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Super Meat Boy for PS4 + Vita FREE w/ PlayStation Plus At Launch

Super Meat Boy PS4 Vita Team Meat Free PlayStation Plus

A game with a long history and storied past featuring nearly a decade of development work for various releases beginning as early as on the Flash platform in 2008 and perhaps before that, Super Meat Boy has come a long way. Released on Xbox 360 through the XBLA (Xbox Live Arcade) store-front with some marketing help from Microsoft including during Microsoft’s 2010 Fall GameFeast XBLA.

The game’s development studio Team Meat was also featured in the documentary Indie Game: The Movie with the title later arriving on Windows PC through Steam, Direct2Drive, Humble Bundle, and other store-fronts. A Mac OS X edition of the game came out as well. PlayStation 3 was never able to get a port due to restrictions placed upon the developers by the XBLA contracts back in those days for indie games, something Microsoft and Sony have certainly learned a lot about and come a long way from since.

Super Meat Boy is confirmed for PS4 and PlayStation Vita release some time during Fall 2015 and will be free for all PlayStation Plus members on both platforms. Team Meat neglected to make any comment about a PS3 version, but said that making Super Meat Boy free for fans who have PS+ is their way of saying thanks and apologizing for the wait.

A sequel to Super Meat Boy which fully expands the concept is still said to be in development at Team Meat though it has not be publicly mentioned since last year. In addition to this, a graphically enhanced touch-screen controlled version of the game has been planned for mobile devices for some time with evidence of that development being shown off. This re-release could be the beginning of a larger outreach for Team Meat in which more titles across more platforms begin to release, so keep an eye on this development team and enjoy the free title when it launches on PS+ this Fall 2015.

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I Am Bread Review

I Am Bread Review - RealGamerNewz

This is an incredible game, don’t let the score being below a 7 fool you. We believe it was a hard earned amount of points and nearly full amount as well. Bossa Studios are very talented and while the silliness of some of their games is probably a topic of debate for many, we have no issue with it. We truly think it’s hilarious and inventive that they’ve found so many ways to get creative with such a simplistic concept. Control each corner of a piece of bread and attempt to get it into the toaster without being too dirty to eat, and it’s way harder than it sounds.

First of all, we recommend an Xbox controller and found keyboard controls more than ridiculous. If you don’t have a mechanical keyboard then don’t even bother trying. Some bizarre combination of mouse and keyboard can be accomplished if you’re truly a strange person. Good luck with that camera angle!

You think bread just lives for your amusement though don’t you? How vein indeed… there’s a reason he/she does the things bread does, see an example of how the storytelling proceeds in the game below:

I Am Bread Story - RealGamerNewz

Throughout the journey players will be faced with a ton of obstacles including getting from one counter to another without dragging “yourself” *(by yourself, I mean the piece of bread) through the carpet. Breadmaster Flex can cling on to things but that only adds to the confusion and further complicates the controls, it isn’t really going to save you until you’ve become well adjusted to controlling yourself. There’s also a good amount of ambiguity between what objects in the gameworld would be an enhancement to the final product of toast (such as jam) versus what would actually make it inedible (such as mould that looks like jam).

All of this is achieved by getting very, very creative and fearless with your bread. Climbing walls once you’ve learned to grip and leap around properly, choosing carefully a path you think can be accomplished without ruining the goods, then attacking like those white guys on the American version of Ninja Warrior before G4TV cancelled it and got their network taken completely off the air for not keeping it real with gamers.

Beyond the aforementioned obstacles, and many more as later levels are unlocked, players have to locate how / where they are going to toast the bread and how they are going to arrive at that location without ruining the bread. This isn’t the sort of game that holds your hands with big huge arrows, no no good sir. It’s more fun this way, exploring around. You may want to play this game in short bursts until it starts to sink in though since it takes a pretty long time to make an attempt when first learning how to play and realizing the toaster is in the opposite direction as expected after making the bread half dirty will give a serious sense of defeat to the player. It’s all part of the fun, but I wouldn’t be surprised if half of you rage quit and proceed to file legal movements against Bossa Studios for hurting your feelings.

