winners will be sent their games (in the format of Steam Codes) and be identified as winners by their usernames on the comments they left when we announce winners, ***tell us your alias or Twitter name too if you want followers to follow you and to increase your chances of winning.***
  2. WRITE: TWO Games you’d want, if you could only pick two of these! We will choose the winners at random. You will win one game. There will be over 50 winners receiving any of the games above. We’ll try to get you one of the two games you requested – but will at least try to give you something if those two are no longer available. We have enough codes to give well over 50 winners games for free so tell your friends about this with a Re-Tweet / Share / etc. 🙂
  3. RULES: YOU Must reply to the confirmation email we send notifying you that you’re a Winner. If you don’t reply in time you forfeit your prize to the next in line – so use an email account that you check or you will not be sent a code!

THANK You all for entering, and good luck to all!

Happy New Year!

Codes Will Be Given Dec 31 – Jan 1

Winners Will Be Announced Jan 2

See the games in action below:

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