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Gamer Asks Wife to Marry: PlayStation One Marriage Proposal

RealGamerNewz.com finds beauty in all the right places. Gamers marrying gamers is something sweet that many of us can appreciate. If you had the chance to not only enjoy gaming with the lady of your dreams but also discover unconditional and eternal love then surely it would be heaven-like. With your two television sets side by side and your arms wrapped around each other, and then the hands wrapped around controllers, your days would be spent in bliss.

Check out how this Turkish gamer asked his wife to marry using a PlayStation One Marriage Proposal. He actually put the ring inside of a PS One and had her open it to find the shiny rock staring back at her as he got on one knee and asked for her hand in marriage.

How would you ask your wife to marry you if she was/is a gamer? By the way, she said yes.

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20130311 and was last modified on 20130311 .