I Am Bread Review - Steam - RealGamerNewz

Story mode itself has 8 levels full of interactive objects and all of the frustrating, clumsy trial and error described above. At the end of each level, not only will you be graded by toast quality (don’t burn it fools), edibility, and time taken to get toasted, but also deliciousness which is where the raspberry jelly comes into play as you may have imagined. Replaying each scene over and over is possible, and quite fun. But if you have OCD of any degree this game is probably going to be listed on your autopsy report for killing you.

Toasting in the Kitchen: Really, this is like the cradle for a baby. You’re born here and everything makes sense to you, but little do you know that you’ll look back on this day and realize you actually knew nothing at all. You’ll yearn for the simplicity that must have ensued during the discovery of life in the kitchen while being unable to remember what occurred to make you truly believe an insane journey as toast would be easy and that you were ready to handle it with ease. (Translation: WHAT???)

There are a number of ways to toast yourself in each level. In the Kitchen, there’s actually a toaster, but this won’t always be the case. It’s good to try the Kitchen many times until you start to get the hang of this game. Learn the basics, figure out how to discover new toasting abilities. I’d rather not spoil them in this Review, but there’s guides out there if you’re really stuck on later levels or just want to know what personal goals you can set for yourself. There’s at least 5 ways to do it, so don’t just think this is a boring level or something, some of them are pretty hilarious and unexpected.

Toasting in the Lounge: On a serious note, the difficulty from Kitchen to Lounge is like 12 to 1,000 by comparison. Hence why the odd language used to describe the Kitchen as basically, you’re a baby if you think that’s hard and certainly not ready for what Bossa has in store for you in the Lounge. Dirty footprints and the fact that there’s, at first, seemingly no way to get around the level without touching the carpet are bewildering at first. Hang in there, get creative as hell, find something that will burn bread (but not too much), make it there without ‘filthing up’ the situation, and you just might make it out alive soldier.

Toasting in the Bedroom: Feed the plants, make used band-aid flavored bread, play a few MS-DOS games, then get crumbs in the bed like the rockstar you know you can be, examine questionable wall mould, and pop a few Diazepam — don’t worry, that’s what Solid Snake used in Metal Gear Solid on PlayStation One to keep a steady aim when facing Sniper Wolf! It’s totally safe, probably!

I Am Bread Review - Bossa Studios - RealGamerNewz

Toasting in the Bathroom: Spawning in the medicine cabinet is how you know it’s going to suck figuring out how to get out of the Bathroom as a piece of toast. But by now, you should be a somewhat competent breadwinner, and if you haven’t rage quit the game in its entirety yet then the difficulty spike should only rustle your jimmies in a good kind of way. Some interesting things to try and flavor your bread with include toilet paper and toothpaste, but don’t take my word for it – eat that! Discovering what to toast with might be hard unless you go for that obvious option. Seriously though, who keeps grape jelly by the bath tub!? It must be a British thing… 😉

Toasting in the Garden: Amazing acrobatics again, but on another level. It’s theoretically much easier to get dirty in this level, but since it’s always easy to ruin the bread that’s probably going to be hard to quantify. Let’s say roughly 12,823.35% difficult though just to be sure. Particularly less textured than most other levels, the Garden makes up for it by having wind effect the gameplay. A car is littered with bird poop making us once again question the motives of those high flying freedom fighter rebels, a grill is sitting innocently offering to toast you but conveniently located in the worst possible spot, and it’s not even lit (yet). But is that really the best option? You be the judge.

Toasting in the Basement / Laundry Room: U wot m8? Yeah, all those “your mom’s basement” jokes come to life in the most cluttered laundry room I’ve ever seen. Don’t bother trying to make toast here until you’ve mentally prepared yourself with the patience and finesse of a Jedi Master (or Sith Lord). Power tools, trash buckets, random gadgets, and rogue appliances give way to a number of possibilities here. There’s even the boiler to the home heating system in this room… hmmm…

*Each mini-game has their own set of rules and is entirely different from the main event.

Bagel Race Mode: You race bagels rolling around like a wheel and go for the very best completion speed you can pull off.

Cheese Hunt Mode: You hunt multiple pieces of cheese while trying to stay edible.

Free Roam Mode: You roam free, no objectives, just explore and do crazy stuff. You can even use other pieces of bread on the game’s story levels this time.

Rampage Mode: Using a new Playable Character yall – the Baguette, try to destroy everything around you.

Zero-G Mode: Blast through space as a piece of bread!!!!!!! Obstacles everywhere, a new kind of physics, and a ridiculously glorious step for bread-kind.

