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New 3DS XL TV Ad from Nintendo Fails Hard At Marketing New Device to Anybody

Nintendo New 3DS XL - RealGamerNewz - Ad

Some of us more so than others are looking forward to the release of the Nintendo New 3DS XL. But this latest advertisement had us scratching our heads for a second. What you’re looking at above is a freeze frame shown on-screen for literally microseconds after a visual of the new console is shown paired with a great nostalgic arrangement of sounds.

We got nothing new here, and the actual information you see in the screen above was pretty much impossible to clearly notice if you’re just a passing consumer. This is another example of Nintendo wasting money on advertising that’s not going to get mainstream consumers educated nor interested in this device. Leave it to the YouTube community they are aggressively attacking or sites like RealGamerNewz which they give a cold shoulder to despite our love for their games I suppose…

I’ve heard Nintendo of America is simply bad at advertising, but it appears to me more like they wish to trick overly eager consumers out of their money instead of earning early adopters like myself the right way through disclosing great features and details about the device.

Perhaps Nintendo just made this video so you’d hit rewind a thousand times and earn them ad revenue? Another day another dollar! On with the show mates!

The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask and Monster Hunter 4: Ultimate are both being released for the existing Nintendo 3DS and will be compatible with the New 3DS device as well. Majora’s Mask will be in a remastered state for both the Nintendo 3DS and the New 3DS. Don’t let this ad confuse you to otherwise.

However, Xenoblade Chronicles 3D will be exclusive to the New 3DS hardware family and is the port of an existing game from Nintendo Wii days. It is expected that Nintendo will release much more Gameboy Advance, N64, and Wii software to the New 3DS hardware (and assumedly the Wii U as well), eventually. It is also expected that with the New 3DS Nintendo will begin to allow the release of more indie, free-to-play, and/or cheap digital games. How far this will go or if Nintendo will stay committed to these plans remains to be seen though, and unclear ads like this certainly were not helpful to mainstream audiences, gamers, or anybody really… and if it weren’t for DVR / Tivo / YouTube then we wouldn’t even know this freeze frame existed in this extremely brief, paid for TV ad Nintendo just spent their hard earned cash on.

Keep it locked to RealGamerNewz for real hands-on impressions of the Nintendo New 3DS XL from a consumer’s point of view and without bias. We look forward to comparing notes to gamers out there who are looking to be early adopters for this hardware and will work to provide Reviews as well as News on this emerging platform as well as continue our existing 3DS coverage lineup.

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Naughty Dog Sparks Debate; Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End Probably Not 60 FPS

Nathan Drake Uncharted 4 Graphics Comparison PS4 Exclusive RealGamerNewz

When watching the developers behind the upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusive video game Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End it becomes clear that their intentions are to bring out the best possible marriage of cinematography and gameplay. This is something Naughty Dog has a proven history at doing well with. Uncharted 2 is still hailed as possibly one of the greatest and most cinematic gameplay experiences of all time while still catering to hardcore adrenaline junkies of traditional gaming culture. Many non-gamers were able to watch and remark that it was just like watching a film, albeit with a few more moments of dying on harder difficulties. The Last of Us had a similar success as it reached into living rooms and entertained across a wide spectrum of demographics, touching the hearts of millions worldwide in the forming of a true blockbuster IP.

Naughty Dog is set to drop jaws in the world of gamers and cinematic fans once again as Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End approaches release some time this year. The studio has managed to introduce 4 times the level of graphics seen in Uncharted 3, given a Real Body Physics engine with 360 degree animation, and a healthy helping of more visual effects engines, design improvements, and minor touches that players won’t notice because they make what’s on-screen seem real.

A representative for Naughty Dog the developer behind the series is quoted below speaking about Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End and the direction the team is looking to take in terms of graphics engine prioritization.

