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When will PlayStation 5 release? Games, specs, backward / forward compatibility?

That’s a good question. No one knows for sure, but there is evidence to suggest that next year Sony will formally announce and begin to reveal their next-generation home video games console. One of the hot topics of debate is whether that system is coming out too soon. Most gamers seem to be split on the issue, with one side claiming that they just bought a PS4 and wish to see it supported for a long time. The other side feels that the current generation has had its spotlight long enough and they’re ready for new technology to take the industry further. However, Sony may have found a way to satisfy both camps in a way that gaming has never seen before in the console space, taking a page out of PC Gaming’s playbook. In this article we will dive through the sea of evidence, hints, rumors, leaks, and probabilities surrounding the sequel to this generation’s most popular console and identify our opinions on what the truth is.

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Xbox promising unlimited budget & creative freedom for first party studios

Phil Spencer has been quoted as saying that “for a long time, Xbox was like the Garage of Microsoft”. His aim to re-invent the Xbox brand has begun to take shape behind-the-scenes, but will only truly be felt during the next-generation of consoles games. It takes time to make changes at major companies, Spencer inherited a mess from Don Mattrick whose infamous DRM scandal can be largely blamed for the deficit between PS4 and Xbox One this generation. Earning back the reputation of Xbox with gamers will take time. It also takes a long time for game studios to produce new games, and that’s a big part of what Phil Spencer has been initiating, exclusives for Xbox.

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Inside The Vault: Upcoming Fallout 76 Patches adding Bulldozer, Re-spec, Stash, and more

In a new series of articles to be released periodically by Bethesda Game Studios, it has been confirmed that Fallout 76 will be receiving an update on December 4, 2018 as well as December 11, 2018 providing a bevy of bug-fixes as well as new features to the game. Among the features included in the announcement are some we’ve heard about before (such as an increase to the game’s stash limit, push-to-talk voice chat on PC, etc.), as well as brand new features announced for the first time in this article.

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Crisis Core Game Director Hajime Tabata departs Square Enix to focus on new project

It has been announced on November 7, 2018 that Hajime Tabata is departing from his position at Square Enix which included Game Director of Final Fantasy XV for PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox as well as Game Director of 2007’s Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII for PlayStation Portable (a beloved fan favorite), among others. The decision was explained to fans in a heartfelt letter revealed during the pre-recorded Final Fantasy XV Second Anniversary Special Program broadcast to fans in Japan with English subtitles.

Although this news is certainly disappointing and has resulted in the cancellation of almost all Final Fantasy XV DLC (yes, there was more in development), it can also be understandable from certain perspectives. Tabata was a director of dedicated handheld games who took the reigns of directing FFXV for Tetsuya Nomura who needed to walk away from the project to complete the repeatedly delayed Kingdom Hearts III project. It does feel saddening to see any type of negative Final Fantasy news in a time where some fans could see the series as fragile, having nearly entered a period of peril.

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Expert console designers making Intellivision Amico, a 2D gaming platform for everyone

Tommy Tallarico (formerly of G4TV fame, music producer behind Video Games Live concerts, Metroid Prime, and currently President of Intellivision), has teamed up with creators who worked on the Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS to produce a brand new system with a totally different approach to gaming. While the console currently known as Intellivision Amico will not attempt to compete with PS4 and Xbox, it will instead forge out its own path co-existing alongside the current console market.

At first glance, this could seem like another Kickstarter project waiting to disappoint folks like Ouya or Atari VCS. The reality couldn’t be farther from the truth. There’s no Kickstarter involved. Some of Intellivision’s team members include the minds behind cloud gaming, the marketing team for Wii Sports, developers of Metal Gear Solid, and more. Real developers are putting hard work into bringing a very unique and interesting vision to life.

Amico, which means “friend” in Italian, is a new 2D console that will release in 2020 with major hardware and software development behind it, numbering in the tens of millions, by industry veterans who know what they’re doing. With a keen eye for high quality games, a unique hardware setup at an affordable price range, and a totally different approach to the industry, Amico stands a real chance at being something special.

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Is Battlefield V Doomed?