Engine Performance: Medium (Some Bugs, Rarely Game-Breaking, Still Being Updated)

Final Verdict:

The major challenges this game will face with players is 1) whether or not they’ll be able to get excited about controlling a piece of bread, which many have proven they are, and 2) whether or not this concept will remain exciting long enough for them to experience all of the well crafted content Bossa Studios have placed in the game. There’s a few mini-games providing side content beyond the natural challenge, and replaying over and over for good times against friends seems like something that could be fun if you actually have friends that like playing I Am Bread.

This title could have easily been released on some website somewhere as a work of passion and have less than a hundred downloads and I would not be surprised. It’s nothing short of a miracle that the mainstream public of gamers worldwide have managed to even find out about its existence and thankfully the hours slaved over developing and polishing the game (and believe me, it really is quite polished) will actually be appreciated. That being said, being bread isn’t for everyone. Ask yourself not what can I bread for my country, but what can my country bread for me? Are you up for the toast challenge?

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6.3 / 10
Developer / Publisher: Bossa Studios

Available On: Windows PC | Mac OS X

Played On: Windows PC

Buy On: Steam (This Store Authorized by Game’s Developer)

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz for the purpose of this Review.

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The Weaponographist Review

The Weaponographist Review 3 - Mastertronic - RealGamerNewz

Tasked with battling an ever-changing variety of enemy hordes room after room, The Weaponographist has players assuming the role of dungeoneer Doug McGrave who is seeking vengeance on a witch who has cursed his ability to hold on to goods or currency. Because of a refusal to aid a town in which the dungeon is overflowing with bad guys, this witch has given this main character a really raw deal. This means that each time a weapon is picked up it must be used until it’s no good then discarded.

Some of the weapons you’ll use include whips, spears, swords, machine guns, pogo sticks, and magic staffs equipped with fire spells, as well as number of other pieces which I won’t spoil since finding them is part of the fun. Enemies vary wildly from demons to monkeys in top hats, very accurate and pesky bow and arrow wielding foes, tommy-gun mafia types, brutes, and a hell of a lot more.

Fists are a default option when there’s nothing else around, and mastery of different weapons will be vital since there’s not always going to be access to your favorite weapons. Thankfully, the town Doug’s residing in has decided to accept what appears to be the blood (called goop in-game) of the monsters he’s vanquishing allowing for purchase of upgrades to how powerful each weapon is.

The Weaponographist Review 2 - Mastertronic - RealGamerNewz

Attribute increases like increased health can also be purchased, and there are also special perks available such as guarantees that a treasure chest will approach Doug at certain points in the dungeon run. Small touches like this keep things interesting and progressing forward, but the great variety of gear picked up off of fallen foes is what makes the game great. That and well thought out enemy / level design. In addition to the weapons you pick up there’s also some area spells that act as secondary weapons but are only available as a supporting item like a staff is picked up off an enemy then they’re gone once used up.

Players must reach the bottom of the dungeon by proceeding through a number of depths. Each “depth” is a series of randomly generated rooms which take a fair amount of time to get through. Once players reach the end of a depth they must face the boss for that floor.

In case of defeat, a quicksave style altar can be activated. If players die they will get an option to go directly back to the boss battle but not without paying a price. A large percentage of their goop will be lost if this option is chosen, and even then the depth will have to be replayed if death occurs 3 times so these quicksave / checkpoint alters are far from overpowered.

Another factor to this game is the combo meter. I’ve managed to get over 100 and felt like that was something awesome, but it was much more difficult to get to 150 and beyond. The developer has stated that the game gets much more difficult around you once the combo meter drops, but I found it easier to just fight and pay less attention to it. It was unclear how much of an advantage keeping the combo going was actually giving to the player.

The Weaponographist Review - Mastertronic - RealGamerNewz

When you first look at The Weaponographist you may be turned off by what appears to be less than ideal visuals that have been done before and simplistic gameplay. Not to hurt anyone’s feelings who worked on the game though, the graphics aren’t bad they just feel generic. But while the presentation of the game could use some work, after an hour of play you’ll find that the fine-tuned gameplay more than makes up for the sometimes underwhelming aesthetics of the game. Polish has been placed in all of the right areas and after the momentum of the game really gets going it’s quite an enjoyable experience.

