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Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 Review

Grand Theft Auto V PlayStation 4 Review - RealGamerNewz

Straight from the first step into Los Santos the textures and graphics are exactly what we’ve all been hoping for, depth visuals. Whether your returning from PS3 or this is your first visit to Los Santo’s, you are in for a treat. The environment looks super smooth with eye-popping details in every object, I dare say Rockstar may have we finally tamed GTA’s beastly new engine and harnessed its power properly on next-gen consoles.

A ton of new features, upgrades, and individual content pieces have been added to the game, the best of which I can say, DRAW DISTANCE has been improved. The worst thing I can say is that fans are tired of waiting for Heists missions to release, and although it’s great they’re being prepped for release now that the next-gen launches of Grand Theft Auto V are out – we were ready for them literally a year ago. Hopefully the build up is worth the wait, I’m surely not envying the pressure Rockstar Games must be feeling on that one.

Exclusive Content for those who have already played Grand Theft Auto V on previous systems is included in the game surprisingly enough. This extends from solving a Murder Mystery eventually leading to an unlockable graphics filter for the game, exclusive weapons including a Hatchet and high power Rail Gun, the Wildlife Photography Challenge, Stock Car Races, and some other stuff we won’t mention because it’s just more fun finding on your own.

GTA V RealGamerNewz PS4 Review

The liquid graphic textures that end up splattered on your car or on the ground appear raised and with proper depth and lighting. The end result is what looks a three dimensional effect. Problem is, the splatter pattern leaves little to be desired. Fluid animations overall though have seen a great upgrade.

In terms of overall graphics, EQAA (Enhanced Quality Anti-Aliasing) and high-quality FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti-Aliasing) has been upgraded according to Rockstar Games’ Reviewer’s Guide handed down to press. Antisotropic filtering has also been implemented in a way that is meant to make far away images look sharper. This definitely works while maintaining a larger draw distance, and nearly zero pop-up that I can find.More specs are listed including Tesselation and displacement mapping as well as Parallax occlusion which can account for some of our earlier observations with gooey substances looking more real.

Rockstar Games also boasts improved physics, particle effects, lighting (over 3x the number of light sources from Xbox 360 / PlayStation 3, among other lighting upgrades), re-modeled textures, re-sculpted objects, volumetric light pollution, and more.

There’s been over 150 songs added to the sound-track, great small touches like High Definition versions of the television shows you can watch in-game at your characters’ mansions such as Republican Space Rangers or Impotent Rage. There’s even new vehicles to check out.


Online mode has been increased to 30 players with 2 spectators, a new first person mode has been released revealing all kinds of great easter eggs and hidden goodies in the game. FPS mode also has its own (optional) cover system to duck and lean up against walls, new ways to aim, and controls that feel like a first person shooter not the regular GTA just pasted into first person. This can be customized, so fear not if those words brought little comfort.

GTA Online also comes pre-patched now, with 11 updates already included off the bat. GTA Online on next-gen consoles will usher in a new experience, which is great because the last gen version has succumb to many hackers as of late who enjoy trolling and ruining the experience for others with cheats and / or mods to the game world peer-to-peer servers (since Rockstar doesn’t appear to host any of their own). Hopefully that problem will still be patched on last-gen systems though, and owners won’t be left behind.

Final Verdict:

If you haven’t been a part of the Grand Theft Auto V Experience yet, you don’t know what you’re missing. In this version, Driving stability has been taken to a new level. The overall feel of the game as well as the surroundings are meshed without unsightly lines or glitches even at top speeds. New crash animations have been introduced with subtle slow motion scenes just before impact lasting split seconds so you can bear witness to your self-inflicted carnage. Glass smashing, smoke burrowing, tiny pieces, and particles disintegrate as it all unfolds.

After seeing the difference between the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 versions of Grand Theft Auto V, I really appreciate the work that went into the upgrade details. This game comes with everything that made the first version great, smoother graphics with new textures and objects, and higher quality engine performance. The extra content added will be producing hours of replay value and Heists is still on the way according to Rockstar. All of these things are what makes revisiting Grand Theft Auto V well worth a second purchase.

Official Trailer:

1080P Gameplay Footage (Complete):

Overall Score: 10 / 10

RGN Rating: Diamond Game

Developers: (Main Dev) RockStar North

(additonal work) RockStar NYC, RockStar San Diego, Rockstar Leeds, RockStar Toronto, RockStar New England, RockStar London, and RockStar Lincoln

Publisher: RockStar Games

Distributor: Take-Two Interactive

Available On: PS4 | XO

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

PC Version Review Here

PS3 / 360 Version Review Here

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review as a part of a Review Kit which also included a T-Shirt and Collectible Toy.