“We’re actually above 30, but we locked it [for the demo]. We’re going to do whatever it takes to make the game we want to make. If it means we could go for 60 but lose something that would really impact the player’s experience, then it’s our choice as developers to say, ‘Well, we’re going to go for the experience over the 60 frames.'” – Bruce Straley // Director of Uncharted 4

Uncharted 4 Gameplay Time

[Image Credit: PS4 Fans Make Fun of Naughty Dog’s Waffling]

We’d hate to let hype sway us, and we really can’t expect any development studio to be perfect – but at the risk of jinxing a great thing we have to admit that Naughty Dog is as close to flawless as it gets when Industry Talk finds its way to the topic of AAA development. Graphically, the game can still look impressive without being 60 frames per second. It may not look like much now, but at the time of its release Uncharted 2 was very polished and in the console segment of the market was regarded as a high technical accomplishment.

Naughty Dog not only marvels audiences with front-end releases through major Sony 1st party publishing contracts but also helped develop the tools for third party companies to make PS3 games easier during a time when the platform was struggling to gain neutral ground against Xbox 360. Mark Cerny and Sony Worldwide Studios Boss Yoshida have also expressed many times that Naughty Dog was instrumental in developing the architecture of the PlayStation 4.

So it’s with much understanding that gamers want the world, a cake, and to eat it too when talking about any Naughty Dog related project. During The Last of Us: Remastered’s development there came a point when Corrinne Yu of Naughty Dog (and ex-Halo developer) speculated taking The Last of Us above 60 frames per second on the PS4 hardware. Ultimately, gamers rejoiced when 60 Frames Per Second for TLOU:R was essentially confirmed ahead of launch by Neil Druckmann of Naughty Dog.

Nothing is new about the science behind 60 Frames Per Second, Check out this 1998 essay about it. You’ve all heard the myth that “studies ‘prove’ human eyes cannot tell the difference”, but this can simply be attributed to poorly thought out academics from a narrow point of view. The lack of evidence, is not evidence. 60 Frames Per Second is not up for debate, that’s why you won’t hear any developer worth their salt trying to sell you a 15 Frames Per Second game.

Uncharted 4 A Thief's End - RealGamerNewz PS4

It is likely that many gamers still to this day cannot see the difference between 30 Frames Per Second Vs 60 Frames Per Second. As time progresses, just as our eyes adapt and become more used to graphics of old consoles – there comes a time when the mind can process more information than traditionally expected. This is seen not just in video games, but in Sports athletes, Doctors who work under high pressure, and many other walks of life in which the connection between the optic nerve, the brain, and the eyes becomes very “in-the-moment”, rapidly processing large amounts of information with ease.

It’s the reason YouTube implemented support for 60 Frames Per Second videos. You can check out an in-depth explanation talking about this, explaining everything in the first 2 minutes while visually showing off the actual Gameplay Footage of The Last of Us: Remastered in 60 Frames Per Second. Check it out below, and props to YouTuber SwingPoynt for creating the video which just happened to be a perfect example of what we’re talking about in this article.

The science explained above is how gamers who can see in 60 Frames Per Second are able to enjoy the multiplayer of The Last of Us: Remastered more and get a slightly faster gameplay experience from it. The feel and vibe we at RealGamerNewz and RGN Community readers are getting so far from the Uncharted 4 game is a bit more cinematic, and likely will not attempt to match this. Surely, for many, this is going to be looked at as a negative thing before launch is even close to ready. It doesn’t mean the game won’t be great, but it cuts out a grand aspect that many players are perhaps foolishly assuming  would be the next logical step for Uncharted as a franchise in addition to a measurement of PS4’s power.

