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Telltale’s The Walking Dead to be completed by new studio founded by original devs

You may recall a recent story that was dominating headlines for days. Telltale Games got shut down. In a complicated slope of twists and turns concerning game development disagreements, unpaid overtime, corporate mismanagement, and large investment deals gone sour – the rubber band finally snapped. Sadly nearly 300 people lost their jobs (more if you count the round of layoffs which took place leading up to this final moment).

It was said that a skeleton crew was remaining on board to finish up Minecraft for Netflix (a choose your own adventure style production blurring the lines between video game and film), but now that team has been let go as well. However, there is now a little bit of sunshine gleaming through finally, in an otherwise abysmal story.

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Not A Joke: Greg Miller Quits IGN

We Quit IGN

Congratulations to Greg Miller starting his own brand, I’ve always been a huge fan of his work and thanks to my good friend Hip Hop Gamer INC. I got a chance to meet him while working an industry trade event. Shout out to IGN.com for doing a great job finding Greg and his team of hilarious and brutally honest dudes, that will likely start the next big brand in Games Journalism. I’m sure we will see more great journalists rise from IGN as well. Shout outs to Gabe Carey for bringing this matter to my attention and his own publication Current Digital Magazine putting out great stories like this Interview with the CEO of Brain+ and how Neuroscience and Game Development Converge.

BUT, Don’t Take My Word For It….

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