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Kickstarter News: 3 Days Left for Boston, MA Game “Dyscource” – Your Plane Crashed, Your Decisions Matter, Survive!

Dyscourse - Survival Game out of Boston MA

Check out the following in-game video describing the situation with Dyscourse, a game coming from our home location of Boston, Massachusetts (East Coast, USA) in which the player’s plane has crashed and they must find ways to survive. The choices you make matter, and you can find out more in the video below. There are 3 days to help the developers reach their goal, donate, share, tweet, whatever you can do helps out the creation of this indie game become a reality!

Link to the Kickstarter Here

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IndieSpotlight: Secret of Escape

Secret of Escape IndieSpotlight RealGamerNewz

In Secret of Escape, replay value is a major focus point for developer GamePopper who brings forth the following Action / Stealth title on the Windows / Linux / Mac OS X platforms. The work in progress game can be seen in video format at the bottom of this article with a link to the official developer’s page as well. RGN had the chance to speak with GamePopper about Secret of Escape and gain some valuable insights on the title currently being developed. Here’s what we learned.

Finding something new whenever you play through the game is meant to make it replayable many times as player continue to hone their skills and discover. Initially Secret of Escape was seen at a Games Jam where games were being designed under the theme of “Secrets”. GamePopper ended up coming away with a project that felt worthy of full production by the indie developer.

Multiple endings to unlock new levels, enemy types, gameplay mechanics and modes are spread out through a number of levels. Hidden in the main game are ways to escape each level a different way, deviate from the main story, and get a different ending where you’d least expect it. Each level consists of sneaky, stealthy action avoiding death and discovery by simple enemies like security cameras a la Metal Gear Solid style, and beyond to more advanced enemy types.

Each level has a 15 second countdown making the intensity incredibly high. Instant death is reached once you run out of seconds to escape then you must try the level again. Desura is one of the platforms expected for the game to release on (which is essentially ‘Steam for indies’). Other inspirations besides the theme of being in secret include Saw the film.

The main storyline behind Secret of Escape is that a madman is in charge of the player’s life and forcing him to play a game with it. Comply or be killed. These are the options presented to the player. Strapped with bombs, you must escape by all means. But escaping in new and creative ways is your best way to break the cycle of horror that’s going on. The bombs you’re strapped with explode if you fail to exit each level in time.

Gameplay is being developed mainly with the Xbox 360 in mind and GamePopper has also put together titles like ’10 Second Paper Flight’ for the Ludem Dare 27 as well as ‘BOOM’, and ‘Fireworks Defence Unit’ for Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 on PC. Secret of Escape is being developed using the Construct 2 Engine. Take a look at the footage below from the work in progress as well as a link to the developer behind it.

Official Gameplay of Work-In-Progress Game:

Check out Secret of Escape’s Official Page on GamePopper’s Website.

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Democracy 3 Review

democracy 3 review realgamernewz

This game is the third installment of the popular indie game Democracy that was released in 2005, followed by the sequel in 2007, and now this most recent game this month. This game was created and released by Positech, a one man band. Cliff Harris runs the company and does almost 100% of the work for these games and sells them online with demos that people can get before they decide to buy the full version.

The basis of the game is that the player chooses to lead a democratic country, by picking a country you either become a prime minister or president of the county. After that the player is to lead the country though terms of office making important decisions in relation to the actual running of a county. The game only continues if you are able to be reelected and you have to do things to keep a majority of the population that you are ruling happy enough to get reelected.

Democracy 3 RealGamerNewz RGN Review

The game play is quite simple and the game starts there is a comprehensive walkthrough and explanation of what everything does and how is corresponds to the game play and how it effects other things that it is connected to negatively or positively. The player works through a whole term part by part and they try to do things that makes the greater majority of the electorate happy so that the player is reelected so as to keep the game going. What decisions and actions that they use their political capital for dictates how the game will progress.

Democracy 3 RGN Indie Game Review

The Characters that are presented in this game are quite simple. There is the player as the executive figure, the general public that can be broken into smaller sub-socioeconomic groups, the cabinet or ministers that assist the executive, and some other people will pop up to help the player and give information to the player. The player has many different scenarios that they can take with various countries and various parties and policies the options are endless.

democracy-3-gameplay review realgamernewz

The controls are very simple, just the click of the mouse is all the player needs to be able to do overall for this game. The graphics are intricate from the aspect that the creator made a lot of icons that all fed into each other, for instance hovering over one issue on the map will then direct positive or negative arrows to the other effected issues represented by other icons.


Final Verdict:

This game came in as a 7 out of 10 overall. This game would probably not be the first choice of the average player, but the game is extremely similar to real life. This has been used as an educational tool, and should continue to be. This would be an outstanding tool to use at a university level as to show people what the reactions and outcomes come from the actions of a national leader instead of a theoretical situation and exceptions that one reads while studying situations. Cliff Harris really does a fantastic job at bringing the real world through on this game.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 7/10

RGN Rating: Bronze Game

Developer / Publisher: Positech

Available On: Windows PC, Mac OS X, and Linux

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

Democracy 3 Government Shutdown Ad

Democracy 3 Cliff Harris RealGamerNewz

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