Too Early To Jump To Conclusions:

  1. Currently, Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End runs at 37 Frames Per Second (Confirmed by EDGE via Tanya Valdez).
  2. Naughty Dog is considering capping the game at 30 Frames Per Second (via Bruce Straley of Naughty Dog).
  3. The game is not Gold yet, and is still a work in progress. This is not Finalized.
  4. The game has some of the best photo-realistic looking textures on PS4, so far.
  5. Even at 37 Frames Per Second, The Multiplayer Mode’s Gameplay Experience Can Be Sped Up In Other Ways

In the clip above, during an interview that took place this weekend on Game Informer, the two voice actors behind Nathan Drake and Sam also gave their two cents on the game’s direction as well as where they draw inspiration from for the attitude, feel, and vibe of the fourth Uncharted game and first Uncharted game on PlayStation 4.

TLOU:R was so much better because of 60 frames per second, especially the online mode. Most people appreciated the ability to switch back and forth between 30 and 60 as well, usually ending up with 30 for those who enjoyed the Story mode a second time (or for the first time). Based on everything that’s coming out of the Naughty Dog camp at this moment in time, it sadly appears that Uncharted 4 is probably not going to end up being 60 Frames Per Second.

With full fledged “Fanboy Wars” raging on once again within underground gamer communities, Naughty Dog probably doesn’t want to risk having textures that are small enough to draw ridicule to the PlayStation brand and are actually  just choosing bigger textures over more frames per second. Is it going to be Full 1080P HD, and truly True 1080P Native? Would it be possible to get the best of both worlds, with a slice in that texture size? Which would be the best looking / playing game at the end of the day? These are billion dollar questions, and the pressure on Naughty Dog surely is mounting up right now.

From the outside looking in, just making the Online Multiplayer Mode 60 Frames Per Second seems the obvious way to serve both demographics. But of course, game development is never that simple, and on this scale is surely something best left up to Naughty Dog to decide. We look forward to playing the game either way, and if players go into this expecting a movie-like experience as was delivered in Uncharted 2, I can’t imagine they’ll be let down based on what we are seeing so far. Of course, keep tracking more Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End on your favorite gaming publications, and thanks for reading RGN’s PlayStation 4 section.

Trailers / Gameplay of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End:

Leave your own comments at the bottom of this article so Naughty Dog and Sony get to know how you feel.

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South Park – Xbox One vs PS4 Black Friday


Xbox ONE vs PlayStation 4 battle rages on South Park during the Black Friday sales event.

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Rumor: Xbox ONE Has Just as Many Pre-Orders As PlayStation 4

Xbox Pre-Event Shoot

According to recent statements from PR & Marketing representatives at Microsoft, Xbox ONE is around the same amount of pre-orders when comparing only the amount of PS4’s pre-ordered within the 13 counties Xbox ONE is launching in. During the PlayStation 3 era we’ve seen a similar strategy used for many years by forum jockeys to sway the ‘fanboy wars’ in the direction of the Xbox 360.

Today Microsoft has reminded gamers worldwide that although the media and public consensus may have shifted towards Sony, the Xbox brand is not going to place itself on unequal ground for statistic comparisons and will probably not bother comparing itself to PS4 including those numbers until their  new Xbox ONE product has actually launched in those products.

On the one hand this is a pretty logical and dry statement for MS to make (how would you compare points in a video game between somebody that’s not on your server and you, after all?). Of course there are some who have been reacting to this news a little differently, suggesting that Microsoft is just doing damage control with their PR speech.

[Source: Reddit via GamingBolt]

The controversy doesn’t end there either. New data from Australia’s commercial sector shows the average consumer aiming for either a Nintendo Wii U, an Xbox ONE, or a Sony PlayStation 4 are significantly slanted towards the PlayStation 4. In many ways this argument of who has the higher pre-orders is a topic for shareholders and investors, not one for gamers. We encourage all gamers to play what they like regardless of how something is doing in the market. Take a look at a graph representing the data that’s being reported on below, as well as a source to more information behind it.

PlayStation 4 VS Xbox ONE Pre Order

[Source: Ray Morgan Research]

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RGN Week In Review: Half-Life 3 = Hoax, Portal 3 Trademarked!