As the game proceeds the graphics do seem to have more and more love put into them. Beyond that, enemy variety increases and the weapons continue to get crazier and crazier. A huge part of the fun is just being able to discover new enemy types and figure out how using their own tools against them will work best. Different foes respond in various ways to different gear, so just picking favorites isn’t enough. Damaging one with a certain weapon won’t yield the same results with another enemy, Doug has to get good at everything and a sort-of rhythm begins to develop in each room as far as player strategy versus enemies that are being spawned.

Final Verdict:

It’s excellent to see another studio I previously hadn’t heard of getting shine thanks to indie publishing house Mastertronic. Puuba, the development studio behind The Weaponographist, has shown a great understanding of what makes games good. Though the visual look to this game isn’t the worst we’ve seen, it surely would be a more inviting game if it boasted a sharper image. The creativity put into animations and later levels is commendable, and bosses are very unique and challenging. Nonetheless, anybody who passes by this game without at least trying out the free demo is perhaps a fool and at best missing out on a high-tension, high-fun factor action / arcade style dungeon game. While I wouldn’t go as far as to call this an RPG nor a roguelike, The Weaponographist does have its own style and feel to it and receives a 6.8 out of 10 from RealGamerNewz.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 6.8 / 10
Developer: Puuba
Publisher: Mastertronic

Available On: Windows PC | Mac OS X

Played On: Microsoft Windows PC

Buy From: Steam | GMG (These Stores Authorized by Game’s Publisher)

Review Copy Info: Two digital copies of this game were provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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Tinertia (PC / PS4 / XO) – Gameplay Trailer [HD 1080P]

Tinertia RealGamerNewz

Gameplay Trailer of Tinertia.

Genre(s): Action-platformer
Platform(s): Windows PC, PlayStation 4, Xbox One
Publisher(s): Section Studios
Developer(s): Candescent Games
Release Date (NA): Fall 2015

Tinertia Steam Group

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Indie Games To Look Out For: Firewatch

Firewatch - RealGamerNewZ

First person survival adventure game with abstract art mixed with photo-realism, Firewatch is coming from a team of all-star developers turned indie. Some of the minds behind Telltale Games previous projects like The Walking Dead, a programmer from the early days of Twitter and Tumblr, and even a graphics engine programming from Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare are just a few of the examples of veteran experience behind this project which reminds us a lot like Far Cry: Blood Dragon meets MYST in its early conceptual days. Likely sponsored by Starbucks days and afternoons on Macbook Pros with never ending coffee and quiet, calm discussion,

Firewatch is being put together as more of an artistic experience with gameplay elements meant to naturally flow. Although it’s way too soon to tell exactly what will come of the game, Campo Santo (the name of the development studio these tag-teaming veterans have created) has described the game as “a mystery set in the Wyoming wilderness, where your only emotional lifeline is the person on the other end of a handheld radio.” and is focusing on an atmosphere of “Peace, Solitude, and The Great Outdoors.” For now the development studio seems to be enjoying their unknown status off in sunny San Francisco as they put hard work into the game, and so we will respect those wishes and hold off on going fully in-depth about the title as well as how to reach the devs at this current time.

There’s a quarterly update being released in small circulation, which resembles a gaming magazine from the 90s in writing style, in which the developers speak candidly about their progress developing the title as well as their feelings about it and vision for the future of the industry. These date back all the way to October 2013 when the development studio was founded and suggest that Firewatch has had plenty of time in the oven to get cooked slowly and steadily as well as play-tested to the heart’s content. Hopefully all of this will result in a high quality game that will come out of nowhere and take gamers by surprise. Be on the look out for this game and be sure to head back to RealGamerNewz.com every now and again as we feature Indie Games To Look Out For which you may not have heard of but are likely to impact the industry in major ways.

Sincerely Your Editor-In-Chief,

Jon Ireson

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Crypt of the NecroDancer Gets Final Release Date + New Trailer

Crypt of the NecroDancer

Get down, get down. Welcome to a new experience. Music and mayhem combine as players move to the rhythm with their own MP3s or a crazy soundtrack while fighting back against an onslaught of evil things, grabbing weapons, buying items at shops, and other RPG-like behavios. The Crypt of the NecroDancer is a fully developed indie game hitting Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux on April 23, 2015 via Steam. SteamOS support is also included and if you just can’t wait then Early Access is available for purchase now.