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Sev Zero (Fire TV Exclusive) Review

Sev Zero Review Amazon Fire TV RealGamerNewz

Sev Zero is immediately fun and easy to master, doing a good job of introducing gamers to what Amazon Fire TV is all about; ease of use blended with hardcore features. This title starts off as a great introduction for any type of gamer and then brings them into a fully featured tower defense meets first person shooter bullet hell as it progresses from simple walker type aliens up to massive and powerful monsters that fight back.

After quickly ramping up the difficulty, the movement speed, and getting used to the game’s tele-porting system – Sev Zero becomes more and more interesting. The aliens of early stages you may have seen online in screenshots do not prepare you for the actuality of packs of varying unit types you’ll be encountering. Many of the enemies in this game have their own special moves that must be learned and avoided when you beam down into the Impact Suit. While they resemble very slow moving zombies at early stages, and using low / default difficulty settings, these steady attacks end up more like stampedes of varying foes that get tougher, stronger, and faster as players proceed through each wave.

Many memorable weapons with dead-on accuracy, hit detection, and no lag at all when interacting with leader-boards, unlockable progress on full completion being tracked on-screen and on-cloud through your GameCircle Achievements which is basically the Fire TV’s version of Trophies. If you die, your Impact Suit will be rebuilt. But if you allow the onslaught of alien units to deteriorate the shields and subsequently the energy core at the center of the conflict (which your partner is trying to disable to prevent alien invasion) then she can begin to get attacked and can potentially die.

Action-wise some unexpected elements include enemies using melee and projectiles requiring players to perform teleportation strafing techniques in their Impact Suit to avoid death as well as huge enemies that are very deadly and can also teleport-strafe. Strategically the enemies will sometimes attempt a flanking maneuver, but once you get really good at planning things out and picking tower / weapon timing – with little to no overlap in kills on foot versus tower mode, things start to get routine and you’re ready for the next round, next stage, and eventually the next difficulty setting.

Sev Zero - RealGamerNewz Airstrike

A mixture of strategy and shooting like this has been tried in the game industry before, but never quite felt right. Going into Sev Zero I had predispositions about the combination of tower defense and first person shooters combining, but Amazon Game Studios has made me a believer. Some of the great guns you’ll use as well as the speed with which the pacing of the game moves (complete with fast forward option) are real strong points and I appreciate the attention to detail when it comes to gameplay mechanics, especially the ease of use for the user interface as well as the excellent hit detection and object collision detection which makes it easy to just focus on action, increasing skill, and then re-playing at higher difficulties once the game has been beaten. This game doesn’t use artificial difficulty or overpowered enemies to scale itself to a higher level either – which was great to discover. In Sev Zero, strategic problems can always be met with a combination of great, accurate shooting in first person mode combined with patient, calm, logic-based decisions made in the real-time defense mode.

Some of the best guns you’ll take control of in the game include the Grenade Launcher, my personal favorite – the Aistrike Gun that fires scathing projectiles that mark and paint the target for an Aistrike that hits while you’re still firing off darts, the Railgun which is also an excellent choice and has a powerful shot gun type of alternate mode with a precise headshot tool that delivers extreme damage. This one hurts them so bad the aliens start putting their hands up and covering their faces, but it won’t stop the rails from killing them. The primary weapon can also be selected between different modes such as Shotgun or Rifle mode. There are also more unlockable attachments beyond this. Every gun has a level and can be increased in power and attributes over time through gaining experience. Only a certain amount of guns can be taken out in a loadout (which is decided before starting the session). Beyond that, explosive canisters can change the entire tide of battle (and they don’t respawn so use them wisely), towers get attacked by tougher and tougher alien beings, and shields get targeted directly by some while others try to distract a player or destroy defense infrastructure. Some enemies are slow and hard to take down, others are agile and do lots of damage if not cleared out quickly. Enemies have an artificial intelligence that occurs in parallel evolution to the players taught strategy and tactics throughout the game.