RGN Week in Review - Half Life 3 Hoax Portal 3 Trademarked

This Week In Review ends up being much more than a typical rundown of the weeks events as we also get in depth with our views on certain topics ranging from company’s personal histories such as Respawn Entertainment, Silicon Knights, the games that they make, whether or not franchises like Final Fantasy should just drop the name for some of the less recognizable projects and form New IP instead, as well as whether or not Valve should ever attempt a Half-Life 3 since they have already peaked the franchise with HL2 and would likely just disappoint (similarly to how SquareSoft peaked Final Fantasy franchise with the FF6, FF7, FF8 games (exactly when it peaked the most is depending on which is your favorite).

There’s also a lot more topics and we go over everything that happened throughout the week in case you didn’t have time to keep up with it as it was released. Oh, and we even give you guys a lesson on how the entire fanboy war began and how great life was before it. 🙂

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The State of the Modern Gamer (An Open Letter)

GDC Protest

It’s been quite a remarkable year for gamers but not all things has been pretty. Of all the topics discussed, I believe gamers should be under the microscope this time. This is a letter to the gamer; an observation. A small one indeed, but one that I feel should be spoken. Gamers don’t realize how much their voices effect the industry and how it changes the landscape of it. While I do agree that we should voice our opinions, it’s how we do it that falls under great scrutiny with me and it should with the community.

For instance, comments concerning what console should be bought by a “real” gamer. This is such nonsense!! Whatever the gamer chooses, it is entertainment fitting to their tastes. However the gamer games, he / she is a gamer. Yes, a gamer can want to watch television through their console and game, or play an app on his phone and be a gamer. It is quite possible, you know. How can one say what is for “real” gamers and what is not? To hear gamers describe fellow gamers as “hardcore” or “casual”, with a completely negative opinion towards the mobile market is quite absurd. I would say it’s blowing some subject matters out of proportion.

A good example of a proportion being blown out to the high heavens was the Aliens: Colonial Marines fiasco. Hey let’s just get down to the nitty gritty. It wasn’t what we hoped for. We were promised a definitive, graphically beautiful piece of software. What we got was, of course, different. Gamers responded unkindly to them. A class action lawsuit was later filed. Aliens: CM, bottom line, was not that bad of a game. The graphics were dialed back, some of the atmosphere was just a little lost, but overall the game did alright for an Aliens game. It was more or less, more of the same stuff we’ve seen before, I mean really; what Aliens game ever did kick major azz? Tell me… I’ll wait. Yet, I enjoyed my time playing it. Saying that in a forum and you’re guaranteed to get stones thrown your way. So because of some graphic changes, you weren’t able to enjoy the game for what it was? You couldn’t find fun in three buddies fighting aliens alongside with you in dark corridors? You said they lied to you? Well in that case, every developer has lied to you when they presented their game at an exposition. Even your beloved BioShock Infinite is guilty of exaggerating graphics in its marketing.

R U Bout Dat Forum Jockey Life

The latest prime example really needs no introduction, you might have guessed it. The situation surrounding Xbox One, their former policies, pricing, and mandatory Kinect accessory. Now this subject alone is worth its own article discussion. In fact, many bloggers and journalists have done that for you, so I won’t go into a long talk about it. Or maybe I will. First of all, I have to say that it was rather silly to complain about the always online feature. Simply because I don’t know one gamer that unhooks their console from the network. Ever. My PS3 at home connects daily, every morning, to upload cloud saves to the PSN. The only time you can consider it “unhooking” from the net would be when I turn it off. Gamers already keep their consoles connected to the internet so what was really the problem with the policy? Like Neo discovered in the second installment of The Matrix, the problem is choice. But truly, was that something worth looking to crucify MS for? How about the dormant Kinect? In a camera-filled world, you now worry about the Kinect spying on you? Don’t be ridiculous.