At the hands of EA, many great game studios and franchises have been strangled to death. More than ever, the future of Battlefield is in serious jeopardy. While there is no shortage of controversy surrounding DICE’s latest entry in the well known shooter series Battlefield, EA Games has also been experiencing lower approval ratings than ever with the gaming community. Adding to the staleness of an aging genre that rarely hits its mark without issues, 2018 is a blockbuster year full of titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, God of War, Fallout 76, Assassin’s Creed Odyssey, Marvel’s Spider-Man, and staunch competition from Black Ops 4.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Launch Weekend Impressions

Now that Black Ops 4 has entered the wild we have had a good amount of time playing in all of its various modes and wanted to begin our coverage of the title leading up to a full review later on down the line. For starters, yes, this is the first COD to come with no single player campaign – but Black Ops 4 still has a story. We’ll get to that more in-depth in our full review coming forthwith. In the mean time, let’s talk about some of the game’s performance issues, grand achievements, pros and cons, and early impressions you can expect when first turning on the game.

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Rumor: patent reveals Sony’s PlayStation 5 plans for “remastering by emulation”

A recently renewed patent filing originally private but updated to ownership of Sony has unveiled a potential technology path for PlayStation 5’s backwards compatibility. While PS5 is still an unknown system expected to release in 2020 or 2021, PS4 and Xbox ONE are known to be using the same architecture as PC Gaming making such software accomplishments much easier versus past situations involving custom hardware such as PS3’s CELL processor.

The newly discovered patent filing details a procedure by which assets in-game are marked with specific hash numbers and then replaced by custom textures hand crafted by artists presumably working for the development studio that produced the original game, or a contractor hired on by its publisher / current rights holder. This is system sounds similar to the Xbox ONE X method of enhancing Xbox 360 and original Xbox games like Morrowind (seen to reach 4K graphics by Bethesda’s hand), but differs in a few important ways.

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UPDATE: Inside sources reveal completely different Nintendo Switch specs rumor

Nintendo Switch is rumored to be getting a “New Nintendo Switch” during the second half of 2019. Over the previous month there have been a number of rumors surrounding this device, with yesterday seeing a leak from The Wall Street Journal of Japan detail what sounds just like a hardware revision. Some fans are upset that Switch will be something like a smartphone which sees a new and improved version release every couple of years, which we reported yesterday.

However, insider sources have revealed that a completely different Nintendo Switch has been in development since before the original Switch released, and is designed to be a more powerful machine capable of getting ports of PlayStation 4’s top 2019 games as well as ports of PlayStation 5 games when the next-gen system releases from Sony in 2020. This is, of course, merely a rumor – but a ton of information has come alongside this one adding context and specs expected to be announced from Nintendo some time during January 2019 and released later that year.

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Fans upset that rumored “New Nintendo Switch” could have exclusive 4K games in 2019

UPDATE: Inside sources reveal completely different Nintendo Switch specs rumor

Surprisingly, this story took an unexpected turn this week as sources for The Wall Street Journal of Japan came out with a release window for what is said to be the next model of Nintendo Switch consoles coming some time during the second half of 2019. In reality, this rumor is essentially three rumors in one. We have had a draft of this article since last Friday but waited on finishing it since there are more details needed and a general aura of confusion as outlets seem to confuse the various rumors, melding them into one.

On the one hand there are likely to be two revisions meant to silently replace the original Nintendo Switch hardware but look and perform identically. This is to reduce hacking of the system. One of those revisions has already been made and feature no new parts but instead a simple addition of code to microchips which were previously laying dormant in the Switch, perhaps waiting for this inevitable need to protect it against hardware exploits found within its main system chip.

However, the biggest and most exciting rumor is that of a “New Nintendo Switch” perhaps known to many in the underground as a Switch Pro said to house double the RAM as the original Switch, a 4K Graphics Rendering capability (while docked, 1080P in handheld mode), and increased CPU power thought to be enabling more third party titles to release for the Switch platform, albeit potentially exclusive to this new model.

And thus brings up the most confusing part of this rumor. Will Nintendo really split their ecosystem into two lineups of games? If so, how will fans react to it? So far mega fans like SwitchForce and their audience have been mostly against this possibility stating a feeling of “betrayal” if the rumors turn out to be true. Overall, much of the popular opinion is that this could just all be a little too soon, but did hackers force the hands of Nintendo?