After you’ve killed enough of a certain wave, you can choose to take a quick breath and upgrade / repair any broken towers or teleport around before starting the next one. However, if you’re feeling on top of your strategic game – to speed things up, you can just send in the next alien wave by hitting X when given the option and that’s without interrupting anything you were doing at that moment. This is a great choice of options and they are presented in a fluid, streamlined way. Somehow I get the sense that streamlined efficiency is at the core to Amazon’s strategy with Fire TV overall.

Sev Zero - RealGamerNewz - Amazon Fire TV

Towers that players will have access to in this game include the Mortar Tower which fires rockets, Slow Tower which slows enemy units down, Radiation Tower which causes enemy units to get diseased, and the Life Drain Tower which I pray to god does not exist and resembles a pink laser evaporating the souls and physical molecular structure of those who walk near it (except you)! There are also more standard and expected towers and the way these are used may not always be textbook. Thinking with an open mind and trying to work out what does or does not work is the only way to take the game to full completion, and in that sense it is a truly strategy-based title.

Final Verdict:

Second Screen abilities, excellent Game Controller support, and a well directed experience provide players with the full game they were promised. Thankfully, RGN takes Gameplay a lot more serious than the cinematic / story quality of a game. However, it did hurt the game a bit that we sometimes felt forcing ourselves to have interest in the plot even though the game itself was brilliant without it. Higher difficulties and full-on achievements / friends to compete with online with the Fire TV give this game a decent replay value though – so this makes up for it. Graphics left a little to be desired, but looked much better on the actual Fire TV unit than in trailers. The core values of strategic gameplay design exhibited by the developers of this game provide for a title that simply works.

We love Sev Zero, and we patiently await future releases from Amazon Game Studios. As we go run through the hundreds of other Fire TV games already available, take a look at the Official Sev Zero Trailer below and our RGN Rating score for the game overall.

Official Trailer:

Overall Score: 8.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Silver Game

Developer / Publisher: Amazon Game Studios

Available Now: Sev Zero – Amazon Fire TV Exclusive

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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Always Sometimes Monsters Review

Always Sometimes Monsters RealGamerNewz

Always Sometimes Monsters is popping and bumping great music from the start and its soundtrack definitely fits the cruise mode storytelling techniques used by development house Vagabond Dog as players are thrust head first into the psychological thriller that is this game.

In terms of gameplay players can expect an Adventure with RPG elements such as item accumulation and finding the best use of quest items in a world full of people who all need something. Players will also get the chance to name some characters as they go, while others have pre-assigned names. Gameplay also involves making choices like, to kiss or not to kiss! And who knows what else… because at RGN we certainly don’t believe in spoilers – especially during Reviews. Let’s just say some choices have a way bigger impact on the the life of characters depicted in Always Sometimes Monsters, but are sometimes presented in a vague and mysterious way to keep things interesting. The consequences of actions may appear obvious-seeming like helping an old lady with her purse or not wasting your precious time to avoid being late for hot work opportunities, but can have widespread effects later down the road, giving personification to the old saying “you never know who’s who!”

The Fate system is a centerpiece as players are effecting their future by making their own choices. As Vagabond Dog says, Circumstance dictates the evaluation of risk and benefit which decides our choice – and Consequence takes care of the rest. Always Sometimes Monsters goes out of its way to tackle social issues gracefully such as characters being trans-gender or bisexual. Decisions between love as a focus in life or something else like a career may come into play, or otherwise separate paths one can take.

Always Sometimes Monsters Gameplay RGN

Graphically the game looks great for a retro-inspired art style. Animations that haven’t been done before such as 8 bit bong rips certainly add to the unique feel of the game and the overall planning of visuals in the game have been given a lot of attention. The lack of voice overs may prevent some full enjoyment from certain players, but long-time veterans of the role playing game genre should find themselves at home with this format of play despite the game being a text-based, reading-involved adventure. To be honest, reading is very good for you and can be fun in its own nerdy way – yeah I said it; deal with it. Besides, there aren’t any billionaires yet who don’t read every day – and you like money right?

Anyways, this game isn’t about that. Always Sometimes Monsters has a gripping presentation and a really enjoyable gameplay experience just waiting for players to sink their teeth into. During this game, I actually felt as if I were the characters I was taking control of. I really understood their story and was presented with an unpredictable world full of interactive environments, other people to interact with (NPCs), and more. These tools are made available for the player to simulate the life of this person throughout the given scenes that take place. It’s very exhilarating and different from anything I’ve ever played. The scenarios in ASM are unique and not your average canon to say the least.

