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The Game Awards 2018 – Full WrapUp & Videos

Worlds Will Change…

With a full orchestra, dozens of world premieres, and world famous presenters from within the entertainment industries, The Game Awards 2018 took place in the Microsoft Theater (Los Angeles, California) and is one of the most digitally distributed products of all time and was streamed live in 4K HDR resolution as well as VR formats around the globe on more platforms than any other industry event or live awards show in history. In this article we will cover the play-by-play as well as provide coverage of the awards, world premiere announcements, game trailers, some commentary, and the full high definition replay footage of the event in case you missed the incredible ride.

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B Rating Given by Viewers of PlayStation and Nintendo Press Conferences

Who won E3? Xbox and Fallout 76 if you’re counting every gamer’s opinion. The votes are in. After Bethesda and Xbox E3 shows received A ratings from thousands of viewers, PlayStation and Nintendo have slipped into the B rating. That’s still better than the D rating EA Games received (the lowest which was available). Check out the way the polls were swinging for each Press Conference and some of the possible reasoning behind it, or catch up on what you missed and decide what you think.

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A Rating Given by Viewers of Bethesda Press Conference

The Elder Scrolls VI, Starfield, Fallout 76, and RAGE 2 were just a few of the announcements that Bethesda had up their sleeve for this year’s E3. Even if two of those four simply involved a name and a logo, we now know that Starfield is real and that Bethesda is hard at work figuring out how to make TES VI a true evolution over their previous games. All existing projects are receiving upgrades of varying degrees. There’s even going to be a full-fledged mobile RPG from Bethesda soon as well, The Elder Scrolls Blades. This group of announcements seems to have made E3 viewers very pleased.

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D Rating Given by Viewers of EA Games Press Conference

In a vote among nearly 10,000 gamers the EA Games Press Conference of E3 2018 was voted a D ranking. Geoff Keighley is the journalist / producer who created The Game Awards and host of the E3 Coliseum, and created the poll himself on Twitter just moments after the show. At the time of this posting the poll has received 9,699 votes with 22 hours and 17 minutes left. But the clear reaction 1 hour after EA took stage is clear.

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Why Wii U? Nintendo and Geoff Keighley

RealGamerNewz brought you our thoughts on the Wii U in our latest RealGamerNewz Nex Gen Podcast titled “End the Wii U Hate” which spawned much controversy as well as good feedback. Recently the efforts of Nintendo and GTTV’s Geoff Keighley have not gone over so well and have also spawned such controversy. Kotaku accuses the following ad campaign of being “Absurd”, but we will refer you to our points on Why Wii U and let you form your own opinions where it comes to Geoff and Nintendo’s reasoning:

Editor’s Note: RealGamerNewZ has moved web servers, some older posts can no longer be commented on and have been preserved without their images. Thank you for your understanding in this matter. This article was written by Jon Ireson on 20130325 and was last modified on 20130325 .