A keyboard, controller, or USB dance pad are all acceptable accessories that can be used to play this game. Dungeons change every time you play and some of the enemies include skeletons, dragons, and zombies, but that’s not all of them by a long shot. Serving up retro graphics with a new gameplay spin that infuses music into every step, Crypt of the NecroDancer aims to stand out in the crowd of “Rogue-like” games on Steam by offering more soul to its RPG flavor inspired by other Music games along the road.

What else is new in the final release versus Early Access build? Check out below in this Excerpt from the Official Press Release:

  • The final zone (zone 4) has been added, with a whole host of new enemies, traps, secrets, and minibosses
  • Unique final boss battles for the main characters: Cadence, Melody, and Aria
  • Story cinematics for Cadence, Melody, and Aria, after completing each zone
  • One additional insanely difficult character: Coda
  • 10+ more achievements
  • A new “technique trainer” lobby NPC who helps teach the game’s higher-level techniques
  • Some musical surprises we can’t yet reveal!
  • And, of course, a bunch of polish, balance tweaks, and bug fixes

Official HD 1080P Launch Trailer:

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47 Hour Steam Discount Saves You over $180 —> The Time Is Now…

Daedalic Entertainment - Armageddon Bundle - Steam Daily Deal

Games have never been so cheap as they are today. For the next 47 hours there is an unprecedented sale going on offering up over $180 in savings over the individual cost of each game included. The Armageddon Bundle from Daedalic Entertainment includes such high-rated titles as Memoria (The Dark Eye), 1954: Alcatraz, Edna & Harvey: The Breakout as well as Harvey’s New Eyes, The Night of the Rabbit, A New Beginning – Final Cut, The Dark Eye: Chains of Satinav, The Whispered World Special Edition, Goodbye Deponia, Chaos on Deponia, and the original Deponia. These are all lovingly hand-crafted from the independent and artistically talented team at Daedalic Entertainment and if you’re a die-hard Adventure fan then you won’t want to miss out. Here’s a trailer from our favorite game of the bunch and a link to the Steam Deal itself below.

Armageddon Bundle – Available On Steam Now

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Warlocks Hits Steam Early Access w/ Gameplay Trailer to Make Your Eyes Bleed

RealGamerNewz - Indie Games - Warlocks Steam Early Access

Part Bullet Hell, Part 2D Action RPG, Warlocks for Steam Early Access has a new trailer that is hard for the brain to follow but certainly leaves a desire to know more about the game behind it. Currently 10% off to celebrate its launch on Steam, Warlocks is developed by Frozen District and published by ONE MORE LEVEL who also published Deadlings – Rotten Edition. In addition to being SteamOS compatible, the game runs on Windows / Mac OS X / Linux platforms of reasonably low spec or better and focuses on co-op as well as competitive multiplayer though it can also be played as a single player experience. Controller support and Steam Trading Cards are already supported with the developer estimating to be ready for a full release in 2-3 months claiming that the current stage of Warlocks is a late Beta with “most of the content and all game modes”. Take a look at their newest trailer today showing straight up gameplay.

Warlocks Early Access Gameplay Trailer:

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Woolfe – The Red Hood Diaries (Part 1) Now Available On Steam

RealGamerNewz - Woolfe The Red Hood Diaries on Steam 2

The Action / Adventure title from GRIN in which that old legend about little red riding hood gets turned upside down is now available on Steam. She’s not just a defenseless little girl anymore, she’s ready to drop bodies of her evil foes in pursuit of great combo attacks and the truth behind her father’s death. There’s word of puzzles being thrown in to slow down the little red devil, but then again she always knew leaving granny’s house wasn’t going to present her with an easy path. This is a first of two parts, so players can expect to get to know this game and perhaps be left wanting for more. With 3D Platformer elements and a bunch of positive Steam Reviews already up, written by actual gamers, this title is beckoning for you to experience it.

This game is also available for PlayStation 4 and Xbox ONE platforms.

Check out the trailer below for more visuals:

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We Happy Few – Announcement Trailer [HD 1080P]

We Happy Few RealGamerNewz Indie Video Game

Announcement Trailer of We Happy Few.

Genre(s): First Person
Platform(s): PC
Publisher(s): Compulsion Games
Developer(s): Compulsion Games
Release Date (NA): TBA 2015

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