Controls – Despite being standard industry practice, it’s a bit disappointing to see sub-par support for legacy gamepad controllers. Most of them are very old, but this is on the Windows PC platform of course, and simply forcing everyone into buying an Xbox 360 controller or using XB360 Controller Emulators isn’t a totally fair nor complete value offer when other drivers could have easily been included as with many other modern games being released on the Steam market. That being said, the title handles fine on PS4 controllers if the ControllerMAX Physical Adapter is used or for those tech-savvy, some sort of Controller Emulation. A Keyboard can also be used to play the game and both controls are equally responsive so there is nothing to complain about outside of the support issues aforementioned above.

Always Sometimes Monsters 2 Gameplay RGN

Of course, to find such a small issue with the game is not very much of a disaster. Always Sometimes Monsters is an emotional piece of art that moves us and inspires us. Without taking heed to genre or rulesets of society or any other kind, Vagabond Dog has created something that is new, fun, and has meaning.

Final Verdict:

We applaud the originality in this game’s writing. Despite retro-inspired graphics and text-based dialogue giving the game a requirement for focus on the player’s part, Always Sometimes Monsters grips us in ways we have never felt before thanks in no small part to an amazing Soundtrack and real-feeling cast of abnormal characters. We truly cared about what was happening, but much like real life – had less control over events than we thought when making our decisions and taking action to solve the problems of the characters in-game. RealGamerNewz highly recommends this game for players of all types – it’s one of those titles you have to try at least once, and that you won’t ever forget afterwards. Always Sometimes Monsters gets a 9.5 out of 10 and is awarded the prestige of being an RGN Gold Game.

Official Teaser Trailer:

Overall Score: 9.5 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Developer: Vagabond Dog

Publisher: Devolver Digital

Available On: Windows PC

Review Copy Info: A digital copy of this product was provided to RealGamerNewz by the publisher for the purpose of this Review.

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Bound By Flame PS4 Review

Bound By Flame PS4 RealGamerNewz Review

Bound By Flame is the Action RPG for the next-gen gamer, and PlayStation 4 owners won’t want to miss out on this one. Already being compared to heavyweight titles in the genre, this Spiders developed title delivers its own flavor of swordplay to the industry and carves out more room within the niche market of hardcore dungeon difficulty video games.

We’d also like to take a moment to commend the development studio Spiders for their efforts to introduce unique tactics that can be utilized such as having bosses help you take out opponents before taking the battle down between the two of you, as well as the Bound By Flame’s great soundtrack, tense and entertaining adult language, conflict, and crews in the fantasy world setting. Dialogue and path choices made by the player branch out giving the game a bit of added depth to the experience. Beyond that, entire events in the game will be altered based on decisions to do with the storyline and the fate of the people you’ll meet throughout your journey.

in terms of the gameplay, Bound By Flame doesn’t disappoint. After a few introductory ‘kills’ and some getting used to the feel of the controls this game’s combat system truly shines. Falling somewhere comfortably in the middle between the typically polar brutal or easy games in its genre. Instead, Bound By Flame (perhaps unexpectedly) provides a polished and refined live action battle system that is rich with replay value and customizability but more importantly just feels right.

Bound By Flame RealGamerNewz

The heads-up displays featured in this game provide what feels like a much more tactical and advanced experience in contrast to other hud-less titles. Similarly, the intricate and quality precision of the battle system allows a more traditional Action RPG feel based on skills and fun factor reversing a recent trend focusing on exact button press timing and extreme artificial difficulty.

Some points were dropped due to a small amount of screen tearing during some of the story cutscenes in the beginning of the title but when you’re actually playing gameplay the frame rate and engine performance is totally solid. this can probably be fixed in a patch, and doesn’t effect gameplay at this time. The main playable character speaks, and the story is pretty decent. You’ll notice that no matter what you type in your name as, your character is referred to by the same name out loud. This is a bit weird at first, but not really a problem since the story is fleshed out. Perhaps the character naming exists just to identify multiple save files for various play-throughs at any given time? Who knows.

Improvements have been made on the core mechanics expected in the game, such as grabbing items just by one button tap which results in the character quickly kicking in a chest and instantly adding the items to inventory, crafting equipment such as traps and potions on the fly, and switching between skill-sets that cater to attacking enemies with different ways – just a few examples of how optimized features replace incumbent ‘hang-ups’ of recent titles (such as waiting for animations that repeat many times throughout the game).