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Rumor: Open World Harry Potter Action RPG Leaked

Update: Following this leak, sources seemingly close to the project have revealed to press outlets that the name of the game is likely to be set as “Harry Potter: Magic Awakening” with runner ups including “Harry Potter: Magic Forever”, but this could be subject to change in the coming weeks / months.

Harry Potter doesn’t go looking for trouble, it usually finds him. A user on Reddit (credit) has came forward with a fact sheet, screenshots, and even gameplay footage of what appears to be a brand new open world Harry Potter action role playing game. The video has been since taken down with a copyright strike issued by Warner Bros. Entertainment Interactive, but half a million views had already been obtained before that so there’s probably a copy roaming around somewhere. The person doing the leak claims that there was no agreement signed for secrecy and that they were a part of focus group testing for the game.

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 – Blackout Beta (Hands-On) Impressions

First off, the game’s character customization brings back a lot of memorable faces such as the iconic characters from the Black Ops trilogy including Woods, Menendez, Mason, and Reznov. As far as customizing these characters there really isn’t much to do besides dropping in-game and having to scavenge for loot around the map while slightly being able to change their attire beforehand.

Activision Blizzard also has other characters from the multiplayer mode itself to use which are more decked out in attire than the Blackout characters. The game itself runs very smoothly, the combat feels very fluent and fast-paced, something some people are used to if they’ve ever played Call of Duty games. Don’t be fooled, it will feel very similar to other games in the series but it does have its own style as well which seems surprisingly well-fit for battle royale.

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Mortal Kombat XI Konfirmed At Mo Game Con

[Update: Release date announced at The Game Awards 2018. Mortal Kombat 11 will release April 23, 2019 with a  community reveal January 17, 2019.]

Editor’s Note: DJ Killzown Jones is back and provides bleeding-edge coverage of an exclusive news item confirmed straight from the source, live on camera, during his attendance at the recent Mo Game Con convention. If you’re a subscriber to his media channels you may have seen this scoop early, if not you can find more about that here. Mortal Kombat is a series that has been around since 1992 and has filled many gamers’ childhood with a bloody good time fighting in the fun-factor focused arena. The franchise has over 35 million units sold in total and Mortal Kombat X is the fastest selling game in the series. Check out the latest from DJ Killzown Jones in his RGN article below.

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Best of Gamescom 2018

As we previously reported, NVIDIA stole the show at this year’s Gamescom 2018 with its next-generation PC Gaming graphics card lineup introducing Real-time Ray Tracing to the industry in what will arguably change the visual standard for decades to come. You can read more about that, watch the clips, and full public briefing provided in our NVIDIA RTX Press Conference WrapUp.

In terms of actual game announcements, this year was a little dry. We suspect a behind-the-scenes focus on the next-generation gaming consoles currently known as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlet (names may change closer to their release) have something to do with the lack of major AAA showings. That being said, there was still plenty of closer looks at upcoming titles to get excited about and we’ve decided to cover most of it at once here in this piece.

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Gamescom 2018: NVIDIA RTX Press Conference Full WrapUp & Videos

Jensen Huang (CEO of NVIDIA) took stage in Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany where almost half a million press, analysts, distributors, and other industry professionals meet yearly for Gamescom to host a special NVIDIA RTX 2018 Press Conference. During this full length presentation we were given the unveiling of a brand new graphics card series that had been heavily rumored for some time now. Incorporating next-generation video memory of top tier quality, a new 12 nano-meter manufacturing process, and a new focus on Ray Tracing, the NVIDIA RTX line of GPU hardware will be set to release this year with the first model becoming available next month on September 20, 2018.

There’s a lot of controversy surrounding the sudden change from GTX to RTX and it has left many gamers and tech experts scrambling to gather information about whether or not the RTX will be as big of a leap or as immediately compatible as NVIDIA claims. The jury is still out on that, and it would be best to both pay attention to emerging analysis as well as keep an open mind over the coming months, for now though, here’s everything we know…

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