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Music is Your Ally in the Newly Announced Symphony Worlds


Empty Clip Studios, the team behind the award-winning Symphony has announced their all new game, Symphony Worlds, a musical action-strategy game.

The game features unique, living, breathing worlds created by the user’s music. Unfortunately those worlds are heavily populated by a mysterious demonic force. It is up to the players to put an end to the terror by exploring their music’s worlds, discovering the hidden powers within them, harvesting their resources and building a base.

“The game takes place on a tiny planetary environment complete with vegetation, real weather and a two-minute day-night cycle, where you can actually outrun the night (turns out the night can be dangerous so that’s a good idea). Every polygon on the planet is 100% procedural and destructible, making for a fluid battlefield that’s unique every time.”


The music in Symphony Worlds isn’t just for the creation of worlds, it has been cleverly integrated into its gameplay. The special abilities and resources at the player’s disposal are based on the personality of the music they play.

“Need to get out of a jam? Kick-in some heavy-metal. Need to plant a forest? Time for a delicate classical piece. Terrain, weather, day-night cycle, vegetation: everything has an impact on gameplay, and everything is influenced by the music.”

Those over at Empty Clip Studios aim to have a kickstarter available this summer, with the goal of releasing the game on PC (Steam and DRM-free) in early 2016, and eventually on consoles and Mac/Linux.


Learn more at www.symphonyworlds.com.

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