Then gamers took to the forums again with negative energy spewing from their keyboards like volcanoes when a reviewer spoke out against The Last of Us. And why would the Sony president, Shuhei Yoshida even react negatively towards the difference of opinion? I read the review and it didn’t seem to be a nitpick. It was a subjective viewpoint of TLOU, experienced by an individual. Still, gamers bashed the reviewer relentlessly and praised Yoshida for tweeting about his disapproval of the review. The outcry was so harsh that the reviewer later retracted his review and in so many words offered a apology to the community, which was completely unnecessary in my opinion. Gamers can dish criticism about developers and publishers but they can’t take criticism on their beloved developers and publishers? Ah, can you say double standard?

It is ironic that gamers who once stood as a symbolism for individuality shared through the love of gaming have gotten to the point of having a class structure within a fixed social ecosystem. Now you either roll with the punches or “get punched” for being different or for having different tastes. We complain about the continuity of franchised games such as Assassin’s Creed and that other military game that we always bring up in a topic of that kind. But of course with our hands we support that because no matter what our mouths say, secretly we don’t like change. Just make our games look graphically good and we’ll forgive you. That’s where it seems to be, that line that is always drawn. If it looks good, we’ll take it. If it’s developed by a beloved developer, we’ll support and worship. If it’s the bandwagon, by all means don’t be a pink elephant and hop on it.

As we move forward gamers, we must realize the weight of our words with the industry, developers, publishers, and fellow gamers. Support your developers but constructively give opinions on their software. Understand and know that what you might declare as a fantastic game will be utter trash to another gamer. Digest information and judge objectively before you seek to crucify. Read the fine print. Understand that the industry is a business first and foremost. If the game beats you, find a way to get off your butt and master it instead of crying foul. We can do better than what we’ve been doing, gamers.

the buffet mentality gamer

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Fanboy Rage Shows ‘Certain Groups’ of PlayStation Gamers Have Hatred for Anything Non-PlayStation; Even Sony at Times

Sony Fanboy Jahmai Williams of GaminRealm

Perhaps the biggest hypocrites of all time, the PlayStation fanboy group has grown from the underdog nerd that everybody bullied in high school (last-gen, if you will) to the jock that’s just leaving kids hanging by their underpants on basketball courts around the globe daily. Today’s episode from the incredibly pathetic and hilarious nerd rage displayed by Jahmai Williams of GaminRealm in the article “Sony Sells Out with PlayStation All-Stars Island” shows the very core spirit of this hatred which is being displayed all over the internet for anything non-PlayStation.

While I respect the freedom of speech in a site that allows an article like “Gamers Are Just Nit-Picking the Xbox ONE Now” to co-exist at the same time as this Sony fanboy rage post, I have to take it apart and dissect it in my own 1st amendment supported way.

The desired effect of PlayStation All-Stars Island on iPhone and Android platforms (iOS and Google Play) is for people who normally wouldn’t have known or cared about PlayStation’s exclusive characters to pick up the game and play it then think to themselves “Hmm, I should get a PlayStation, because this game is awesome”.


Sony already announced this was going to happen. You’re pretty bad at paying attention Jahmai. Sony already partnered with Google to form the PlayStation Suite and has already been heavy on marketing their Sony Ericsson with PlayStation Suite games. These are mobile games available to Google Play (and in some cases iOS) gamers who want that PlayStation quality experience on their phones. Have fun playing with Nathan Drake, Cole MacGrath, Sackboy, and Kat from Gravity Rush but don’t for one second think that this means Sony is selling out. This is called “cross-promotion” and if you had more of an open mind and less of a fanboy mentality you might understand that. We appreciate you trying to keep the electronics / entertainment giant Sony honest, but in this case you are just being a hater. Next time try aiming down the sights first buddy.

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Xbox ONE Versus PlayStation 4 Console War Finally Settled….