Bound By Flame Jon Ireson RealGamerNewz

Players are encouraged to select a difficulty that best suits the play-style they intend to use. For example, foraging for lots of items and facing brutal odds is reserved for a higher mode while the game can also be played with a lower degree of complexity and resistance. Collecting materials and crafting will be essential either way, but coming up with almost nothing in terms of item accumulation really forces the skill factor on battles and produces the intensity that this title’s genre has now become known for in the modern age of video games.

Graphically the game is great to look at. On the PlayStation 4 Spiders has shown that they are capable of producing good visuals. The textures and art inspired for each zone feels different and the presentation of enemies during battle gives something the eyes enjoy scanning rapidly during fast-paced gameplay. Combat in the fantasy genre doesn’t always get the best pixel counts either, so it was appreciated that Bound By Flame kept a visually appealing front-end to what results in a thoroughly enjoyable leveling system.

Introductions, tutorials, and thinks of that nature are always a chore. Bound By Flame provides something of a ‘go-there, get-this, talk to that guy’ introductory section that may drive some players away. As a rule of thumb, developers should make a point to start off Action games – with Action. However, I heed you not to hesitate in pushing passed this formality because it fails to represent the clamoring fights that await in the actual game. Moves may also appear primitive or basic at first, but new animation, battle timing, and moves are added to the game regularly as players progress and select which areas of gameplay need improving. This can potentially change an entire play-through and customize Bound By Flame for any play-style.

Bound By Flame RGN

In Bound By Flame players take the role of a character who is literally Bound By Flame. The demonic presence of fire within the very spirit of the player threatens to escape and while trying to contain it must be utilized in battle through various magical moves such as throwing fireballs, setting weapons on fire, and using shields made of flame. As the game progresses forth, our travelling character begins to evolve and gain new abilities with more gameplay elements being fed into the experience at a steady pace keeping the feel of the game fresh and fun.

Official Combat Gameplay Trailer:

Final Verdict:

Bound By Flame is a must-have next-generation game, point blank. Perhaps with a few more tweaks and the addition of co-operative play Bound By Flame could have been a perfect Diamond Game. This Action RPG surprised us and blew away our expectations with a focus on integrating traditionally expected quality into the emerging sub-genre of brutally difficult fantasy combat titles. Spiders and Focus Home Interactive have out-done themselves and we hope to see developers re-think projects currently brewing to make games that are more like this! RealGamerNewz rates Bound By Flame a 9.4 out of 10 making it an RGN Gold Game.

Overall Score: 9.4 / 10

RGN Rating: Gold Game

Publisher: Focus Home Interactive

Developer: Spiders

Played On: Sony PlayStation 4

Available On: PS4 | PS3 | 360 | PC

Review Copy Info: A physical copy of this game was provided to RealGamerNewz in advance of release by the publisher for the purpose of this review.

Bound By Flame RealGamerNewz Review

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Release Date For The Walking Dead: Season Two – PS3 North America Season Pass; Discount Price

The Walking Dead Season Two - Season Pass Discount PS3

The Walking Dead: Season Two – Episode One has released on the Xbox Games Store (360), Steam (PC), and PlayStation Network (PS3) and once again the Season Pass is late arriving on Sony’s platform. Luckily for gamers itching to play the title, RealGamerNewz is working with TellTale Games and will have a Full Review very soon. Even more luckily for gamers, TellTale Games has been kind enough to announce the Official Release Date for TWD: Season Two’s Season Pass on the North American Region PS Store. But understanding that the delay will cause perhaps many thousands of gamers to buy the first episode early, unable to wait, TellTale has decided to sweeten the deal.

Here is the official quote from TellTale Games:

“As a special thank you to those who purchased Episode 1 early AND those who’ve been waiting for the Season Pass before playing the premiere, the Season Pass (which includes Episodes 1-5) will have a special introductory price of just $14.99 USD or equivalent until January 7th.”

So there you have it gamer family, TellTale has your back. This was met by one single comment that quietly speaks the loudest feedback out of the TWD community right now – “I am glad you are doing this” followed by “Please do not become an EA”, something I think the entire industry can agree with right now after what’s been going on at EA lately.

[Official Source: TellTale Games Support]

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Dark Souls II Multiplayer PS3 Beta Gameplay [HD]

Dark Souls II Attributes

Here is some gameplay footage of Kenneth Richardson playing the Dark Souls II Multiplayer Beta for PlayStation 3. It was also recently revealed that Dark Souls II will not feature DLC and will not have a next-gen port on PS4 / XO platforms.