Xbox ONE Versus PlayStation 4 Debate Settled

The console war raging on between the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 took many casualties. It injured many’s “feelings” and left no prisoners in the wake of its path as many have fallen off the grid due to such a rivalry causing a total breakdown of the video games society on the whole. Now, finally we can all sleep at night. The Xbox ONE Versus PlayStation 4 Console War has Finally been Settled. Take a look at what I’m saying:

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RGN POLL: PlayStation 4 was voted the “Most Wanted Nex Gen Console” by 56% of Gamers


The results are in. At the time of this post the Sony PlayStation 4 has a massive lead over the Microsoft Xbox ONE in the RGN Nex Gen Poll. Xbox ONE is leagues beyond Valve’s console entry for Steam and the Nintendo Wii U however, and seems a formidable opposition has emerged once again between MS and SONY. Take a look at the numbers below at the time of this post, and if you don’t like them; vote! It’s not over until the fat lady sings.

RGN Nex Gen Poll

-PlayStation 4 was voted the “Most Wanted Nex Gen” by 56% of a sampling of 1,000 voters.

-Xbox ONE came in second by a strong lead with 26% of a sampling of 1,000 voters.

-Put together the Steambox from Valve and the Wii U from Nintendo divided the remaining 19% with 8% siding with Valve and 11% siding with Nintendo for their most wanted/preferred hardware during the next-generation cycle of gaming.

This RGN Nex Gen Poll will continue running and if you disagree with these results we offer you the chance to change them by voting by clicking on the RGN Poll on the side of your web browser or by visiting the Poll itself HERE.

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DualShock 4’s Light Sensor Cannot Be Shut Off

DualShock 4 Light Bar Doesnt Turn Off

It’s been confirmed by Sony Computer Entertainment that the new DualShock 4 controller launching for the upcoming Sony PS4 (PlayStation 4) which launches this Holiday 2013 season will not feature an ability to shut the light sensor on the controller off. Similar to how the PS3 works, the light bar sits at the top of your controller and indicates which player it is (player one, player two, etc.).

However, the DualShock 4 also incorporates PlayStation Move technology and uses the light bar to also communicate with the (sold separately) PS4 Eye. This may be part of the reason why the feature is permanent at the time of this writing.

This is a very minor detail of a great looking next-generation launch for both Microsoft and Sony, but as the saying goes “haters gonna hate” and this is likely going to end up a detail in someone’s console war/fan-boy checklist.

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5 Reasons Why Gamers Need To Unite

We have come a long way from the era of gaming when it was looked at as something kids or nerds partake in. The gaming industry is a juggernaut when it comes to entertainment even out grossing Hollywood in revenue. Video games captivate us, allow us to be heroes, villains, and teach us to use teamwork with perfect strangers. There is no color, or religion, or differences. Video games bring people together in ways that the real world can’t even achieve. Yeah, you got your trash talking, but that comes with the territory much like it does with football, basketball, or any sport for that matter. So here’s a few reasons why PC vs Console vs Console vs The other console that everyone forgot about, should be a thing of the past.

5. We Are Still a Minority
Now I get that there needs to be some competitive business, and it is in our nature to choose sides, but we as gamers are still a minority despite the popularity growth of gaming as a culture. People still stereotype gamers as a bunch of fat no life individuals who live with their parents, fat, and love watching androgynous cartoon men over dramatically fight each other for 20 episodes.

This isn't too far from the truth

How many people openly brag about being a gamer? When someone who does openly love video games says they do, the opposing person always has that “Omg.. like. what?” look on their face, and when you meet someone who enjoys video games you’re excited as if it is some sort of rare occasion  The industry is growing greatly, but we are still shunned by this fascist society! I’m kidding. I just always wanted to say that in some context.

4. Girls Like To Game Too

Can you move please? I got a raid in 5.

It’s not easy for a female to join in on a mostly male dominated activity and gain the respect they think they deserve, but just like with most man-oriented hobbies, (I was proof reading and thought that said “boobies”, and I was the one who wrote it!) women will have a tendency to enjoy them, too. Some men gamers aren’t yet accepting of this and curse the day women were allowed to vote because as soon as they were able to vote is when men started losing their “balls” (three pointer going in!).