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Fan Art: Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake

Earthbound HD Remake

Earlier this week a fan by the name of Christopher Behr has brought to light something that has taken him over a year to produce. The following images are not part of a larger project that is playable, to the dismay of many fans, but has been recognized by fans as perhaps the most professional looking Fan Art ever created for Earthbound and resembling an Earthbound HD Remake further fueling hopes that the game could someday be revived by either Nintendo or the original development team. Take a look for yourself at the images below in full detail which were released on Reddit (via Imgur) and be sure to visit ChristopherBehr.com to pay your respects to the creator. Below the images is some Earthbound Fan Art created by other fans including music and a trailer remade for the game.

Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 1 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 2 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 6 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 5 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 4 Fan Art - Earthbound HD (Mother HD) Remake 3

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PS4’s DualShock 4 Controller Wastes 4+ Hours Of Battery Life On Feature Devs Don’t Use @yosp

PS4 DualShock 4 Battery Life

Red Bar of Death… just kidding! 🙂


Rumor: Sony’s DualShock 4 Getting Increased Battery Life

PlayStation 4’s new controller is amazing. The DualShock 4 is more accurate, capable, and powerful in every way compared with the tried and trusted DualShock 3 of the PlayStation 3 era. The addition of a touchpad, more comfortable triggers, universal (Android-style) micro-USB charging port, headphones jack, and light-bar for PlayStation 4 Eye support are equally as awesome.

But there’s one problem. Whereas the DualShock 3 could last you perhaps 8-13 hours of battery life (I find myself charging them less than once per day usually, at times less than once per two days), the DualShock 4 comes in at an extremely disappointing 4-5 hours of battery life.

I literally recharge this thing 3-4 times a day when I’m playing a lot and at least twice on a light gaming session. How is this possible you ask? The light bar (obviously) is completely and exclusively to blame for this. While I mention above that it’s a great addition to the controller, there is no option to turn this obnoxiously power-sucking light off. Unless I need it for local co-op, PlayStation 4 Eye-enabled games or even games that use it for a cool new feature like tracking me while I’m playing for enhanced realism in the gameplay of PS4 games – then why am I powering it?

PS4 Controller Battery Life Sucks

Don’t get me wrong the Transistor game brings a sexy teal color to it.

I already run a lot of things in my house that require juice. My PC tower, my laptops, computer monitors, televisions, refrigerators, microwaves, clocks, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, PlayStation 4, Xbox ONE, portable gaming systems when they need charge, smartphones when they need charge, routers, modems, security systems, and that’s just what I can recall off of the top of my head. Last time I checked we had a few light bulbs around here too.

Another problem that comes to mind is the fact that Lithium iON batteries are eventually going to cease holding a charge. This hasn’t happened very often for me with SixAxis and DualShock 3 controllers on PS3, but it’s happened. Each time that it happened, I felt I got well worth the value out of the life of my PS3 controller’s battery. With PlayStation 4’s DualShock 4 though, I can almost guarantee you I’m going to rage when the day comes that it starts suddenly only hosting gameplay for 3 hours… then 2 hours… then dies. I’ll know it died way too soon and immediately curse Sony for making me power the light bar even when I wasn’t using it AT ALL.

PS4 Controller LEDs Suck

Testing…1..2..3… wow is this thing seriously consuming that much?

The fact is the PS4 Eye is great. It’s a lot like the Sony version of Kinect, and holding a controller while being tracked (with the addition of an accelerometer inside the controller) can and will eventually provide us with incredibly deep gameplay experiences. Nobody knows what they are yet, but I honestly believe in the tech and its potential. Unfortunately there’s nothing right now making it worth half the battery life of my controller.

Please Yoshida and Sony team, do not keep up this madness. I realize you have to prioritize patches and what features you’ll be including in them – but do this one soon.

Before March 2014 I’d like to be able to say to my friends and to myself, Sony cares about the gamers so they made the Light Bar optional or automatically turn on when you need it – or SOMETHING instead of saying “PS4’s great… but the controller dies a million times a week but yeah don’t worry about that!”. Thank you, sincerely a fan.

PS4 Power Saving Settings

This is where we need a fourth option: turn off Light Bar.

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Battlefield 4 – Bring the House Down Trailer [HD 1080P]


The Bring the House Down Trailer of Battlefield 4.


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