One thing we need to do as gamers is not label each other by sex. Phrases like “girl gamer” are something that needs to die in the community if we want unity among us. Gamers are gamers regardless of sex, religion, or race. Girls who game deserve our respect beyond just being pretty faces who enjoy a joystick between their hands and told “boobs or GTFO”. But also so says the guy who included a half naked chick in the picture.

3. Console Wars Are Pointless.

You heard me. Pointless. Most fanboys argue over which console is better to play Call of Duty on. Which is a game that is available on ALL platforms. Exclusives are a dying breed in the industry because developers want money, and in order to expand their audience and get more of that crisp cash to line their greedy money hungry pockets they cut down on making exclusives for one platform. Any exclusives you will see are mostly owned by Microsoft or Sony and only make up less than 5% of the titles available to us. That’s why you see grabs for who gets DLC first, but even then everyone else will get to pay $15 for 2 weapons and 1 map later at some point. So even that becomes pointless.

2. Limiting Yourself  To One Platform Limits Your Experience

Not our virginity. NOT TODAY!

So you don’t give a s#### about Call of Duty and you’re all about whatever gaming machine you got a hard on over and its exclusive library. You’re such an elitist fanboy that despite how many good reviews you see, word of mouth from friends, trusted family members, and that guy Steve who talks too much and kinda seems lame, you bad mouth the game anyway just so all the world knows where you stand.  You right there are missing a golden opportunity to experience a new story told by a different mind. Granted not everyone has the coin to drop on every console, or a bad ass gaming rig, but does that justify the fanboyism? Maybe it’s jealousy, or maybe you’re still a virgin calling other people on the internet virgins. Whatever it is, you need to dip into some other Kool-Aid and try purple over red. You might like it.

1. We All Like Video Games

Possibly the most simplistic and to the point phrase of this whole article. I could have saved you like 5 minutes worth of reading just by making that the top reason. Despite what your stance is on what you prefer to game on, you can agree with everyone else that you love the feeling of just having the screen on with some beverages and junk food next to you. Maybe you’re running and gunning in a shooter, raiding with 45 other people in a dungeon on a popular MMO, or maybe you’re just playing a game to relax and come down from the day. Whatever the reason is that you like to game, you share that with every other gamer hardcore or casual. When did a fun past time become such a competition? Why do we have to choose one or the other? We all have our opinions, and we all like what we like. But one thing that we all have in common is, that we are gamers and we are here to stay.

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Fact or Fiction: Microsoft Bribing PS4 Devs to Not Show at E3 – Or More Fake News from PlayStation Fanboys?

Check out this post from Softpedia detailing a new rumor originating on NeoGAF which (as mentioned below) sometimes has truth to their rumors but it should also be known that they have purposely made false press stories and been caught doing so for “teh lulz” as well as possibly exerting its control over the gullible gaming media.


“Has Microsoft resorted to underhanded tactics by paying off third-party publishers to “not show” some PS4 games? (possible rumour)

Microsoft is allegedly paying many third-party publishers so that they won’t show off their PlayStation 4 games at E3 2013, according to a new report.

E3 2013, the most important games convention out there, is set to begin next week, and both Microsoft and Sony are expected to focus heavily on their next-gen consoles, the Xbox One and PlayStation 4, respectively.

In order to gain the upper hand on Sony, Microsoft is apparently resorting to some unorthodox practices, like paying a lot of money to third-party publishers so that they won’t show their PlayStation 4 games either on stage or at their actual booths.

The report arrives from a source on NeoGAF, which posted a lot of true rumors in the past, so it’s possible that Microsoft really is resorting to such tactics ahead of E3 2013.

The company emphasized that at the event it’s going to focus only on games for the Xbox One, so it could try to create a false sense that more games are coming to Xbox One than PS4.

[Source: Softpedia]”

Thanks and shout out to Shawn Pwnagraphic Stenberg for bringing this “rumor” to our attention.

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